500 million Instagram accounts use Stories daily! And 58% of users said they’re more interested in a brand only after seeing it in the story. 

You can easily guess how effective Instagram Stories are based on the above stats. And as stories continue to maintain their importance, many influencers and brands are using them to promote their products and services.

Adding links to your Instagram stories makes promoting an external product or service page easier and more effective. But, as of August 2021, Instagram has said goodbye to the swipe-up feature and introduced a new way to add links to Stories. 

Wondering, why? Well, you have to read this post a bit more to understand everything about the current state of adding links in Instagram Stories and how to use it the right way. 

In this post, we’re going to show you how to add a link to Instagram story easily, even if you have very less followers.

So ready to dive in? Let’s go.

What Are The Benefits of Adding Link to Instagram Stories?

Before you know how to share a link on Instagram story, you should its benefits and why it’s important for creators and businesses.

Adding links on Instagram helps people find your product, service, or brand with just one tap! 

Links on Insta Stories make it easier to share your website content, expand your brand reach, and boost brand awareness. Most importantly, you can use links to entice people to subscribe or follow you online. 

Instagram story link is a great way to promote your products. After all, Instagram is all about eye-catching visuals. So, make sure to use the Story section to share visually attractive photos of your products with a link to your product page. 

Take a look at how Lay’s highlighted their product in their Stories with the link sticker option. 

Instagram Link sticker

Compared to the Instagram swipe-up link feature, the link stick is easy to locate and visually more pleasing.

Also, adding links to Instagram stories can help you promote your blog or video content. You can select an attention-grabbing graphic from your content and share it on your Insta Stories with the link sticker. 

While choosing the graphic for your story, make sure it’s relevant to your blog or video content. For example, here’s how BuzzFeed promoted celeb news content using a link sticker:

Buzzfeed add instagram link

Link stickers are best for prompting videos as well. Whether you’ve uploaded a video on LGTV or YouTube, you can easily drive more views by sharing the link on your story. 

Many influencers and YouTubers effectively cross-promote their videos on Instagram Stories using this link sticker feature. 

Another way you can use this link sticker is by promoting your landing pages. If you have a sales or service landing page, you can use the link sticker to get it in front of your ideal customers. 

Here’s an example of how Cacique promotes its landing page using the link sticker:

How to add link to Instagram

Promoting lead magnets and email lists is also a great use of the Instagram Story link sticker. After all, it’s easy to navigate to the sign-up page using the link stickers. 

Can Anyone Add a Link to The Instagram Story?

Yes, the good news is now anyone can add a link to their Instagram Story. In 2021, Instagram officially announced that they’re expanding the story link feature capabilities to more accounts. 

Even if you don’t have 10k Instagram followers or a verified account, you can add a link to your story and share it with your community. 

“Whatever you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories — regardless of your account size.”- Instagram’s Official Blog Post.

What is the Instagram Swipe Up Feature?

Take a look at the picture below. We’re pretty sure that you often come across this “Learn more” button on Instagram Stories. 

How to put link in instagram story

And this “Learn more” button is widely known as the Instagram swipe-up link feature. This swipe-up button allows businesses and influencers to reach more people and turn them into followers by adding links directly to their Insta Stories. 

Your Story viewers can tap an arrow or swipe up the see more button at the bottom of their screen to visit an external page without leaving the Instagram app. 

However, in August 2021, Instagram announced that they’re getting rid of the swipe-up feature. Instead, they’ll introduce a new link sticker feature, which will be a good replacement for the swipe-up feature. 

Why the sudden change?

Well, previously, only verified users with 10,000 followers could use the swipe up feature. But now, everyone can add links to their Stories and drive traffic, leads, and subscribers to their page. 

Instagram made this move to support the creator economy and encourage more influencers to use Instagram effectively. 

How to Add Link to Instagram Story Using Swipe Up Feature

Previously you needed to have at least 10k followers, a business account, or a verified profile to add a link to Instagram Story using the swipe up feature. 

Instagram Stories used to have a chain icon at the top right corner of your screen. From there, you could add a link to your webpage or type a URL to add the swipe up button on Stories. 

But after August 2021, Instagram removed the swipe-up link feature. Now you can use the swipe up feature in the form of an Instagram Story Ad. You can run Insta Story Swipe Up Ads through Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Facebook Ads manager.
  2. Select an Ad objective.
  3. Make sure to name your Ad.
  4. Upload an image (preferably 1080 x 1420 px).
  5. Fill out your website URL, ad text, and budget.
  6. Click Confirm. 

