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How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger (2024)

A lot of people use messenger to communicate with friends and family. But what happens when someone sends you a message and deletes it instantly? 

Is it possible to see them? If so, how do you do it?

Well, deleting or unsending a message on messenger will permanently delete it from both of your ends. After all, the messenger doesn’t automatically save unsent messages. 

But there’s an indirect way available for that. 

The first one is using a third-party app and the second way is by enabling the notification history settings (depending on what device you’re using). 

But the question is: how to actually do that?

In this post, we’ll show you how to see unsent messages on messenger following some easy tricks.

So ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Can You See Unsent Messages on Messenger?

The answer is yes and no!

Technically no, it’s not possible to see an unsent message on messenger. You will be able to tell if a message is unsent because it shows as “Abc unsend the message” in the chat. But, you can’t see a message if it’s deleted or unsend. 

However, the good news is you can use different tricks to see unsent messages. For instance, some third-party apps are available in the market that allows you to see unsent messages on messenger. One such app is Notisave. 

You can also turn on the Messenger notification on your device to see the unsent messages. We will learn more about this later in this post. 

How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger

If you’re wondering, an unsent message means deleting a message after sending it. 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see unsent messages on Facebook messenger in a direct way.

If you or your friend has deleted it, it’s gone forever. You can’t even retrieve it on the messenger app on your Android or iPhone device. 

But third-party apps like Notisave help you see the unsent message by saving your notifications. When a friend sends a message, and you get a notification, Notisave saves the notification before your friend decides to unsent it. 


Here’s a heads up, apps like these work only if the Messenger notification is enabled on your device. If your Messenger permission for notifications is disabled, these apps can’t save the messages. 

Here’s how you can use Notisave to see unsent messages on messenger: 

  1. First, download the app on Google Play (Notisave isn’t available for iPhones). 
  2. After installing the app, allow access to notifications by tapping Allow.
  3. Search and find the app from your notification access list and enable the button.
  4. Give the app access to your files and media. 
  5. Now, the app will start loading installed apps on your Android device. 
  6. Next, enable the Autostart feature on the Notisave app. 

After completing these steps, if someone unsend a message, open the app and go to the Messenger app from there to see the unsent message on your screen. 

How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger Without The App

Most of the time, people try to avoid third-party apps for safety concerns. If you’re one of these people who’s looking for a solution that doesn’t include an app, then this trick is for you. 

It is possible to see unsent texts on your Android device without using the app. All you have to do is, save notifications on your device. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Open Settings on your Android device. 

Step 2. Now, tap on the Notifications option. 

Step 3. Tap on the Advanced Settings or Manage Notifications (This option might vary based on the Android model you’re using). 

Step 4. Locate the Notification History option. 

Step 5. Enable the Notification History option. 

Now all the message notifications you’ll get from messenger will be saved on your device. And if someone unset a message, you can access it anytime. 

But remember, if you’ve just enabled the notification history feature on your device, you can’t see unsent messages. Because your device won’t be able to save all previous unsent messages you got on messenger. 

After turning on this feature, you can only see the unsent messages you’ll get in the future.

Pro Tip: If you can’t see the Notification History feature on your device, make sure your phone is updated. The notification history feature won’t be available if you’re using a version older than Android 11. Also, the notification history option doesn’t work on iPhone devices. 

Wrapping Up

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It has a wide variety of features. While all these features are incredibly useful, sometimes it can be tricky to understand how they work.

One such feature is the ability to see unsent messages. In this post, we’ve explained how to see unsent messages on messenger on different devices. We’ve also explained how you can use the Notisave app in an easy step-by-step process. 

If your friend has accidentally deleted a message and you want to see it again, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps.

Last Updated on February 6, 2024


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