How Can You See Who Unfollowed me on Instagram? – 2018

Instagram is also the social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. It provides a user-friendly interface to the user which is easily understand by the users. It’s easy to use interface attracts users the most. Like Facebook and WhatsApp, it also provides many features to the users like:

  • One can send messages to his dear ones.
  • One can share pictures with friends.
  • One can share a post.
  • One can also edit his previous post.
  • One can also add a description, location and tag his friends in the posts.

All these features of Instagram are really attractive. People you these social media for the entertainment and for the killing of time.

About the Instagram

Firstly, you have to download the Instagram app from the app store. It has two forms:

  • Login
  • Sign Up

For the first time use, you have to sign up. For Sign Up, you have to fill following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email id
  • Password
  • Confirm password

And click on submit button.

Next time you just have to login by adding your email and password.

Another amazing and different feature that Instagram is:

  • Followers
  • Following

Instagram basically give us two options, if we send a follow request to someone, then we will consider as a follower. There can also be more than one follower. A follower is someone who follows your Instagram accounts. Each follower is considered as an individual. Like if we have 400 followers, we can say that 400 individuals follow us. And if you follow someone’s account, you will be following. But in following we don’t talk about the individual, we talk about groups. In this category, we consider the group of people that are following.

On the profile top, there are two options followers and following. If you click on the followers, it will show the list of the people that are following your account. And if you click on the following button, then it will show the list of those people to whom you are following. Instagram also provides the facility of following back. If someone sends you follow request. You can also send him to follow back request to follow his account.

How we will come to know who unfollow us on Instagram

Unfollow in another feature that Instagram provides. You are not restricted to follow a person or a page for a life time. If you want to unfollow someone Instagram also provides you this facility as well. After follow, when you will click on the follow button, you will find the option of unfollow there. If you want to unfollow someone, you have to click on that button.

Benefits of unfollowing someone

If you unfollow someone, he will not be able to:

  • See your posts
  • Comment on your post
  • Share your post
  • Send direct messages. Only you will receive message request if he sends a message. You can also decline the request.
  • See your photos
  • Tag you in a post

All these features and benefits are there that you will find when you unfollow someone. But the question is still same when someone unfollows us; we can’t even get a notification. So, how we will come to know if someone unfollowed us on Instagram.

Whenever you see the decreasing number of followers on your profile, the question that arises in your mind is that who is unfollowing me. An Instagram app doesn’t provide you with the facility to know about the people who unfollow you. If you want to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, you must have to consult to the Instagram third party. It is one of the solutions that they will inform you that who clicked the unfollow button of your profile.

Ways to find who unfollowed me

The manual way of finding who unfollowed me

The easiest and simple way of finding who unfollowed you on Instagram is by manual way. If sometimes, you come to know that you have a decreasing number of followers. You must have to keenly check who unfollowed you. You can check other’s profile to check who unfollowed you


This method is not easy, as if you have a large number of followers, it will not be possible for you to check the profiles of a large number of people. It is very time consuming, and hence, it is not much referable.

Use some tools to know

It is quite difficult to find the people who unfollowed you, manually. Another way that you can use to find who unfollowed you on Instagram is to use some tools that have specifications to find who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Use Instagram limit apps

Due to some security issues, Instagram API doesn’t allow to access the unfollowers list by the Instagram users. Some third parties also claim to show the users their unfollower list. But we click to see it becomes disabled. The reason behind is that third parties have to explain if they will go against security rules.

There are also some limit apps that will show you some personal details of your account like the list of unfollowers. You have to connect your Instagram account to these apps, and in return, these apps will tell you the personal information about the account.

Follow Meter

Who Unfollowed me on Instagram? - Famoid

Who Unfollowed me on Instagram? – Famoid

Follow Meter is an app that is available in both ios and android phones. If you download this app, this app will ask you to log in with your Instagram account on this app to get the details of those who unfollowed you.After signing in, you will see a dashboard that contains the list of the people who unfollow you, who don’t follow you back, and people who are not following back. Follow meter has changed the API and allows the user to see who unfollowed them.

Like, follow meter there are also many apps that will show the details of who unfollowed you like follower tracker pro is an app that has an option of Lost Followers. By clicking on it, you will see the people who unfollowed you.

You will come to know after installing these apps, who unfollowed you. When you come to know, then it’s up to you that you want to still follow them or not.

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