Do you plan to launch a new YouTube channel?

Whether it’s for work or as a hobby, you have to do more now than simply uploading a video and calling it a day. Over 400 hours of content get uploaded per minute and you have to compete against it all to secure viewership.

There’s no need to fret, though. We’ve got a few YouTube tricks to show you. Follow these cool tips and you’ll get one foot ahead of the crowd. Read on and discover more:

Tricks and Tips to Boost Engagement on Youtube - Famoid

Tricks and Tips to Boost Engagement on Youtube – Famoid

Link to a Specific Part of the Video

Did you know you can link viewers to any part of your videos? This is great if you want to share a new video but you want to let them get straight to the main portions. If your video’s first few minutes are purely a recap of a topic or an introduction for newcomers, this trick can help your usual crowd skip to the main content.

It’s not hard to do either. Simply reach the portion of the video you want viewers to start at. Right-click the video and pick “Copy video URL at current time.” When you share the link, viewers will start at this timestamp instead of launching at the beginning of the video.

There’s also a manual method. Copy the video URL and add &t=YmXXs at the end. Change Y to the specific minute and XX to the specific seconds of the video.

Custom Channel URL

Ever struggled to visit a YouTube channel because the URL uses a string of random characters? That kind of URL is too difficult to memorize. This means people who want to reach your channel have to get on YouTube, search, and go through the search results to find your channel.

That’s a long process, even if it only takes a few seconds. Each passing second is a risk that people might lose interest or get distracted by someone else’s videos.

Fortunately, YouTube allows you to create custom channel URLs.

There are a few requirements to meet first. You need to have at least 100 subscribers, your channel has to be at least 30 days old, and you need to upload channel art and a profile photo. Once you meet these requirements, you’ll see the option to make a custom channel URL in the Advanced settings.

Keep in mind, you can’t change your new custom URL once you set it. You can, however, delete the URL and create a new one. This may affect your SEO statistics, however.

Try to make your new URL short and easy to memorize. This guarantees users can type it in with ease. It also ensures they won’t have to go through the hassle of finding your channel the traditional way.

Length Matters

Quick, get on YouTube and search for a video. Now go to the advanced search filters and select the length of videos you want to see. If you do this test, you’ll notice YouTube separates videos by the length in two categories: videos 4 minutes and shorter and those that reach 20 minutes or more.

If you want to boost engagement, you need to figure out what type of videos you make and which length category to target. If you make entertainment videos, like humorous videos and gags, then you might find more success with the shorter category. For videos that focus on information, like video game reviews or news channels, then you should work on longer videos.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to only 4-minute or 20-minute long videos. You can find a sweet spot in between, like reviews that only go for 10 minutes.

Videos that focus on entertainment are like standup comedy acts. You have to put in something energetic right at the beginning of the video to hook your audience. Videos that focus on information can stretch their length or cut out fat, like removing jokes, as long as the audience gets all the information they need from your content.

Featured Channels

If you’ve ever blogged before, then you’ll understand the value in guest posting. It allows you to create content for someone else’s audience, exposing your work and blog to thousands of new readers. YouTube has something similar yet very few take advantage of this.

No, we’re not talking about featuring someone on your channel for collaboration. That works too but there’s a feature right on your channel that you might not use often: featured channels.

This option lets you list down several other YouTube channels. People who watch your videos and visit your channel will see this list and might try out content from the channels you featured.

This directly affects a channel due to the increased traffic and interest. It also shows people go through your channel and engage with your content instead of viewing one clip and then leaving.

In time, those channels will see where their new traffic comes from and may return the favor. If they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, a good percentage of them may check out that YouTuber’s featured channels list and discover your content. This won’t happen until you initiate it so feature a few similar channels!

Improve Your Thumbnails

A poorly designed thumbnail can kill your video. It’s the first thing people see, after all. A captivating thumbnail can push people to click on a video before they even read the video’s title.

Don’t wait to edit your thumbnail. Some people make the mistake of uploading a video but won’t alter the thumbnail image until later in the day.

Keep in mind that the first hour after uploading is the most crucial period since it’ll pop in people’s feed of recently uploaded videos. If you wait too long to change the thumbnail into something captivating, it’ll be too late. You’ll miss the highest period of exposure.

It’s okay if you’ve never made a custom thumbnail before. There are YouTube Starter Kits available and most of them are pretty affordable. Of course, you can also use Photoshop to create a good thumbnail too.

