Instagram is a social network that allows you to share photos and videos that can depict memories, events and other forms of fun with friends and other people across the globe. It is independent of other social networks and unlike them, it is not mandatory to include your personal details to your Instagram account. You only need to create a profile, follow people and you can view what they post on their accounts. You are not limited to the people you can follow and anybody can also follow you back.

Upon creating an Instagram profile, people that have followed you are able to view the photos and videos that you post on your account. You can also view the information that is posted by the people that you have followed you back. It can be described as a simpler version of Facebook but in this one, an emphasis is placed on the use of the mobile phone and sharing of visuals, in explanation, photos, and videos. Interaction on this platform involves liking, commenting, tagging and sending private messages. Instagram allows you to save photos and videos for future reference.

You can access Instagram using IOS or Android devices. You can also use a computer to access it but in this case, you can only share videos and photos using your device.

How to Clear Instagram Search History Easily? - Famoid

How to Clear Instagram Search History Easily? – Famoid

Clearing / Deleting Instagram search history

When you visit any site over a network, the browser tends to save bits of information regarding your searches so that should you need to access the information again, it becomes easier to retrieve it as compared to having it searched for again over the server. This is done so as to speed up the loading process of the browser. It is also true when it comes to using Instagram accounts. The various information on the accounts is accessed over the internet and as a result, bits related to accounts are saved so as to make it easier to access them should need to view them arise. Notably, search histories can prove to be quite incriminating and sometimes are unnecessary to users of Instagram accounts. Consequently, it is paramount that you get rid of your search history on Instagram for privacy purposes and ensuring things run smoothly. Doing this is quite simple. Follow the steps below;

  • Open your Instagram account and go to the settings menu
  • Upon opening the menu, scroll through until you see the ‘clear search history’ icon. Click on it and you will be provided with the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option to confirm your action.
  • If you are sure you want to get rid of the search history, click on the ‘YES’ option and your Instagram search history will disappear immediately. You can always cancel this process
  • You are advised to refresh your device and browser after clearing the search history to make the process more efficient.

It is good to note that this process does not entirely deal with your browsing history, the people that you often interacted with on Instagram will always have their accounts retained on the search panel and they will appear as suggested accounts.

This process should be applicable to both iPhone and Android devices.

Why should I clear my Instagram search history?

The major reason for clearing Instagram search history is to improve on the security of your information and enhance privacy. In the event that you are using a public PC, clearing the history ensures other people do not gain access to what you viewed. Some of this information could be quite incriminating.

It also improves performance as clearing this data will improve the speed of accessing information since loading speed is increased.

In a nutshell, you no longer have to worry about your search history with the simple process to get rid of it highlighted above. The good thing here is that the information regarding the accounts you frequently interacted with are bound to be retained on your search engine and will always be available should need to use them arise.

Extra Info: How do I create an Instagram account?

Creating an account is a very simple process. You can do this by using either your email or Facebook account. The important thing is for you to have a username and a password. Upon creating an account, you have an option of directly following some of your friends from your Facebook account but you have an option of skipping this and doing it later. It is important that you customize your account by adding a username, a profile picture of yourself, and in case you have a website link, include it to make it easy for your friends to identify you. This makes it easier for people who know you to follow you back.

Your Instagram account has the ‘followers’ and the ‘following’ count to enable you to view how many people you are following and those that are following you. There is an icon that allows you to add followers. If your account is set to private, you will need to approve any request to follow you. A public account, on the other hand, accepts anybody who requests to follow you.

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