Fake followers are continuously rising all across social media platforms, including Instagram. 

Fake followers are a bigger issue because these followers do not help you in either way for growing your reach. In fact, they can affect your Instagram profile badly. 

But how? 

Fake followers violate the Instagram terms and conditions so they can put your Instagram account into trouble. 

Moreover, Instagram does not calculate engagement rates only on the basis of how many likes you’re getting. In fact, they calculate it in relation to your followers count

Basically, fake Instagram followers don’t engage with your posts. Each fake follower who is not engaging with your Instagram post is pulling your engagement rate down.

And this will automatically affect your Instagram algorithm badly and as a result, you will get less visibility and credibility on Instagram. 

If you’re an influencer, then fake Instagram followers can become a bigger problem for you. Because brands don’t prefer working with influencers who have a fake fan following. 

So, whether you’re running a personal, influencer, or business Instagram account, fake Instagram followers can create lots of problems for you. 

But the question is: how to spot fake Instagram followers?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to check fake Instagram followers. Further, we will also let you know how you can safely remove fake followers from your Instagram account. 

Sounds good? 

Perfect! Let’s dive right into it. 

What Are Instagram Fake Followers?

Before discussing how to spot fake Instagram followers, you should know what are fake followers. So, Let’s talk about it. 

Instagram fake followers are accounts created for purpose of the artificially growing following. Usually, these accounts are created by bots or agencies who sell fake followers to creators for growing their Instagram reach. 

Fake accounts are also used for hacking for the purpose of stealing information from real Instagram accounts. 

But one thing is clear that fake Instagram followers are not real and they can harm you very badly.

Is Having Fake Followers on Instagram Illegal? 

Fake followers violate the terms and conditions of every social media platform and it’s true for Instagram as well. 

Is Having Fake Followers on Instagram Illegal

Instagram is continuously removing fake followers to make their platform more secure and safe. 

So, in order to make your account in accordance with the Instagram algorithm, you should have real followers, not fake ones. Only then you can build credibility and authenticity on Instagram. 

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers (5 Ways to Find Out) 

Now you know what fake Instagram followers are and how they can create problems for you. Let’s discuss how you can actually spot fake Instagram followers. 

Basically, there are two ways to check fake Instagram followers, such as indications and Instagram audit tools. 

You can use some indications to manually spot fake Instagram followers. But if you want to quickly detect fake Instagram followers, then tools can be a perfect solution for you.  

First, we will discuss how you can spot fake Instagram followers manually. And here are a few Instagram indications that you should notice:   

1. Rarely or Does Not Engage With Your Posts

The first sign of fake Instagram followers is that they are not interested in your content and that’s why they do not engage with your posts. Or they rarely engage with your content because their basic purpose is not to consume your content. 

So, to spot fake Instagram followers, you can analyze how your followers are engaging with your posts. If they are rarely or not engaging with your posts, then it can be a sign of an Instagram fake follower. 

2. Have an Unusual Following And Follower Ratio

Analyzing Instagram following and follower ratio is also helps you to spot fake Instagram followers. Because fake accounts are automated accounts and controlled by bots. So usually fake followers follow a huge number of accounts as compared to their followers. 

Fake instagram followers

This doesn’t mean that every Instagram account is fake if it follows more accounts as compared to the number of followers. 

Because usually Instagram accounts follow celebrities, famous personalities, businesses, brands, and influencers. And in return, these big accounts do not follow them back. 

But if an Instagram account has a widely unbalanced ratio between the number of following and followers, then this is one of the signs of fake Instagram followers.

3. They leave spam comments

Another way to detect fake Instagram followers is through their comments. All you need to do is start analyzing what type of comment they are making on Instagram. 

Usually, fake Instagram followers do not engage with posts, but they leave spam and irrelevant comments. 

But why?

One reason behind spam comments is bots leaves spam comment to appear like a real Instagram user. And another reason is fake accounts leave spam comments for the sake of selling products and spreading fake news. 

The reason for spam comments could be anything else as well, but it indicates a fake Instagram follower. 

4. Does not have any profile image

Fake Instagram followers don’t want to disclose their identity at any cost that’s why they rarely have Instagram profile pictures. 

Some fake Instagram followers also use stock images, others’ pictures, or generic photos as Instagram profile pictures to appear as a real Instagram account. 

Using google image search, you can quickly predict whether or not a profile image exists elsewhere. 

5. Haven’t Posted Anything or Very Less

The purpose of fake followers is not to grow organically or to build a strong relationship with the Instagram audience. So, they do not put effort into creating content. Hence, fake Instagram followers either post nothing at all or they post very little. 

Mostly fake Instagram followers do not post genuine and valuable content they usually post like: 

  • Promotional posts
  • Fake discounts, deals, or news
  • Fraud posts 
  • Big claims 

This is how you can spot fake Instagram followers using Instagram tactics. But while analyzing your Instagram followers, keep all these signs in your mind. 

Because only on the behalf of one sign you can’t declare an account as a fake Instagram account. So,  use these signs as a whole while evaluating your followers. 

If any account is showing all of these signs, then most likely that account is fake. 

Use an Instagram Follower Audit Tool

To speed up the process of spotting fake Instagram followers, you can also use the Instagram follower audit tool. Using these tools, you can easily spot fake followers with no extra effort. 

In the market, several tools are available that can help you to quickly detect fake Instagram followers. Some of these Instagram audit tools are free and for others, you have to pay as per their pricing. 

So, here we’re going to take an example of Hypeauditor and you can use it for free of cost. 


Hypeauditor is an Instagram audit tool that evaluates your Instagram account on a scale of 1 to 100. This tool will let you know how many percentages of your Instagram followers are fake. 

In order to spot fake Instagram followers, navigate to the Hypeauditor tool and enter your Instagram account name. It will give you instant results, including audience quality score, follower count, and engagement rate. 

This is how you can use Instagram fake follower audit tool to spot fake Instagram followers in no time. 

How to Remove Fake Followers From Your Instagram Account

Now, you know x fake Instagram followers and you probably want to get rid of them. Because you know how fake followers can create problems for your Instagram account. 

Again, we have two methods for removing fake followers. One is manual, and the other is using a tool. 

And here is how you can manually remove fake followers from your Instagram account. 

  • Start analyzing your Instagram followers based on all signs that we have discussed earlier for spotting fake followers.
  • Once you find a fake follower, then simply tap on the remove button.

That’s all that you need to remove fake Instagram followers. No doubt this method will cost you nothing, but it is a time-consuming way. Because you have to analyze each follower’s Instagram profile one by one. 

But no worries! We have an alternative solution as well. 

If you want to remove fake Instagram followers in one go. Then you can ahead with pro tools for detecting and removing fake Instagram followers. 

Using pro Instagram audit tools, you can get rid of fake Instagram followers in no time. But for this, you have to spend some money. 


Instagram fake followers can put your Instagram account into trouble, hurt your profile’s credibility and create problems for getting collaborations from brands. 

So, fake Instagram followers create obstacles for all Instagram accounts, whether it be a personal, business, or influencer account. 

To keep your Instagram account in the best shape, start spotting fake Instagram followers and eliminate those over time. 

If you want a cheap solution, then the manual method is perfect for spotting and removing fake Instagram followers. 

But if you want to quickly get rid of fake followers, then use Instagram audit tools to clean your Instagram account in no time.