Instagram Couldn’t Refresh The Feed

Instagram is a really popular social media website, and while most of us accept that occasionally errors pop up and things go wrong, it can be pretty frustrating to deal with them on a regular basis – especially if it’s the same error which keeps reoccurring. It makes you wonder what is causing it, and often means restarting the app entirely, which is annoying and time-consuming, especially if you were trying to comment on or interact with particular content before it crashed. If it’s failing to load your feed, it’s annoying to have to keep restarting just to see recent posts.

Instagram Could not Refresh The Feed

Instagram Could not Refresh The Feed

Possible Causes


There are a number of different reasons why Instagram might be struggling to load your feed.

  • Poor internet connection. Whether you’re at home or on the move, having a poor connection can mean that Instagram won’t be able to correctly display your feed. This can also be true if you’re in a very crowded location where lots of people are using the internet.
  • Your app may have got a glitch or bug, and may be sending or receiving information incorrectly, meaning it can’t access the data to refresh your feed.
  • You could have inappropriate content which is preventing your account from displaying properly, whether this is in the form of a post, comment, or photo.

Potential Solutions To Try

While the solution will depend on what’s causing the issue, there are a few things you can try to sort this error message out.

  • Check your connection is strong, and try disconnecting and reconnecting to ensure you’re getting a reliable reading. Test whether other apps are working, and see if your browser will load to ascertain whether you have a good enough internet connection.
  • Make sure you’ve updated your app to the most recent version for your device. Try restarting your device, then reload Instagram. If the issue keeps occurring, consider deleting the app and then reinstalling it, as a clean install often fixes bugs with the minimum of hassle and troubleshooting.
  • If it’s a content-related issue, logging into the browser version of Instagram should give you this information in the form of a warning message. Locate the relevant post(s) and remove it, then try signing into the app again, and you may find the issue has been resolved.
  • If all else fails, remember that you can contact Instagram directly to let them know about problems and to ask for help finding a solution. Letting them know also helps them realise when something needs fixing, so it can improve the experience for other users as well as yourself. However, it’s worth trying the above steps first, as they’ll solve issues on your end, and will save time for you and the Instagram team.

Glitches on social media are never fun – they tend to make a relaxing experience stressful and frustrating instead, but knowing how to fix them can make them nothing more than a minor annoyance, and will get you back to networking and tagging quickly and efficiently.

Hope this article may help to solve your problem!

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