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How to Change Your Username on TikTok (2024)

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Are you tired of your old TikTok username and looking to change it? Or perhaps, you’re just starting out on the platform and need some tips on choosing the perfect username?

Look no further! This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about changing your TikTok username, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device. 

We’ll also be sharing tips on choosing a perfect username that aligns with your niche and goals for your TikTok account. 

So, whether you’re a new TikTok user, just getting started, or want to give your account a fresh look, this blog post is for you! 

So, keep reading to learn how to change your username on TikTok and make your account stand out!

Can You Change Your TikTok Username?

Yes, you can easily change your username on TikTok. But there are a few things you should remember before changing your TikTok username. 

For starters, once you change your username, you can change it again after 30 days. 

After changing the username, the URL associated with your account will also change. And if you have a verified TikTok account, it will no longer be verified.

Apart from these changes, everything will remain the same. Your app experience won’t change, and the follower count will remain intact.  

How to Change Your Username on TikTok (iPhone & Android)

Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, the steps to change your username on TikTok are the same for both devices. 

Let’s take a look at how you can do it: 

Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Head to your profile page by pressing the profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Now Tap the Edit Profile button.

Change TikTok username

Step 4: Tap on the Username option.

Change your username on TikTok

Step 5: Now replace your previous username with a new one.

Step 6: Then tap Save to save the changes.

TikTok username

Here’s a quick heads-up: While typing a new username, if you notice a prompt like “This username isn’t available,” you’ve to retype another name. So, make sure to be unique when choosing a different TikTok username. 

Can You Again Change Your TikTok Username Without Waiting 30 Days?

You can’t change your TikTok username again without waiting for 30 days. TikTok deosn’t alow you to do that yet. 

Previously a few hacks were buzzing around the internet that promised to help you to change your username before the 30 days were up. 

For example, they claimed that you could change the username before 30 days by going to settings and changing the date to 30 days in the future. 

However, hacks like these don’t work anymore. If you want to change your username once again, you have to wait patiently for 30 days.

Does Changing Username Affect TikTok Views?

Changing TikTok doesn’t directly affect views on your TikTok videos

However, changing your username also means you’re changing your TikTok URL. Let’s say your username was @abc, and now you’re changing it to @xyz; your TikTok URL will be tiktok.com/@xyz. 

So, a new URL means a lot of your followers will no longer be able to see your TkTok content if they use the old URL to find you. This can lead to a certain decrease in your views. 

Also, if you have a verified TikTok account, changing your username means your TikTok account will no longer be verified. This may also affect your credibility as a creator. 

So, does this mean it is a bad idea to change your TikTok username? 

Well, no! 

If you want to change your username, go ahead and change it. 

But before that, make sure to aware your followers of this with a few announcement posts.

You can also do TikTok live stream to announce your followers about the new username before changing it. 

Tips to Choose The Perfect TikTok Username For Your Account

Thinking about creating a TikTok account but struggling to come up with the perfect username? 

Don’t worry. You’re not alone! 

Choosing a username can be tricky, especially when you want it to reflect your personality and attract followers. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 4 tips to help you choose the perfect username for your TikTok account. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Know your Goal

Your username should be aligned with the purpose of your TikTok account. Before choosing the name, you have to ask yourself why you created the account in the first place. 

Is it because you wanted a business account where you can promote your product or services? Or Whether you want a personal account where you post a video according to your own choice and build a follower base? 

Once you figure out the goal behind opening your TikTok account, you can easily come up with a good username. 

For example, if you have a personal account on TikTok, where you want to build your personal brand by posting content, you can use your own name as a username. For example, famous TikToker Khabane Lame uses his name as a username: @khabylame. 

Similarly, if your goal is to promote your business on TikTok, you can use your brand name as a username. 

2. Keep it Unique

Whatever the platform is, originality always wins on social media, even when it comes to choosing a username. 

When picking a username on TikTok, make sure it’s unique and not already in use by someone else. 

This can be a bit challenging because the platform is so popular, but it’s worth the effort to come up with something that hasn’t been taken yet. You can always take inspiration from other accounts, but make sure to avoid copying them outright.

One way to check for username availability is to search for the username on TikTok. 

You can also add your own personal touch to make it unique. For example, you can add your middle name or nickname to make it unique.

In short, when choosing a username for your TikTok account, be original and make sure it’s unique. 

Not only will it help your account to stand out, but it will also make it easier for your audience to find and remember you.

3. Keep it Simple

Another tip you must swear by when choosing a username is simplicity. Think of your TikTok username as an address to your profile. And just like any address, it should be easy to search for, share, and remember.

That’s why we recommend keeping your username short and simple. 

The shorter and simpler your username, the easier it will be for your followers to remember and share with others. 

Avoid using numbers, special characters, or hard-to-read words in your username. Instead, opt for something easy to spell and easy to remember.

Additionally, keeping it simple also helps when it comes to searchability. If you use a username that’s easy to spell and remember, people will be more likely to find you through search, which can help you grow your following.

4. Keep it Relevant

When choosing a username for your TikTok account, ensure it is relevant to the type of content you will be posting. 

By aligning your username with your niche, you can increase brand awareness and make your account more memorable to your target audience.

For example, if you’re a dance enthusiast and plan on posting videos of your choreography, a username such as “DanceQueen” or “ChoreographyKing” would be fitting. 

If you’re a science enthusiast and plan on posting videos about science experiments, a username such as “ScienceNinja” or “LabRat” would be fitting.

Similarly, if you’re an artist, music lover, or astrologer, you could choose a username that aligns with your art, music, or astrology niche.

Keeping your username relevant to your content can make it easier for potential followers to find. 

This will also increase the chances of being recommended to other users interested in your niche. 

If you keep these four tips in mind while choosing a username, your TikTok account will stand out from the rest. 

Wrapping Up

So, that’s how you can change your username on TikTok.

Choosing a username for your TikTok account can be tricky, but with a little planning and creativity, you can come up with something that’s both memorable and perfect for your content.

And if you’re thinking of creating a TikTok account, be sure to follow these tips to choose the perfect username for your account, and you’ll be on your way to building a strong brand and growing your following.


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