Many Instagram users want to be verified and get that pretty blue check visible by their usernames. But getting verified can be difficult, especially since there is no application process for becoming verified; Instagram seemingly chooses which accounts to verify on its own. Generally, Instagram will verify certain celebrities, public figures, and businesses. That doesn’t mean getting verified is impossible for you, though! We’ve put together this article with some quick tips for how to increase your odds of earning verification on Instagram. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

How to get Verified on Instagram?

Use popular hashtags.

People use hashtags as a primary means of searching through Instagram and finding new content. By using popular hashtags, you can draw more attention to your own posts (and by extension, to your whole account). That being said, make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your content; don’t simply throw out random hashtags simply to lure people in (doing so can be considered a form of click-baiting; it’s considered a bit underhanded and might cause people to have a negative view of your account). You should also consider paying attention to which hashtags are trending; including content relating to current events is a good way of attracting more attention to your account.

How to get Verified on Instagram?

How to get Verified on Instagram?

Interact with other Instagram users.

Instagram is, at its core, a social media website. This means that socializing with the other users is critically important for establishing a solid base of followers. You can get more attention for your own posts by reaching out and engaging with other users, whether that involves liking their pictures and posts or sending them supportive comments. Additionally, if you become truly friendly with other users on Instagram, they may recommend your content to other users that they know, increasing your popularity even more.

Write a good bio.

A catchy bio that attracts interest is crucial to gaining more followers. Try to make your bio distinctive, and also include hashtags when you can; using hashtags means that your profile will show up more often in searches.

Promote your Instagram on your other social media sites.

Cross-posting your content is great for attracting additional attention, and also helps to bring followers from your others sites (like Facebook) over to Instagram. Additionally, if your ultimate goal sis to become Verified, linking to your other sites can help with this. This is because Instagram will only Verify your profile and content if you can provide proof that the account truly is yours, and not eh work of a impostor; by having content on both your Instagram and verified Twitter or Facebook account, for example, you can increase your likelihood of become Verified on Instagram because they will have an easier time confirming that your Instagram account is authentic.

Post personal content.

Because part of getting Verified by Instagram is proving that your account is the real deal, it’s important to post personal content that can only come from you; generic photos (that could come from anywhere) don’t quite have the authenticity that Instagram is looking for when they go to verify accounts, so try to provide distinctive content.

Last Step: Apply to Instagram.

After doing these steps mentioned above, you need to apply to Instagram get your verified badge. To do this; you need to have at least 5 articles published on local news websites that prove your identity. It is very important for getting verified badge on Instagram. If your articles are already ready, go with these steps;

  • Open Instagram app.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click “Give Feedback”.
  • After clicking “Feedback” area, you need to see a text area which you need to fill it.
  • In that text area, you should write this:

Dear Instagram,

I am a known person in my local area. To prevent my imitations on Instagram, I need to get verification badge. The proofs of my known identity listed below:

… Articles here….

Best Regards,


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