Instagram is a fairly new platform that is being used by more businesses and individuals than before. It allows you to post pictures and videos quickly and easily from your smartphone and share updates with your groups of followers in a flash.

Some social media networks allow you to take a peek at someone’s social media profile without revealing that you looked at their profile. But what about Instagram? On the other side of the coin, can someone you do not know view your Instagram profile when you have not given them permission to do so?

How to keep your Instagram Private? - Famoid

How to keep your Instagram Private? – Famoid

The Importance of Internet Privacy

The issue of privacy has become more critical today than it has ever been before. Hacking attempts by the Chinese government as well as individuals or third parties trying to get access to personal information have caused people to want to guard their personal information on a higher level.

At the same time, the interest and involvement in social media have grown immensely as well. People who have a business or who are working on important projects understand the importance of having a social media presence. But how do you have both at the same time? It’s not easy!

You want to have a social media presence, but you also don’t want to compromise your private information. People who let too much of their information out in a public forum end up often being the subject of phone scams, email spam attacks, and other problems.

The question comes up as to whether or not someone can check out the Instagram profiles of other users without revealing that you looked at their profile. LinkedIn has this feature, as mentioned before. But what about Instagram?

Instagram’s Policies on Profile Privacy

Instagram has a policy on their site that states that any information that you have made private will not be revealed to others. However, you must take steps to make your profile private if you want to do this. This means that posting something like a “private” profile or post should remain private and unpublished, correct?

Yes, according to the rules, this is what it means. But you first have to go through a few steps to protect your Instagram posts and profile. 

How to Make Your Instagram Profile Private

Below are the steps followed by a link to check it out for yourself and make sure you are doing everything you have to do to keep your profile private.

  1. Go to your profile tab and click the horizontal lines.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap “Account Privacy” and turn on “Private Account.”

One important point you will want to remember is that you should also make your other social media platforms private if you’re going to want to make sure your Instagram post is not visible to other networks such as Facebook or Twitter. If you fail to take this step, people will still see your posts are public even if you have made your profile and posts private on Instagram.

Remembering this connection between one platform and another is an important thing to remember if you are to keep your posts private.

Avoid doing public things online

Another layer of protection you can add to your Instagram privacy status is to follow these steps listed below to avoid drawing attention to yourself:

  • Avoid filling out public surveys that require verification
  • Do not use your real phone number or email on public forums
  • Hide and protect your credit card information when making purchases.
  • Do not save payment methods on online shops
  • Guard your presence online by using a VPN
  • Use tools like Avast Cleanup Premium or HitMan Pro to clean up spyware.

All of the above techniques are great options to tighten up your general internet presence and secure your data so that all of your social media will be more private, too. If you approach it from a more global perspective and secure your internet in general, you will find that your Instagram account will be less vulnerable, as well.

The mistake many people make is that they tend only to address privacy issues within the platform alone. But you are not in control of the Instagram platform. The owners of Instagram are. You can, however, protect yourself from infiltrations and prying eyes on the top levels that will help you keep your Instagram (and other social platforms safer).

Avoid Scams and Shams and Spams

One of the most important things you need to do to protect your Instagram account itself is to go in and make your profile private. Then do all of the things I mentioned above to tighten up your web presence and securities.

Guard every element of your private ID like you would if you knew there were robbers, thieves, and criminals waiting outside your door. Hacking, security breaches, and financial system infiltration are all too common today. But there are things you can do to protect yourself that will help all of your online platforms better protect your sensitive data.

Beware of Phishing Scams

One added note we wanted to share is to avoid phishing scams. These are fishing expeditions to try to piece together information about you to scam you. They can do it on the phone, through email, or regular mail. They are constantly looking for a gullible victim who will fall for their tactics. Often they even use your information against you by calling and saying your name so that you think they know you, then asking you to verify other information such as your address, email, or phone numbers. The fact that they are asking for other information about you means they do not have it yet. Sometimes it is all they need to put enough information together to fool you or to use it to make illegal purchases or other things.

Some of them may try to scare you by saying there is a court case with your name on it and other false information. These practices are illegal no matter who does this and such behavior should be turned over to the proper authorities.

The best method to avoid phone scams is not to answer the phone to any unknown numbers. If something is important enough to tell you about, they should send it in a formal mailing.

Using VPNS

Using VPNs (virtual private networks) allow you to surf anonymously, and they assign you a different IP address so that your presence online is hidden behind a type of firewall between you and the actual internet. This is a very effective method to hide your true identity when so many want to capture your information and online behavior today.

Do your homework

It pays to do your research and keep up with the rules both online and offline. Don’t fall for a scam that could result in identity theft where criminals have used your private data or digital footprint to frame you for something or to steal your financial information. Instagram is just one of many online networks that allow you to have a presence online and enjoy the benefits of social networking.

But, like in the real world, don’t forget to lock your door to keep the thieves and scammers out! You have a right to decide who views your Instagram profile just as you have a right to choose who you let in your home.

If you want to remove your digital footprint and work on erasing your social media trail to increase your security, check out this book, “How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint,” from or Amazon.

Stay in control of your digital presence. It’s your right to protect your important data and to choose who sees your information. Take control so you can enjoy the benefits of social media like Instagram and others.

But be aware of the enemies surrounding your perimeter. There are plenty of them out there.