Around half of the Baby Boomer population and around 90 percent of Millenials are active social media users. According to the omnichannel customer engagement platform, over 3 billion users or around 40 percent of the global population uses social media and Facebook commands over two-thirds of that figure. It’s no wonder that it is “The” social media platform even after a myriad of controversies and so many years since it went live. It allows you to post and share different forms of media, express yourself, and engage with a lot of people.

How to Disable Comments on Facebook

How to Disable Comments on Facebook

However, even after all the regulations put in place by Facebook, the platform like the rest of the internet is quite lawless. Confrontations, being rude and mean doesn’t need to be in front of another person, but through a keyboard in front of a display. This enables a lot of people to get away without any consequences. Anyone can comment on your post, page, or group as long as they have an account on Facebook. This can lead to a lot of negativity, trolling, and in worst cases, cyber-bullying. However, that can be fixed by disabling comments. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow you a clickable option to disable comments or a curated page in their help section about this topic. Here’s what you can do:

How to Disable Comments on a Post

Step : 1

Since Facebook doesn’t have a “Disable Comments” or “Hide Comments” button you need to improvise a bit. When you post anything on Facebook you can choose the people who can view or interact with that content. If strangers have access to your posts they can come, do plenty of damage, and leave without consequences. Here’s how you can limit your content within your circle of trust.

  • Log into your Facebook Account
  • Create a post with images, text, videos, or anything you like
  • Before you post that to your News Feed or Story you need to change the privacy settings
  • On the right side of the “News Feed” and “Your Story” section, you would find a clickable box with “Public” as the default option
  • Click on it and select More
  • Now you have the full option list to restrict your post to a specific group of people
  • “Public” option makes the post visible to everyone on Facebook while “Friends” makes the post visible to people in your friend list
  • If you want to make the post visible to your friend list, except a few, click on “Friends except…”

Step : 2

  • A pop-up window opens up with a list of your friends and a search box
  • You can search for the specific friends you don’t want to show your post and click on the “-” button to the right of your friend’s name and click on Save Changes on the bottom right corner of the window
  • The people you select won’t be able to view, comment, or interact with your post along with any stranger on Facebook
  • If you want to show your post to a very specific group of people click on “Specific Friends” to open the pop-up window of your friend list
  • Repeat the process and select your friends by clicking on the button to the right of their name and click on Save Changes
  • If you don’t want anyone to view the post you can choose “Only Me”
  • Finally hit the Post button

Now, even if strangers or friends who aren’t supposed to interact with or see a post of yours make it to your timeline or otherwise, they won’t be able to see the post. They will know that people have liked, reacted or commented on the post, but wouldn’t be able to interact with that post in any way. Instead, they would be shown a boxed window with a message “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now”.

Disabling Comments for Previous Posts

You can do the same for any previous posts you have made.

In order to do that;

  • Go to the desired post
  • Beside the time stamp above your post, you would find a small circular logo of a globe that signifies the post is open to Public
  • Click on the small arrow and repeat the steps mentioned above to limit the audience for that post

Yes, this isn’t a concrete way to disable comments since it hides the content from viewers as well. However, this is the best we can do until Facebook comes up with a Hide Comments button. Yes, individual comments can be deleted or hidden, but that doesn’t help when there are hundreds or thousands of comments and doesn’t stop people from posting mean things or profanity again.

How to disable comments on a Facebook Page

  • Click on the Settings link located at the upper right corner of your Facebook page
  • From here go to the General Tab and locate the section named “Page Moderation”
  • Click on Edit to the right
  • The page Moderation section expands with a box for keywords
  • Here you can enter keywords that may be profane, dog whistles, racial slurs, or any words that is associated with such negativity and need to be blocked
  • There is no word limit, but a character limit of 10,000 at the time of writing of this post
  • You can also directly upload a .csv file with a list of keywords and click on Save Changes

This filter would definitely help if it existed for group and personal pages. However, unfortunately it doesn’t.


It is still a wonder why Facebook hasn’t introduced the “Hide Comment” button on its platform when it has the option enabled on other social media companies owned by Facebook. For instance, Instagram has an option for turning off comments and can be easily accessed via the three dots above the post. Facebook Help Centre even has a dedicated page for this. Let us hope that Facebook introduces the feature in the near future and save us all from going through social media gymnastics just to disable comments on our posts.