Instagram has roughly one billion active users in the whole world.

And with these many people on the same platform, the chances are that you or your business name is not as unique as you’d think.

And when followers counts rise, there are also chances of fake accounts and fan accounts coming into the picture.

It can be flattering, but it can also be problematic.

The problem arises within this heap of bogus – how will the common public know that your account is genuine? This is where the role of Instagram verification comes in.

A verification badge marks the genuineness of an account, and although it may not seem like a lot at first, but the benefits that come with verification are immense.

In this post, we will show you step by step how to get verified on Instagram for free without getting rejected.

So ready to dive in? Let’s go.

What is Instagram Verification?

Instagram followed Twitter, Google, and Facebook and introduced their verification badge in 2014. 

When we talk about the verification badge, we know it to be the small white tick inside a blue cloud that appears right next to your username. 

Instagram Verification badge

The verification badge allows people to understand that the accounts they follow are who they claim to be. That they are legit

Imagine if you were looking to follow Michelle Obama but instead following a Michelle Obama fan account with a similar display picture and bio. Wouldn’t that be terrible? 

Instagram verification prevents such accidents from happening and helps you find the authentic account you may be looking for. 

Instagram does not consider verification badges to be a symbol of importance or give their holders special privileges, nor is it considered an endorsement from them. 

Endorsement indicates that the person may have high social value and authenticates their presence in the Instagram platform, but in no way are their content endorsed or favored. Instagram makes this part clear during their verification process and official website as well. 

Moreover, they have ensured all their user’s impartial treatment and fairness. This little tick also indicates that the brand value (which is usually the account’s name) is so high that it falls under the risk of being fabricated and misused. Therefore, the verification mark is also secondary security against impersonation and identity theft. 

Why is Instagram Verification Important For Your Business And Personal Account?

Some of you may contemplate the importance of Instagram verification, but if you meet all the criteria to get yourself verified, it is always a wise choice. Verification may not get you exclusive treatment from Instagram, but it is still advantageous for your account. The following are some of the perks that come with the verification badge:

1. Amplified Brand Outreach And Awareness

The blue badge works wonders for your following count and content engagement, that is for sure. Once you get verified, the posts made from your account tend to reach a wider audience, be it through sharing or recommendations. 

Verified accounts are sure to appear before unverified accounts in the suggestions section or the general search bar. Most verified account users have also vouched that verified accounts tend to be recommended by the Instagram algorithm; this is, therefore, a win-win situation for the account holders.  

Moreover, the increased engagement brings major attention to your brand, especially if you are a full-functioning business account. The content put out by these verified accounts is indefinitely preferred by users than the non-verified ones. 

2. Increased Trustworthiness

Another plus point of having your account verified is that people start to trust you and your brand more. 

This is also contributed by the factor that more the number of likes. Comments and shares, the more people’s faith in you rises. This is why even when sharing news updates on Instagram stories, people tend to trust verified sources like CNN, BBC News, and others of its kind. 

This is even more helpful for brands conducting business through Instagram virtual shops. Having your account verified leads users to trust that the products you are selling are genuine and the business you’re doing is genuine and not a scam. 

3. Prevents Impersonation

This is perhaps the best use you can get out of your Instagram verification badge. 

Accounts that pretend to be you can easily be sieved, and users will easily identify and follow you. Moreover, this prevents the traffic brought in by your brand name from being dispersed among several fake accounts. 

This is how users will be able to find and engage with your content. Therefore, it prevents random accounts from impersonating and using your brand name to their advantage.  

4. Helpful in Building Connections

One major bonus of having your account verified is that you are enabled to build connections easily.

Say you want to collaborate with another Instagram creator, then the verification tick at the side of your username will help them understand that your approach is genuine. 

This is one of the reasons why direct messages from verified accounts are considered official methods of establishing contact, on par with emails or agency messages. 

5. Access to Special Updates Early

Instagram offers special treatment to their verified users in terms of content promotion, the following count. 

However, they also come with the advantage of access to new features rather than non-verified ones. 

This mostly applies to features that help you monetize your content. One great example of this would be the swipe-up feature that is provided only to verified accounts.

Swipe up instagram

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Instagram?

A widely circulated myth is that getting verified on Instagram is easy while the behind the scene picture is the complete opposite.

There are certain criteria that accounts need to fulfill before applying for verification.

The most important one among them is the obligatory follower count bar that needs to be reached. This number stands at 10,000 currently. This means that only accounts with a follower count of 10,000 or more will be qualified to have their accounts verified by Instagram.

However, there have been exceptions that have been applied to this condition. Instagram also tends to verify accounts with the following count of less than 10,000 in certain cases. 