What elements should your thumbnail prioritize? It should have a captivating image, large and clear text that summarizes your title or content, and it should be clean. Don’t clutter the thumbnail because people might not recognize the different elements on a smaller screen, such as a smartphone or tablet.

You Can Add Transcripts

Did you know you can add transcripts to your videos? Transcripts are video audio converted into written text. Transcripts also help boost your video in terms of SEO because search crawlers have more text to scan and index.

If you don’t know how to transcribe, YouTube can do it for you. All you have to do is go to your Creator Studio and enable transcripts. The system’s AI can do all the work for you, but you can still jump in and make edits to make it more accurate.

At the same time, you can manually enter the transcript. This is far more accurate but it does require time and effort. YouTube’s system does allow you to add transcripts in real-time, pausing the video whenever you type.

Adding automatic transcripts also allows you to add closed captions/subtitles for select languages. Keep in mind, the audio in the video has to match the chosen languages otherwise, no closed captions will appear. Again, manually adding transcripts and editing them in real-time allows you to make more precise closed captions.

There are a few caveats to automatic transcriptions and captions. YouTube might not be able to create captions if the video is too long or if people talk over each other. The system might also fail if people in the video speak in multiple languages.

End Screens Encourage Engagement

Engaging with your audience doesn’t stop when your video ends. Take the last few seconds and use it to promote your other videos. YouTube offers something called an End Screen, which refers to the final panel of your video within the last 5 to 20 seconds.

Most YouTube creators prioritize three things elements: two cards highlighting older videos or playlists, and a button to click to quickly subscribe or visit the creator’s main channel. Take time to edit your End Screen and don’t simply toss in any random old video. Make sure the items you highlight relate to the current video’s content.

Why is this important?

End screens help keep your viewers on your content. Even when they’re done with one video, an end screen helps ensure their next action is to watch another of your content. The longer they stay on your channel, the more relevant it becomes.

The increase in time spent on your channel also helps with behind-the-scenes SEO. YouTube/Google’s algorithm recognizes when people engage with content and will rank your videos higher whenever someone conducts a related search.

Adding Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

One of the best YouTube hacks people don’t know about is that the platform comes with its royalty-free library. You don’t have to scour the Internet for music and sound effects to add to your videos. Simply hop over to YouTube’s Audio Library and pick what you need.

This helps work around a common YouTube concern: copyright strikes. If you use music or sound effects own by a different entity, like a music company, they have the right to mute your video or charge a strike. If you get too many strikes, YouTube will take down your channel.

Royalty-free means anyone can use these songs and effects. They won’t sound great or original but they’re decent enough for transitions, End Screens, and short segments of your video.

If you want music for a lengthy intro, however, it’s better to pay for official music and always credit the music and artist in your video’s description. Make sure the music is available worldwide. If it isn’t, YouTube might mute your video in certain countries.

Ask People to Subscribe, Like, and Share

Remember: the longer your videos, the more likely people will drop out before it ends. Don’t wait until the very end to place your Call-to-Action. It’s better to ask viewers to like, share, and subscribe at the beginning of your video since this is when you have the most active viewers.

It can seem annoying to repeat your script repeatedly for each video. One of the most common YouTube tricks is to make a CTA clip ready and then insert it at the beginning of each video. This is quicker and it might even boost engagement since returning viewers may like the style of your CTA segment.

Don’t be afraid to get specific. Whenever YouTube releases updates or features, like clicking on the bell icon for notifications, make sure you let your viewers know about it. Edit and update your CTA clip as often as needed and you may see an increase in revenue.

Of course, add a CTA at the end of the video too. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the one in the beginning. Try to focus your ending CTA on the End Screen, encouraging viewers to check out your other content.

SEO Still Matters

YouTube might be a platform centered on videos but it still uses every SEO trick in the book. Some of the most important YouTube tips and tricks boil down to knowing basic SEO.

Do you plan to make video game review videos?

Make sure you use tools like KWFinder or Google Keyword Planner and check for the top keywords involving a topic or game you want to make content on. Plan everything around the keywords that garner more traffic and search volume. This means integrating keywords into your video title, description, tags, and transcript.

Don’t forget to categorize your video. If you want to perform even better, manually add transcripts to guarantee you get the keywords worked in there.

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Take Advantage of These YouTube Tricks!

Finding success on YouTube is all about hard work and some know-how. With these YouTube tricks, you can race ahead of the competition and gain more views, subscribers, and profits!

Of course, there are other cool YouTube hacks to learn. Check out our guide here to learn how you can boost your YouTube videos!

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