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What is Instagram Clipboard?

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Do you ever notice that you can’t copy and paste images and videos directly onto Instagram?

It’s frustrating at times because you have to download an image or video just to share it through your Instagram feed. Is there an easier way to do just that without having to go through these extra steps?

What is Instagram Clipboard?
What is Instagram Clipboard?

For sure, Instagram may have such limitations but there are easy ways you can get around these problems using Instagram Clipboard.

But what is Instagram Clipboard? How can you access it so you can make the most out of the app?

What is Instagram Clipboard?

If you don’t know what a clipboard is, it’s a tool that lets you save copied items for pasting somewhere else.

Think about copying an image from Google. When you hit Ctrl+C (or tap and hold the image, if you are using a smartphone), you store the image to your clipboard. You paste it somewhere else by hitting Ctrl+V (or by tapping and holding to select the “Paste” option).

When you copy text on your phone, (or even an image or a video), that material is copied and stored on your phone’s virtual clipboard. This allows you to then paste it in another location.

Regardless of the app you are using, a clipboard allows you to share content without having to download and upload it directly. However, if you try pasting copied content onto an Instagram post, it may not work for you.

So what is the clipboard for Instagram?

Instagram lacks the function since it doesn’t allow you to paste content coming from other sources other than your internal gallery. You will need to download the image so you can post it on Instagram.

For this reason, people assume that Instagram lacks access to a clipboard, unlike any other platform.

It doesn’t make for a user-friendly experience, especially for an app that’s supposed to encourage sharing.

There are ways you can access the Instagram Clipboard so you can post content freely and without hassle.

Here’s how to do it:

How do you use Instagram Clipboard?

In order to use the Instagram Clipboard, you will need to select an image you want to share.

Select copy and go to the Instagram app. Press the “+” sign and select a different image from your gallery.

After selecting a filter, you will see the caption field. Tap on it to access your keypad. On the upper section of your keypad, there is an icon of a clipboard.

Tap on it and you will see the recent image you copied along with the other content you saved.

Keep in mind, however, that Instagram won’t allow you to paste from the clipboard. This is so you can steer clear of any copyright issues.

The only way you can copy-paste images on Instagram is through Instagram Stories.

Here’s how:

  • First, tap and hold a web image and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Head over to Instagram and swipe right to access the camera.
  • Tap on the gallery on the lower left and select an image.
  • Then, tap the text icon (the “Aa” on the upper right).
  • Once the text cursor appears, you can paste the copied image on top of the image you just selected!

Where is the clipboard on Instagram? (Android users’ guide)

Here’s a brief guide for using Instagram Clipboard using your Android smartphone. 

Step 1

Simply look for the web image you want to share and copy as you normally would. After that, navigate to your Instagram account and press the “plus” sign. This will lead you to your gallery.

Step 2

From your gallery, pick any photo and click Next. Select a filter and click Next again. Once you are on the last stage before posting, tap and hold the “Write a caption…” field. The keypad will appear and you will see an icon of a clipboard on the upper bar.

Step 3

Tap the icon and you will see the image you copied earlier, along with other content you previously copied.

What’s important here is that you have figured out a way to find Instagram Clipboard even if the app restricts the use of copy-pasted material through the Instagram app for Android.

But what about iPhone users? How can they get in on the action?

Where is the clipboard in Instagram? (iPhone users’ guide)

If you own an iPhone, accessing the clipboard is a breeze since you can use it to copy captions you see on the web. However, it’s important to know that even iPhone users are restricted from copy-pasting visual media on Instagram.

Again, you can only paste text as captions to go along with the photos or videos you are posting from your gallery.

It’s pretty simple and it uses the same as pasting text using an Android phone. Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1

Simply tap and hold the text you want to copy to your Instagram post.

Step 2

Go to the Instagram app and tap the plus (+) symbol. This should lead you to your gallery.

Step 3

Select an image you want to upload and tap “Next.” You will need to choose a filter or effect for your post. If you are done choosing a filter, tap “Next” again.

Step 4

Tap and hold the caption field and paste the copied content there. You may click Done to finalize your post.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about how Instagram is able to amass a huge following.

3 Instagram Clipboard Hacks!

Why limit yourself to copy-pasting content on Instagram when you can save videos and images from the app directly to your phone?

Amazing, right?! There are several ways to do this:

1) Save content as collections

If you see an image or video you like, simply tap the Save icon on the right side beneath the image or video.

To access the saved content, go to your profile and tap the menu icon on the upper right. Select “Saved” and you will see a collection of your favorite photos or videos.

2) Use a special app

For one, you can use the Insta Download to act as a clipboard for saving Instagram videos.

If you have an iOS device, you can use the Quick Reposter which allows you to repost images and videos and save these to your device.

3) Save your own videos

If you were able to record short videos using the Instagram app, you have the option of saving these to your device. Just tap on the video and select the download icon (an arrow pointing downwards).

If you like to save a video on Instagram Stories, you can tap the story and select “More” (the three dots on the lower right-hand corner). Finally, select “Save Video” and the video will be downloaded to your gallery.

Instagram Usage Statistics

It’s a no-brainer that Instagram is a great tool for sharing slices of our lives to other people. We can share basically anything, from pictures of pets to vacation videos.

What is Instagram Clipboard -2
What is Instagram Clipboard -2

No doubt, the platform is steadily growing. And despite the Covid-19 pandemic which has put a halt to tourism, Instagram keeps shaping how we consume information and make lifestyle choices.

Just check out these statistics.

  1. Instagram had 500 million daily active users in January last year according to Statista.
  2. Pew Research says that roughly 72% of the teenage population in the United States is on Instagram.
  3. Nearly 130 million users engage in Instagram posts related to shopping to learn more about the products they want to purchase.
  4. To date, Instagram has a total of 1 billion active accounts, with the highest concentration of users in the United States with 116 million.
  5. According to the Search Engine Journal, Instagram is expected to grow 1.5% in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the average time spent on the platform is also expected to increase by 14% or 3.2 minutes at most.
  6. Sure enough, about 43.1% of social media users say they would use Instagram more throughout when they are confined in their homes.

Instagram will definitely win big this year and the next. However, users will still need to know about convenient features, especially those that don’t get much attention.


So, there you have it!

Now you should know what Instagram clipboard is and how to use it. You can do a lot more by saving and sharing content for posting on Instagram.

These are super simple steps to follow, so use the Instagram clipboard to conveniently express what you feel. Just be sure to ask permission from the owners of the images or videos you want to copy.

As long as you do, you can enjoy sharing the content you like!

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