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How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr

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If you like art, the regular, and the kind that you need to view with discretion then you are already familiar with Tumblr. It is a popular social networking and microblogging site, but one that doesn’t belong anywhere on the mainstream list which includes, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you like to browse through Tumblr often, then you must have come across posts with the familiar dialogue, “This post may contain sensitive media; Safe mode is on”. It is extremely annoying when you come across this dialogue or message very often.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr
How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr

However, this is done to filter the NSFW content that Tumblr is famous for and the social media platform has decided to change that image and restrict the viewing of that genre of content. Before you learn to bypass the Safe Mode you may want to make yourself more aware of the Safe Mode.

What is Safe Mode?

The NSFW content available on Tumblr makes a major portion of the site. The ‘Not Suitable For Work’ content contains creations from artwork, gifs, memes, pictures, and videos created by thousands of creators on the platform. However, this sort of content is rated to be 18+ and freely roamed on the social media platform. This doesn’t really sit well with advertisers and hence Tumblr decided to declare an all-out war on such content.

The social media site initially introduced safe mode that filters all such notorious content that is inappropriate for kids and preteens. Safe mode was turned on by default but could be disabled with a few simple steps so that the users who like that sort of content wouldn’t have to browse through bitter experience. Later, the social media platform added more complexity and completely removed the option of disabling safe mode on some platforms. That’s the reason you are here and fortunately, there are easy fixes to your problem.

Let’s have a look at the methods that work now to bypass the Safe Mode and used to work before Tumblr took these drastic steps.

Turn off Safe Mode on the website from your desktop


  • Open your favorite browser
  • Go to Tumblr’s website
  • On the middle of the homepage, click on the Login button
  • Enter your login details and click on Next
  • Click the “Use password to log in” option or click on “Send me a magic link” that will send you a link on your email address
  • After you have successfully logged in to your account, Tumblr would automatically redirect you to your dashboard and you can search browsing
  • Click on your “Account” image that can be found on the right side of the header and go to Settings
  • From Settings, go to Filtering section and you can find a Safe Mode switch that would be turned on by default
  • Turn it gray by clicking off the switch and you’re done

You can see that even after safe mode restrictions, it was pretty simple to turn off your Safe Mode and get your daily dose of NSFW. Now, things are a bit different.

To bypass Safe Mode in the present timeline, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Follow the same steps mentioned above to login in and get redirected to your dashboard
  • After you browse the site and come across posts that redirect you to an NSFW blog, the Safe Mode warning will pop up
  • Under that warning, you will find the “Go to my dashboard” button. Click on it
  • On the right side of your dashboard, the NSFW blog will show itself
  • Click on “View this Tumblr” button
  • You will be able to see the blog

Even though you can bypass the safe mode like this every time, you would need to repeat this step each time you come across blogs with similar NSFW content. If you like to visit a certain flagged blog quite frequently, you need to repeat the same step to view it every time you log in. That meets most people’s criteria for “complicated”.

Turn off Safe Mode on Android


  • Download the Tumblr app from the Playstore and skip this step if you have it installed on your phone
  • Launch the app from your App Drawer or Home Screen
  • Log In with your account details if you aren’t already
  • Tap on the “Account” icon at the bottom right corner of your phone
  • It will open up your own Tumblr space with a gear icon at the top right corner
  • Tap on the gear icon to open Settings
  • Tap on “General Settings” you will find at the top of your Account Settings window
  • Go through the options listed below and tap on “Filtering”
  • Like the web version here you will find a switch for Safe Mode. Click on it to disable and turn it gray


  • After you have installed and logged in to your account on the Tumblr app by following the same instructions mentioned above, you need to go to your Dashboard
  • At the bottom bar, you will find a search icon right next to the Home button. Click on it
  • While it is difficult to come across NSFW content via Tumblr’s native search engine, it isn’t possible
  • After you come across a flagged blog, you will find a similar warning as you saw on the website
  • Under the warning, you will see a “View this Tumblr”. Click on it to view the blog

Similar to the website you have to do this every single time for every flagged blog. If you want to frequent NSFW content, it is better to follow your favorite NSFW content creators so that you can easily find them from the “Following” tab on your account.

Turn off Safe Mode on iOS


  • Search and install the Tumblr app from the App Store and skip to the next step if you have it installed on your phone
  • Launch and log in to the app
  • Go back to your phone’s Home Screen and open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Tumblr after you locate it
  • Under Tumblr Settings, you will find the Safe Mode option which would be turned on by default
  • When you tap on it you would see three options, among which “Hide all sensitive content” would have a blue tick by default
  • Choose “Don’t hide anything” to turn off safe mode and browse all the flagged NSFW content you want


  • Launch and log in to Tumblr by following the steps mentioned above
  • Start surfing through Tumblr from your Dashboard
  • When you come across flagged post and blogs you will find the same warning and “View this Tumblr” button you found on the website and Android versions of the app
  • Tap on it to view the content

Surf through Tumblr without an account or restrictions of Safe Mode

Whether you are surfing through Google Images, Reddit, or other social media platforms, you may come across links that redirect you to general or NSFW Tumblr blogs. If you just want to see and browse through Tumblr without an account or the hassles of Safe Mode, there are easy ways to do that. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your favorite browser on your desktop or phone and visit
  • To see flagged posts, type in name of the post in the upper search box and click on the Search button
  • If you want to see blogs, you can type in the name of the blog on the box below and hit the Go button
  • Tumbex won’t show you the flagged posts and blogs even if they match your result. However, the site will inform you about them
  • To see the content you need to toggle the Safe Search switch and hit the reload button

The NSFW battle

Back in 2018, Tumblr was removed from the App Store since it has problematic and abusive content concerning children. Hence, Tumblr took drastic measures to completely purge all NSFW content from their reason. That’s the reason when you come across a shared post with NSFW content and see “deactivated” written along with the Tumblr name of the original poster.

However, there are still blogs that have survived and can still post content that is on the edge and test out Tumblr’s limits. If you want an alternative to the old Tumblr, there are a few sites that may be of help and even have migrants from Tumblr after the purge. Some of those platforms include newTumbl, BDSMLR, Dreamwidth, and more.

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There are thousands and millions of users who miss the old Tumblr and miss their favorite NSFW content creators. People are also divided into camps when it comes to supporting Tumblr in their NSFW purge or speaking out against restrictions placed by Tumblr and controlling what the users of that platform can or cannot see. If you are curious and just want to browse some good old edgy and other types of content on the social media platform you can easily bypass the Safe Mode with the methods mentioned above. Learn Websites like Tumblr or Instagram here.

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