And that’s it! This way, you can easily run Instagram Story swipe Up Ads. For example, Here’s how Elegant Themes is running swipe-up ads on Instagram Stories to promote their service.

Divi link sticker example

What is Instagram Link Sticker?

You already know that Instagram is famous for stickers. You’ll get stickers for every feeling, mood, and post. There’s already a poll sticker, question, and location stickers. Similarly, there’s also a link sticker available on Insta. 

Using the link sticker, you can add an external link to your story to navigate your followers to your sales page, site, or any external page. 

Unlike the swipe-up feature, link stickers can be personalized with your brand color, text, and preferable font size. Moreover, your story viewers can engage with the story by replying or reacting to it, which wasn’t possible in the Instagram swipe-up link feature.

When it comes to advantages, the link sticker is much more effective than the swipe up feature:

  • Almost everyone is familiar with the Instagram sticker feature. People already use stickers for music, polls, questions, and locations. So, finding and clicking the link sticker is easy as pie for most users. 
  • You can drive traffic to your various social media channels using link stickers. For instance, you might create a post on Linkedin and add the post link on your Instagram Story. 
  • You have more creative controls with the link stickers. You can customize the sticker’s color, fonts, and size accordingly. 
  • Using link stickers, you can measure metrics to optimize your click-through rate.
  • You can create promotional deals and offers using link stickers and drive more people to your site. 

How to Add Link to Instagram Story Using Link Sticker

Instagram Stories only stay for 24 hours. So, you can add links to your story and highlight them to increase your engagement and conversion rate. 

Here’s how you can add a link to Instagram Story using the link sticker:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the + sign located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Now go to your gallery and choose a perfect image or video from your disposal. Or, you can record a video or take a photo to create a story directly. 
  • After creating your story, tap on the Sticker icon located at the top of your screen.

How to add link on Instagram story

  • From the sticker menu, select the link sticker.

How to share link on Instagram story

  • Type the URL in the link field.

Instagram link sticker

  • Now place the sticker on your story.
  • Pinch to customize its size.
  • Tap on the sticker to change color.
  • Send to your story, and you’re all set. 

After publishing, your story will look something like this:

While adding link stickers, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app for your Android or iOS device. 

Here’s a heads up, to make sure you get a high click-through rate on your link sticker, add a call to action. Use a short yet crisp call to action to remind your followers to click, for example:

  • Read more!
  • Find out more!
  • Click to join!
  • Want more? Click here!
  • Read the tutorial!

If you want your stories to be more engaging, you can add poll or question stickers next to your link sticker on your Instagram story. 

Why Can’t You Add a Link to Your Instagram Story?

Before 2021, the story link feature was only available to verified users or business accounts with 10k followers. 

But now, if you have a business or creator account on Instagram, the link sticker is available regardless of your account size. 

Yes, that’s right! You can add any web page link on your Insta Stories with the link stickers and drive traffic and leads.

However, if you don’t have access to the sticker or it’s not showing in the sticker menu, buckle up! 

It might take a few more days to be available on your Instagram sticker menu. Also, make sure to use the latest version of the Instagram app on your device.

There’s another hack you can try to add a link to your story:

  1. Open your Instagram app and upload a video from your existing media. Or you can create a video by clicking the + sign on your screen. 
  2. Next, type a title like “click the link.”  
  3. Now paste the link you want your followers to click in the caption and post the video to your IGTV.
  4. Now on the Insta feed, click on the paper plane icon under your IGTV video.
  5. Tap on ‘Add video to your story.’
  6. Now click on the link icon provided on the top of your screen. 
  7. Select ‘+ IGTV video’ 
  8. Select the IGTV video you just created with the link.
  9. Finally, hit Done and see the clicks! 

Wrapping Up

That’s simply how to add a link to Instagram Stories.

Now that you’ve known everything about the current position of Instagram Story links, it’s time to take full advantage of it. But before adding links, you must keep in mind a few things to ensure you get the most Story clicks to your site and other pages. 

Firstly, you must add an enticing call to action to the link sticker. Customizing the sticker with graphics, color, and designs can draw more attention. 

Also, to get the best of Instagram Stories, make sure to post as often as possible. The more you post, the more your site link will be visible to others. In fact, the most active brands on Instagram post 17 Stories a month. 

Keeping these tips in mind, start working on your Instagram Stories today to get more traffic and leads to your site.