Did you know that the average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1 billion?

YouTube is getting crowded with more than 2 billion users all over the globe. And more than 300 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every minute

That’s obviously a LOT of content, and naturally, everyone is looking to stand out. 

YouTube is like the biggest and tastiest cake out there, and everyone wants a piece out of it. 

One of the best ways to gain instant credibility on YouTube is to get a verification badge for your account. The YouTube verification badge is basically the holy grail for any YouTube channel.

The tiny tick mark next to your name on YouTube gives your channel a sense of legitimacy. It assures the audience that your channel has survived the early teething stages and is here to stay.

If you also want to get verified on YouTube, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll show you step by step how to get verified on YouTube, and at the end of the post, we’ll also show you how you can keep your YouTube verification badge forever.

Let’s jump right in.

What is YouTube Verification?

YouTube Verification is different from the account verification steps you follow while setting up your account.

YouTube verification is basically the little grey tick next to the name of your channel. It signifies that your channel has been acknowledged as legitimate and authentic by YouTube. 

YouTube verification badge example

It is almost like a badge of honor to gain one of these infamously exclusive and difficult check symbols because they work as a literal proof of approval by YouTube. 

YouTube content creators would know the struggle of making content stand out amongst the tens and thousands of videos that get uploaded every day.

And that’s where a YouTube verification badge can play a significant role.

The verification mark makes it easier for creators to stir the audience and gain views on their videos

But is it enough of a reason to go through so much and get your channel verified? Read on to find more about this.

Why Should You Get Verified on Youtube?

Account verification on any social media always gives any account a sense of elevation and validation. 

Verified YouTube accounts have a significant advantage over non-verified accounts. They not only tend to gather more subscribers and viewers, but it’s also a huge trust factor for the audience.

Not only these but there are some other reasons to get verified as well: 

It Helps to Build Trust

Trust and credibility are built over time. The tick alongside your account name is more of visual proof that your account has been withstanding the several challenges that come with content creation and the bonus factor of experience that comes with it. 

The tick mark thus represents the passing stage of the channel’s infancy and the fact that it has experienced work in its respective field. And this leads the audience to trust your creations more.

It Helps in Personal Branding

Personal branding is the process of establishing and gaining complete ownership over a particular brand/channel. When it comes to personal branding, it is understood that any product (both tangible and intangible) created under the brand’s name belongs to the owner(s) legally. 

Personal branding also allows you to monetize your works and ideas under your official brand identity. The verification mark is a great help in creating a personal brand since it gives credibility to your creations and helps you look authentic.

Filtering fake accounts

YouTube has long back stopped considering only your subscribers count as a sole criteria to offer you a verification badge. So, if any account uses any inauthentic ways to increase its subscriber’s count, it will not work for a longer period of time. 

And in this social media culture, everyone is looking to follow or consume content from someone genuine. 

The grey tick is a mark that your channel has passed the test of authenticity. This helps your audience quickly identify your account and segregate it from the trolls and spam on the internet.

This also allows you to funnel all the traffic to your site that arises with the popularity of your brand name. Verification preserves your originality and prevents duplication of your work.

It must be noted that these are some of the most prominent advantages of earning a verifying badge, but this does not mean that creators with verified accounts enjoy special advantages over those with unverified accounts, as YouTube clearly states

What Is The Difference Between YouTube Verification Badge and YouTube Account Verification?

Often users may confuse the two to be the same while, in reality, they serve two completely different functions.

YouTube Verification Badge is the little grey tick that appears beside the name of your channel. 

In contrast, YouTube-Account Verification is a common step to be followed while setting up your YouTube channel to ensure its safety and recovery. 

Is It Necessary to Get YouTube Verification on Your Channel?

When you consider the advantages that turn up with getting a verification, yes, it is!

Ever since YouTube stopped verifying channels based on the subscriber count, the verification of a channel has become majorly dependent on the originality of content and brand persona. With that being said, original ideas often fall under the threat of being stolen in this situation. 

The two main benefits, security and growth, align with the demands of all creators in this scenario that can be achieved through channel verification. With the provision of a safe space and guarantee of protection, creators are encouraged to explore new ideas and generate a diverse variety of content. 

Basic Requirements to Get YouTube Channel Verification

Like the decades-old recipes passed on in our families, a lot of instruction by YouTube regarding the verification is not very clear. 

Take a look at these essential criteria and check whether your channel meets all of them before you apply for verification.

According to YouTube’s help page, if your channel fulfills all these requirements, then it improves your chances of being eligible for verification. As of now, there are three solidly defined criteria you need to meet: 

  1. A minimum of 100,000 subscribers: this is the minimum criteria of followers that channels need to have, but no hard and fast rule guarantees your chances of being verified.
  1. Originality and authenticity: The help page of YouTube clearly states, “We won’t verify channels that are trying to impersonate another creator or brand”. Originality is one of the essential features to be maintained while seeking verification. Since a creative space maintains its relevance through exploring ideas, you need to make sure that your content is authentic and does not violate the copyrights of other creators.
  1. Complete identity: Your channel needs to be an extension of your identity. You need to ensure that your channel represents who you claim to be and stands for your ideas and beliefs. This also requires you to have your details updated and your channel to be full and functioning.

Remember that fulfilling these conditions is a basic necessity and guarantees eligibility, but the final decision still lies with YouTube. 

In some cases, creators with subscribers counts as low as 50,000 will be approved by YouTube for verification. In other cases, having 40,00,00 subscribers may still not fetch you your verification badge.

How to Get Verified on YouTube in 3 Easy Steps?

Once you’ve fulfilled all the criteria mentioned above, then you can follow these five easy steps to get your account verified.

Step 1: Head Over to The Support Page of Google 

Head over to this YouTube Support Page.

Step 2: Click on Apply And Fill Out The Form

If your channel is eligible to apply for a verification badge, you can see an “Apply now” link like this.

YouTube verification step 1

Keep in mind that if your channel is not eligible for YouTube channel verification, you won’t see the “Apply now” link.

YouTube verification not eligible

Now click on that link, and you’ll be redirected to a simple form that you have to fill out.

YouTube verification step 2

Enter all the necessary details required in the form correctly and accurately.

Step 3: Submit and wait

Once you’ve filled your form to the last detail, click on ‘Submit’ and wait for approval from YouTube. 

YouTube verification step 3

The results are usually visible within the next few days, but there have been instances when several popular channels have had to wait weeks for approval. 

And again, whether your channel gets approved for verification or not depends entirely upon YouTube.

You can’t really do much about it, but to increase your chances of getting verified quickly, we’ve shared few tips below.

How to Increase Your YouTube Verification Chances? 

Having a large number of subscribers and filling out the form is just one of the bare minimum things you can do to get your account verified. 

YouTube channel verified

Here are some details that you must pay attention to improve your chances of getting verified: 

  • Build a Brand: If you have managed to gain 100,000 subscribers, you are obviously doing something right. But, even if you haven’t been able to do that, YouTube has been known to bend the rules for some creators or channels who