Instagram over time has outgrown other social media apps like Twitter and the rest. Today, Instagram is one of the most favorite and popular social media application that is used across the world not only for entertainment purposes but also for marketing and networking. However irrespective of the advantages you can get off Instagram through interactions with people from different spheres of life, without the right amount of followers, you can turn into a loner on Instagram. Here are some of the super easy 7 ways you can actually get free followers on Instagram:

Super Easy Ways to get Free Followers on Instagram - Famoid

Super Easy Ways to get Free Followers on Instagram – Famoid

How to get Free Followers on Instagram

Use popular hashtags

The first thing about gaining followers on Instagram is that it increases your level of activeness on the app, but still the irony evident in this is that you can be well active on Instagram and still not have many followers. Why? Because you don’t use hashtags, hashtags help people to locate accounts easily. To get more followers, use popular hashtags that depict an activity happening at that moment. For example; let’s say ‘Google turns one’ is the most trending topic for the day, when you post anything on Instagram that day, use hashtags like #google or #googleturnsone. With this, different people are sure to find your account because half of the Instagram community at that time is searching for things about Google.

Currently Popular Hashtags in 2018 for Any Topics:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #happy
  • #cute
  • #tagforlikes
  • #nofilter
  • #beauty
  • #nature
  • #followback
  • #likeforlike
  • #repost

Be creative with Captions

Get Free Followers on Instagram - Famoid

Get Free Followers on Instagram – Famoid

Instagram followers is best captured when you create a good caption. When you post a picture or a video, follow it up with a creative caption, don’t just write lazily under your post if you want free followers, captions draw the attention of Instagram users. Be descriptive in explaining what your post is all about, use imaginative words preferably, this makes the post more interesting and would help you gain more followers.

  • Always use interesting captions in your posts.
  • Do not forget to add related hashtags.

Participate in Popular conversations

Look for Instagram handles that have a relatively high amount of active followers, preferably a popular brand, engage in conversations under their posts, and make smart comments that would draw the interests of their followers to your account. You could even advertise your own brand under such post, this would make users check your account out.

Make your Profile & Posts interesting

People will only follow accounts that give them sort of benefit. Make your profile unique and interesting, if you have to delete old pictures, do so. Just make sure your profile is inviting enough for someone to want to click on the follow button, post relevant and interesting things. Don’t just have a boring profile and expect more follows, light up your profile and make it inviting. See how can you build creative instagram posts here:

Follow other users

To get more free followers on Instagram, follow other users too. You can do this mostly by visiting the search/explore page. Follow people that interest you and that you think we have interests in following you back when they visit your profile. Like random pictures from such people.

  • You can also make some comments to posts of famous people like that; #followback #followme

Consistency works

Being a regular user boosts your chances of getting more followers, be consistent. When you regularly post on Instagram, you are likely to get more followers. The more you posts, the more likes you get and the wider the window of getting free follows.

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Make your Instagram Account Public

Accounts that are public is a great advantage, never privatize your account if you want more followers. Most people would want to see your content first before following you privatizing your account makes this impossible.

The greater your amount of followers on Instagram, the merrier the advantages you can actually wield for yourself off Instagram. Try these amazing strategies above and watch how followers drool all over your profile. You can also try Famoid’s Special Tool to get free impressions by clicking here.

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