Usually, these are the accounts that carry a unique brand identity or are widely known by the general public despite their following count. 

Although the necessary features to fall under this category are still unclear, these accounts fulfill the two most important demands of Instagram verification guidelines; that being ‘notable’ and ‘authentic.’ 

Thus, if your account is original and carries a unique brand identity, then don’t be afraid to shoot your shot. 

What Are The Requirements to Get The Instagram Verification Badge

There are definite guidelines that Instagram has laid down for their users that they need to meet to be eligible for Instagram verification. 

And those guidelines are:

The Account Should Be Public

Instagram accounts need to be visible to the public. This means that even accounts that don’t follow you should still see and interact with your content. 

Instagram private account

If your account is in private mode, then you can follow the following steps to change it to the public:

  • Go to settings from your profile page
  • Click the ‘privacy’ option 
  • Turn off your private mode switch 
  • Confirm your actions and refresh your home page

Once these steps are followed, you should end up with a fully public Instagram account.

Your Account Should Have a Bio and a Clear Profile Picture

Your profile picture is one way of propagating your brand identity. This is how other users will be identifying your stores, posts, comments, etc., even if they are not aware of your account name. This is why Instagram makes it mandatory for verified accounts to have a clear and identifiable profile picture.

Another mandatory requirement is an Instagram bio. This is how people searching for your account will perceive you and what you represent on Instagram. 

If you haven’t fulfilled these criteria, you have to do both by going to the ‘edit profile’ from the Instagram settings option and adding a bio and display picture. 

Your Account Should Be Authentic

Authenticity is one thing that Instagram takes very seriously. Instagram clearly states that “your account must represent a real person, registered business or entity.” If you want to stand out among the cluster of fake and spam accounts, this is a dire requirement. 

You cannot be running an account using the name or face of somebody else and especially profiting out of it. Thus, before applying for verification, make sure that you are the person or brand you claim to be.

The Account Should Have at Least One Post, And it Must Be Unique

This is the fourth hard and fast rule laid down by Instagram, that your account should have at least one post, and it should be unique. The importance of posting on your account before getting yourself verified lies in the fact that the general public gets a gist or an idea of the content you have to offer. 

Moreover, the necessity for your posts to be unique is implied so that accounts that bring new and fresh content to this platform have a chance of standing out and sharing their ideas with other users. This is also one of the reasons why Instagram will approve some accounts that have a genuinely unique and different approach to content creation. 

How to Get Verified On Instagram in 2021? (Step by Step Guide)

Now that readers have understood the fixed conditions that Instagram asks of users looking to get verified, we can move on to how you can get verified on Instagram.

Step 1: Log in to Your Instagram App In Your Mobile Device

Nobody can taste the cake on the kitchen table if the house itself is locked. Similarly, the first step for users would be to log in to their Instagram account from their mobile device using their username and account password. You can do this through chrome but having the app downloaded will optimize your user experience. 

Step 2: Go to Settings

  • After logging in, go to the settings option from your profile page.

How to get verified on Instagram 1

  • You will see the option ‘account’ available click on this. 

How to get verified on Instagram 2

  • The ‘Request Verification’ option will appear in the list (fourth from bottom); select this option.

Instagram verification 3

Step 3: Fill Out the Form, Submit & Wait

When you select the request verification option, a form should pop up automatically. You have to fill out this form with all your accurate details, username, full name, document type, etc.

Instagram verification 4

You will also be asked to confirm your notability and be given the option to add your personal/business links. Once you do this, all that is left is to submit the form and wait. Usually, the results are visible within 24-28 hours. 

Can a Normal Person Get Verified On Instagram?

Instagram allows any person with an authentic and unique page to be verified; this includes normal people, non-celebrities, and small businesses. The requirements to be eligible remain the same for all accounts. Ever since Instagram stopped verifying accounts only based on the follower count, small accounts with fresh content have flourished with the help of this badge. 

The blue check may come with many benefits, but it can sometimes put the verified account holders under security and privacy threats. Moreover, there have also been cases where old verified accounts have sold their verification marks. The actual account holder and the content changes, but the username and the badge remain intact. 

Thus, it is suggested that before getting verified, you carry out a thorough security check. However, it cannot be denied that the benefits of the verification badge outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, Instagram users are always encouraged to apply for verification if they meet the conditions.


Building a presence on different social media platforms, and staying active on Instagram can easily boost your chances of getting verified. 

But at the end of the day, it is a split-second decision made by an Instagram employee. If you don’t get verified on Instagram after the first application, don’t be disheartened. 

Focus on building on what you already have – grow your follower’s count, grow your engagement & grow your presence. You will definitely get there!

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to get verified on Instagram.

Do you have a verification badge? Let me know in the comments below.