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Why Instagram Hashtags Not Working? (And How to Fix It)

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If you’re wondering why Instagram hashtags not working, this post is for you.

Instagram hashtags play a crucial role in your post’s reach and the overall growth of your account.

By using relevant hashtags, your Instagram photos and videos can appear on the hashtag page, making them more discoverable to users who follow those hashtags.

But sometimes, you might encounter errors while using hashtags on your Instagram post.

This can happen due to various reasons.

However, luckily you can fix this easily by following some proven methods.

In this post, we’ll be explaining why Instagram hashtags not working for you and how you can fix that issue pretty easily.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right in.

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are basically a combination of texts, numbers, symbols, or emojis that are used to categorize content on the platform.

You can search for hashtags to find relevant content related to any specific topic, place, event, or person.

Hashtags are clickable by nature, and anyone can click them to discover content that uses that same hashtag.

By using hashtags, you can broaden your reach beyond your followers and find others who share similar interests easily. 

In short:

Hashtags give your content an extra boost organically, way faster than normal.

5 Reasons Why Instagram Hashtags Not Working

1. Check If You’re Using Banned Hashtags

One of the most common reasons why Instagram hashtags aren’t working for you is maybe because you’re using hashtags that are banned on the Instagram platform. 

You might not know this, but in early 2020, Instagram banned several hashtags to prevent their misuse by users.

If you’re using hashtags that don’t follow Instagram’s community guidelines, they will get banned, and ultimately those hashtags won’t work properly. 

Adding hashtags on photos that include nudity, abuse, and graphic violence will eventually lead to the prohibition of those hashtags.

For example, #costumes is a banned hashtag on Instagram. 

So, if you search for it, Instagram will show you something like this:

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Using banned hashtags on Instagram can result in a low reach on your posts

Instagram might also impose a shadowban on your account and posts, restricting them to only be visible to your followers and preventing you from reaching new audiences.

2. You’re Using a Hashtag That Doesn’t Exist

If you randomly type a word and use it as a hashtag without realizing whether it exists or not, your post will lose visibility. 

This issue can occur if you don’t do enough research before using hashtags. On Instagram’s explore page, you should research every hashtag you’re going to add to your post. 

This will help you understand which hashtag has the most following and which one doesn’t exist. 

Also, make sure to check the spelling or formatting of your hashtags. If you use a misspelled hashtag, chances are it doesn’t even exist on Instagram. 

3. Technical Issues on Instagram

Instagram might be the culprit behind your issues with hashtags

Occasionally, you might encounter difficulties with hashtags due to a minor technical glitch on the platform.

Instagram’s features and algorithm are frequently updated and improved, but this can sometimes result in technical errors. 

As a result, there may be occasional issues with the functionality of Instagram hashtags.

4. Hashtags Don’t Match With The Content

Hashtags are ineffective when they don’t align with the niche or content of your post.

Most users add popular hashtags that are irrelevant to their posts, assuming that it will increase their posts’ reach. But in reality, it does exactly the opposite. 

However, this approach actually backfires, as Instagram may flag your post for using irrelevant hashtags.

5. Your Hashtags Are Too Long

Selecting appropriate Instagram hashtags that match your post and focused niche is essential. That’s why it’s crucial to research well before adding any hashtags. 

Although some users believe that adding long and trending hashtags can improve engagement, the truth is that it can actually do the opposite.

According to TrackMaven, using hashtags with 21 characters generates the most engagement on Instagram, followed by hashtags with 22, 23, and 24 characters. Anything longer than this is not recommended.

How to Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working Issue

If you’re experiencing problems with your Instagram hashtags, don’t worry, we have the solutions!

Along with conducting proper hashtag research before including them in your Instagram captions, here are some other ways to fix the Instagram hashtags not working issue.

1. Wait For Sometime

No one wants to wait.

However, if the error is on Instagram’s end, there’s little you can do but be patient and wait for them to address and resolve the hashtag issue.

Instagram often releases updates, and sometimes the problem can be fixed within a few minutes. 

However, if you’ve been experiencing problems with your Instagram hashtags for an extended period of time, it’s advisable to contact the Instagram support team for further assistance.

2. Don’t Use Banned Hashtags

If you add hashtags that don’t follow the community guidelines, your post might not do well. Check if the words or hashtags you want to use are allowed on Instagram before adding them.

And adding banned hashtags might be one of the reasons why Instagram hashtags aren’t working properly for you.

3. Make Sure The Hashtags You Use Are Relevant to Your Content

If you want people to like your post, don’t use hashtags that don’t fit with what you’re posting.

For instance, many users use common and high-following keywords like #you, #we, or #the, assuming it will increase their account’s reach. 

But if these hashtags don’t match the content you’re posting, there’s no point in using them. 

Instead, use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re posting about, even if they aren’t as popular. 

This will help you find the people who are interested in what you have to say and will help you get more followers who really like your content.


So these are the most common reasons why Instagram hashtags not working for you.

Mostly it happens due to technical issues or usage of banned hashtags.

But if you follow the fixes we’ve provided in this post, you can easily troubleshoot this issue in no time.

So go ahead and try out the fixes.

Still, if you have any questions, do share them in the comments below. We would love to help you out.


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