With over a decade of Facebook, many of us have forgotten about the world before it. It’s the go-to platform for communication and even connects long lost friends parted by tragedies. It’s even used for socializing with your colleagues. When the platform is so deep-rooted in your personal and professional life it’s easy to forget to log out. Most of us don’t log out of Facebook ever. That’s why it’s surprising when Facebook suddenly logs you out. It’s even more straddling when this happens repeatedly. Let’s see a few reasons why that may happen.

Multiple people are logged in

Facebook allows you to sign in with multiple accounts on a single device. It also allows you to sign in with your account on multiple devices. However, it doesn’t allow a single account to be logged in from more than one device at the same time. That means if someone is trying to log in from your account while you are actively browsing, chatting, or playing games on Facebook, it is usually considered as hacking.

Why Facebook Keeps Logging me Out - 2021

Why Facebook Keeps Logging me Out – 2021

If you are already logged in and someone tries to do the same with your account from a different IP, Facebook may take precautions and log you out from all your devices. This may happen if someone gets access to your account from a previously logged-in device. Maybe you tried to check up on your account from a friend’s computer or phone and clicked on the save password notification or forgot to log out.

Moreover, your account id and password may be compromised due to a recent cyber attack or maybe you have a weak password that is easy to crack. This allows malicious hackers to breach into your Facebook account.

Facebook Glitches

With over 2.4 billion active users Facebook is a virtual continent on its own. With large scale operations, errors and bugs are quite frequent. Hence, Facebook may log you out when it’s trying to solve an issue or conducting maintenance at the back end.

Facebook Auto Login

Auto-login has made most of our lives easier. With tens of subscription services and more OTT platforms and social media websites, it would be tiring to log in with your username and password every time. However, along with convenience, auto-login also brings safety risks. If you are the only person to use your laptop or computer you don’t need to worry about auto-login. It becomes an issue if more than one person is using the same device.

The same holds when you are using Facebook. If you are one of those people who takes online security seriously and doesn’t mind the tedious task of manually entering your username and password each time then Facebook will log you out after you leave the website.


You may have heard about cookies on the internet. They aren’t something that websites munch on. They are small files that are stored in your browser cache that can do several useful things. However, they are also used for identifying and tracking your activity. No, it’s not as nefarious as it sounds. Not always! For instance, it may be used by a shopping website to identify your session so that it can track your shopping cart and things you have viewed on the website to offer you better product suggestions.

Each website has a certain session time and for social media websites like Facebook, it’s rather long. When you don’t clear out your cache and cookies Facebook may have some trouble starting a new session and may log you out.

How to fix Facebook auto logout problem PC / Android / iPhone

Now that the problems have been listed, let’s look at the solutions. Here’s what you can do to prevent Facebook from logging you out:

  • Check your browser settings and clear your cache and cookies periodically. This also reduces the risks of a data breach and enhances your online privacy.
  • Change your Facebook password from time to time. To change your password you can go to Facebook Settings>Security and Login and change your password. You can also take extra precautions to set alerts for every unrecognized login from an unknown IP. The option is available under Security and Login as “Get alerts about unrecognized logins”. Hit that and click on Save Changes.
  • If you don’t want to get logged out of Facebook every time you leave the site it’s best to check the Remember Me box when you log in. the site also asks you if you want to auto-login right after you enter your username and password. You can accept that as well if you are on a device that is exclusively used by you.
  • If it’s a system glitch on facebook’s part your only option is to wait for a while and let the developers solve the temporary problem.

How to fix Facebook auto logout problem in Smartphones (Android/iOS)

On smartphones, you have an easier fix for the Facebook auto-logout problem. You can restart your Android or iPhone or iPad to allow the system to clear itself. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the problem.

How to fix Facebook app session expired error

If you come across notifications for “Facebook App Session Expired” the solution remains the same. You can log in again with your account details or try that after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

How to fix Facebook auto logout problem on Browsers

Apart from the aforementioned solution of clearing cookies and changing your settings, you can also look at the extensions installed on your browser. The Extension store on most browsers is the lawless wild west. Regulation is scarce and people often release malware in the garb of useful tools. Check your extensions and remove those that aren’t used frequently. After that reset your cache and cookies and it may solve your Facebook auto logout problem.


Facebook auto logout is a problem that creates minor inconveniences from time to time. However, fixing it is easy when you know what’s wrong. If you still can’t solve the problem after implementing all these solutions, it’s best to reach out to the Facebook Help Centre, select your issue from the drop-down menu, and describe your problem. After doing that you need to submit the form and wait for it to get fixed. Experiencing same issues on Instagram? Check this out.

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