Is it possible to see private Instagram profiles?

When it comes to Social Media, our online lives have never been more on display. From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Instagram – can we be sure that the information we put out there is safe? Are we taking a risk with every status update? Or is our online presence as safe as it is offline? Is it possible for people to see your private Instagram Profile? Or is it just a myth perpetuated by the media and a plethora of online scammers? Let’s take a closer look, and see if we can’t find out.

Do not share your informations!


Firstly, let’s talk about the most obvious danger… Hacking. According to the Telegraph, hackers cost the UK economy roughly 34 Billion GBP a year, making it a very real threat. The thing is that these people are trained to access your personal information and steal it – but on a very basic level they are not interested in your social media accounts. Hackers want money, plain and simple, and the best way to get it is through your credit card details. Since most people don’t buy things on social media, they are far more likely to concentrate on your other online information such as bank accounts, unprotected mobile phones or online shopping accounts. Even so, there are a few scaremongers out there who will tell you that hackers are out to get you. We quite like this article, by Hiemdal Security, who tell you how to prevent malicious software attacks should you want more information.

So if we admit hackers have the ability to gain access to your personal information and then discount them as a threat your internet security system and a little common sense can eliminate – can anyone else see your Instagram private information?

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Nobody can see the profile!

There are any number of companies out there that promise they can protect you, or that shower you with threats. Instagram itself says no, nobody can see information that you have made private. They insist that your private photo’s etc remain just that – totally private to you. Their settings are pretty foolproof and, bare in mind that legally speaking they have to back that up since it is in their safety policy. If we discount hackers, and keep in mind Instagram’s responsibility to its clients, it is becoming less and less likely that your private information is vulnerable.

But what about the companies that say it isn’t? Is there any fact based information out there that can provide reasonable doubt? Well, this article from Root Report claims three ways to try and view someone else’s private profile. The first way is to simply ask the person, the second way is to create a fake profile and befriend them that way, and the third is to try one of those potentially ineffective (or worse) companies that promise to retrieve the information for you. In spite of the dodgy-at-best advice in this article – even their writer tells you to use scamming companies at your own risk!

So who are these companies and how do you find them? And more importantly – do they do what they promise to do? Well, an online search will find you any number of Youtube hacks that are anything but reputable (or that work.) Besides that you will find a few companies who promise the world but are quite obviously a scam. How do you spot them? Well the clues are all there, if you know where to look.

Some people are searching on Google like that;

  • instagram private profile viewer online
  • private instagram profile viewer
  • etc..
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Please don’t be fooled by the websites that result from these words and never give your password and do not fill out the survey.

Such websites do not show you the truth

Let’s take any “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” websites as an example, we won’t name the company, but feel free to peruse their pages by searching on Google. You will notice the logo they have chosen incorporates the Instagram logo, and no doubt they are benefiting from a little illegal affiliate marketing there. If you read through the information you will see that they openly admit to being five ‘programmers’ who want to ‘improve social media’… but how? By hacking your social media account, stealing all your personal information and then selling it on again? They are simply five programmers, they are not a reputable company. The page reads terribly, hinting that they have only a basic understanding of English… So tell me, how do you expect someone to write a program for you that hasn’t invested in a proper English speaker to work on their site? Of course – not all hackers are foreigners (and that is not what we are saying at all) but if you look on the contact us page of the site, you will note that their given address is in the USA. So here we have someone promising you an effectively illegal product, potentially lying about where they are from and who doesn’t have a firm grasp of the language. A skeptical person might link such sites to potential terrorist organizations fishing for followers. A less skeptical person would point to the site as evidence that these people are hackers, plain and simple. The rest of us wait, because we know it is only a matter of time before the Instagram lawyers track them down and take their site offline.

Do not fill out surveys or human verifications!

To conclude then; it seems very, very unlikely that someone would be able to find out your private Instagram details and personal information without you having given them express permission. The only way that seems vaguely plausible is if someone befriended you through a fake account; but the majority of us only add people we have already met to our social media accounts. There is always the promise of fetching such information from scammer companies, but the chances are that they will take your account details off you, take your money and run, never to be heard from again…at least until you get a phone call from Chinese Immigration, demanding to know why your face is one some illegal immigrant’s passport. So be careful out there, the online world is tough – but if you follow the rules, keep your tech updated and invest in solid antivirus software you can’t go wrong. And nobody will ever view your personal data on Instagram without your permission.

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