Fake Instagram followers may increase the numbers, but they have no relevance because they do not engage. Unfortunately, it has become a common occurrence to find accounts with fake Instagram followers especially wannabe influencers, and sometimes you cannot even stop these fake accounts from following you. Nowadays people have become even more wary of fake followers because it can cause your account to be red flagged by Instagram management when you have too many fake followers. To avoid falling into the trap, knowing how to spot fake Instagram followers is important especially when you want to check the credibility of an influencer before hiring. Since the dilemma of fake follower-ship, people have devised methods to spot these kinds of followers, they are:

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers?

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers easily? - Famoid

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers easily? – Famoid

Look at the account’s online engagement

Fake followers exist only to be an added number on people’s following, rather than to actually use Instagram and so they have minimal online engagement than a real follower would. Even though everyone seems to have a recognizable difference in their online engagement as time passes; most people have increased engagement with longer use Instagram usage, fake accounts have a reversed case. With fake accounts, sometimes these bots try to cover up by having some generic engagements at the beginning so that they seem genuine, but after that phase engagement seizes and the account is merely a figure on insta-space.

Unbalanced followers to following ratio

Instagram is a social media community and nobody operates in a bubble, there are always others with similar interests or other similarities that make them follow a user and engage with them. However, with fake accounts, they have no interests, and so they only follow accounts that pay them for a follow. The level of unbalance in the ratio recognized with fake followers is that you find out they have a substantial amount if following and minimal amount of followers. If an account has a following in thousands and has about a hundred followers, then the account is a fake follower.

Bios can tell you about an account

People are expected to write something about themselves in their bios and even though everyone has different personalities and some may not be as open as others you can still spot a fake account from their Instagram bios. It is simple; fake accounts do not spend time on their bios, you often see them write something vague or some letter combination that you cannot make sense of on their bios rather than real accounts that tells you a little about the person behind the account. The reason for this is because the accounts are run by bots, and they have nothing to say.

From the posts

Fake accounts hardly make posts, and even when they do it is irrelevant. Spot a fake follower by going through their post. Real accounts usually have posts that they put up and mostly about relevant things (probably something related to what information is on the bio). Fake accounts on the other hand posts only at the beginning when they open the account after that all they do is follow people and have low engagement.

Cat fish avatars

Fake followers often have no avatars, or they use someone else’s photo as their profile pictures. Accounts that use pictures of popular people as their avatars are likely to be fake followers.

Using Instagram follower audits online

There are web pages that can help you audit your instagram followers, all you have to do is put the Instagram handle on the space provided and run an audit, this tells you the percentage of fake followers you have.

In conclusion, spotting fake Instagram followers will mean you have to be watchful, but it is worth it especially if you are using Instagram for business purposes. You want to know that posts are seen by actual people and interactions are made rather than just having high follower numbers.

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