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Can’t Find an Account I’m Looking for on Instagram

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The essence of any social media platform is to create an avenue for interaction among friends, family, colleagues and other people across the globe. The higher the number of people you interact with, the greater the fun as this widens the information base for you to find new things.

It is with this in mind that Instagram gives you an optioning of widening the range of people you interact with either by following you or you following them.  What defines social networking?

It’s having friends and family and being able to effectively interact with them. That’s what puts the “social” in social networks. Fortunately, Instagram already knows that you have a comprehensive list of friends on multiple other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, so it’s easy for you to find your friends on Instagram. Need to get in touch with that longtime school mate that always made you laugh? Worry no more! Here is how to get find someone who is a user on Instagram!

Solution: I can’t Find an Account I’m Looking for on Instagram - Famoid
Solution: I can’t Find an Account I’m Looking for on Instagram – Famoid

Let’s Understand the Problem with Infographic First!

I can’t find account looking for - Famoid Infographic
I can’t find account looking for – Famoid Infographic

How to Find someone on Instagram?

  1. On the bottom right side of your screen, there is a profile image that resembles a contact card. Click on it and select ‘find friends’’.
  2. You have been provided where you can search and find out if your friends are using Instagram. This can be done through Facebook, twitter and even using your contact list on the phone. The Instagram phone number search allows you to find people but it is mostly applicable if it is a business number or it can be accessed on their profile.
  3. after the list of your friends on those networks that already have Instagram accounts have been displayed, there is a “follow” icon next to their name, click on it  to start following them. In the event their account has been labeled as private, you may have to send a request to them and you can become friends once your request has been approved by the bearer of the account. The notable users of Instagram that include celebrities and influential individuals can be followed by clicking on the suggested’ users icon. You can also access this people by looking up for them in the Notable Users Directory.
  4. It is possible that some of your friends are neither on Facebook or twitter but have an Instagram account. In this case, you can find them by selecting the ‘search’ Instagram ‘’ from the profile tab. You can do this either by using the name, username or by searching through Instagram tags to follow people that are sharing photos that you might find enjoyable.
  5. Another way of finding friends on Instagram is by selecting the ‘popular’ icon to view the posts on Instagram that are interesting. You can then click on the user who uploaded the post and begin following them.

Why can’t I find an account I am looking for?

Under certain circumstances, one can find it difficult to find an account that he/she has an interest in. this can be due to the following;

  • You are blocked by the bearer of the account you are looking for. In these circumstances you cannot completely view their profile.
  • The profile of the person you are looking for might have been deactivated or deleted either temporarily or permanently.
  • Lastly, you might just be entering in the wrong details like the username.

In order to increase your chances of finding the account you are looking for, make sure to do the following;

  • Be careful enough to ensure the credentials have been entered correctly. Pay attention to ensure the username is correctly written, ensure characters are not substituted, example using 0 instead of O, – instead of _ among other errors. It is easier if you copy and paste the username in the required field.
  • In case you do the above and still cannot get the account, try using another device to find them. It would be much better if you use a web browser in these circumstances.  You can do this without signing in to your account by writing the Instagram address, a forward slash and their profile name.

Problem still persist?

If you have done all this and still can’t find the account, then the account name might probably be having some errors. Sign in and find out if it still appears. If you cannot see it, contact the owners of the account to find out if you have been blocked by the user. They might have done this accidentally and they can reverse the block by swiping left to the sub menu and looking under  settings ‘’ then selecting ‘’ privacy and security’’ then “blocked accounts”. A block list appears and the person might look up to see if you are on the list. In the event you are on the list and it happened accidentally, the block can be reversed. In case you have not been blocked but still can’t find the account, then your device or app might be having an issue. Uninstall it, refresh the device and download it again. It might also be that some digital witch placed a digital hex on you.

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