Famoid is a software development company in United States. Our corporate established in 2017 in Delaware. We provide essential softwares to the industry. Also, we do provide excellent social media services. The factor that sets us apart from other social media services companies is the sense of trust we give our customers and our fast delivery in our products.

Why Famoid?

There are many companies that provide social media services. However, we are the one which provide essential social media services in one website. You do not need to go somewhere else to buy another social media services, we provide the most social media services in one hand.  By doing that, we do give good prices to our customers and we offer SafeCharge and PayPal payment options.

Brand Name – Explanation

Our brand name ‘Famoid‘ comes from the words ‘famous’ and ‘oid’ (Shortly: Object Identifier). ‘Oid’ mostly used in the formation of adjectives and nouns. You may familiar with that like ‘Android’ or ‘Asteroid’. Brand structure obviously based on this schema: “A thing or an object that makes you famous!”.

Brand Motto

“Being popular in social media is not that difficult anymore!”.

When you try our services, we guarantee that you will never regret it!