What a Video Thumbnail Does for Your YouTube Campaigns

Here is the 3rd part of Famoid Discover Series. Let’s start; we all know you need video ads and a YouTube channel in 2019, but what about a video thumbnail? Learn why it matters in this post.

What a Video Thumbnail Does for Your YouTube Videos? - Famoid

What a Video Thumbnail Does for Your YouTube Videos? – Famoid

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Do you have a new product or service that you wish to promote online? Do you have an existing YouTube channel but find yourself struggling to attract new subscribers? Are you looking to launch a specific YouTube campaign that targets a particular market?

With over 1.8 billion monthly users on YouTube, you need a few hundred thousands viewers to see your videos to get the ball rolling. With many different YouTube campaign strategies, it’s the little things that are often neglected.

One of the oft-forgotten details is the YouTube video thumbnail.

Using a video thumbnail that is appealing to viewers is something you should master. Increasing your number of viewers starts by making “eye contact” through your thumbnail.

If you are not yet convinced of the advantages of using video thumbnails, continue reading below.

Video Thumbnail: The Lowdown

Before we go into the benefits of video thumbnails, let’s first answer the question “what are thumbnails?” Thumbnails are smaller versions of images or video clips that aim to catch the attention of YouTube viewers.

So what’s a thumbnail on YouTube got to do with the success of your campaign? Studies tell us that people’s attention span is quite short. Online marketers only have 10 seconds to hook their audience.

You only have that much time to convince them to watch your videos.

If they don’t see an interesting video thumbnail, they will likely move on to the next video on the list. This means you lose potential subscribers.

The Key Benefits

As we have mentioned earlier, the video thumbnails may be as small as an actual thumbnail. Their impact on your YouTube campaign, on the other hand, can be the opposite.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits you can enjoy once you start using video thumbnails.

Increase Video Traffic

When people search for something on YouTube, the results don’t simply come in the form of plain text. You will see the titles of the videos, as well as their corresponding thumbnails.

If your thumbnail videos feature a key portion of your actual video, you can attract viewers’ attention. This will prompt them to click your videos and see the rest of what you have teased on your thumbnail.

Increase Conversion Rates

Since your thumbnails help increase video traffic for your channel, it will also help boost your conversion rates. If you have a compelling campaign video, you need to make everyone see it. But first, you need to draw their attention through an eye-catching video thumbnail.

They Showcase Your Prowess

Like it or not, your video thumbnails will give your viewers a taste of your skills in video-making. Even if the clip is small, they can see the concept behind it. If it is eye-catching, then your viewers will expect more once they get to see the video in its entirety.

Launching a campaign or a new product means that your competitors may also be watching. The key is to captivate your viewers at first contact through your video thumbnails. This way, your content will stand out from the rest.

The Essentials in Making Video Thumbnails

Now that you know what video thumbnails are, you need to make sure you present them the right way.

Let’s take a look at the essentials in creating video thumbnails effectively.

Use Human Faces If Possible

If you are launching a certain product or endeavor, it is best if you can include a human face in your video thumbnails. The person can be you or an influential person. A video thumbnail of a person showing the product you are selling is more appealing compared to only an image of the item alone.

Be resourceful if you don’t have the funds to hire someone who is good-looking. You can pull a friend or relative who is comfortable in front of the camera.

In addition, make sure that the white of your subject’s eyes is visible. People love to see emotions. If they see the expression in your subjects’ eyes and face, they will likely want to click and see more.

Honesty Is Key

Have you clicked on a YouTube video because of its appealing thumbnail, only to find out that the image was nowhere in the video itself? A lot of video makers use this ploy to attract viewers and entice them to click their videos.

This is what we call “clickbait.”

To effectively launch your campaign, you need to be honest in your videos, including your video thumbnails. Do not attempt to use a thumbnail that falsely represents your video.

Pick a part of your video that will give viewers a premise of its content. Be honest and authentic if you want your video rankings to soar.

Text Still Matters

In a world where videos rule, the use of text still matters. If you want viewers to click on your YouTube videos, make sure that you put some text.

It doesn’t have to be very long. A simple line comprised of three or four words may be enough. The goal is to give your viewers a brief idea of what your video is all about. A short explanation supporting an enticing thumbnail will increase your number of views.

Go for a Close-up

When creating video thumbnails, choose one that shows a close-up shot of the subject. Keep in mind that your viewers are likely using their mobile phones while browsing through YouTube.

About 57% of watched videos were on mobile devices. This means they only get to see small images compared to viewing with a bigger screen of a laptop.

By using close-up shots of your subject, you will give your viewers a clearer image of your video. They will understand what the thumbnail is trying to say despite the small image they see.

Be Consistent

If you are also looking to build your brand, you need to practice consistency in your YouTube videos. Stick to the same style in presenting all of your videos. If you are shooting your products, shoot all of them in the same room using the same background.

Use the same format, color scheme, and font for your text.

Once viewers become familiar with the format of your videos, they will recognize them easily. They will also associate the videos with your brand faster.

Get the Background Right

The background for the videos tends to be one of the most neglected essentials in video-making. Stick to a bright background for your videos. This will make them stand out from others.

To give them a more eye-catching appeal, use outlines as well as contrasts. Be creative but stick to a bright background.

Pick Colors Wisely

You have a bright background. You have the right contrast and outlines. Now complete the effect by picking the right colors.

Go for complementary colors. These color combinations provide a contrasting effect that captures the attention of viewers. You can incorporate red and green, blue and orange, or purple and yellow in your videos.

Use the “First 20”

If you are unsure of the specific part of your video that you will use for your thumbnail, stick to the “first 20.” This refers to the first 15 to 20 seconds of your video.

Showcase Your Brand

You want to promote your channel and build a solid brand. Thus, you need to include your branding in your video thumbnails.

It doesn’t have to be big. It only needs to be visible enough for viewers to get interested in learning more about it.

Don’t Forget the Title and Keywords

Finally, keep the title of your video interesting. Come up with something that will make your viewers click in an instant. Make sure, however, that your main product or endeavor is at the start of the title.

This is important if you want your videos to rank high.

In line with YouTube video rankings, you also need to choose your keywords wisely. Identify words that people will likely type on the search box. These words must have a connection to your video.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

To complete your YouTube campaign, you need to optimize your YouTube videos. By optimizing your videos, you will attract the specific target market that you want. You will help these people find your videos faster, especially when they do their Google searches.

Include a brief but direct-to-the-point description of your videos. Make your descriptions clear and stick to 250 words, more or less.

Use your tags wisely and stick to around 10 to 20 tags per video.

Maximize Your Social Media Accounts Today!

Learning how to create an effective video thumbnail is but one of many steps to launch an effective online campaign.

If this article helped you, we have other blog posts on how to generate traffic on different social media platforms. We can also help boost the number of your YouTube subscribers through our trusted services.

Get in touch with us today, and let us discuss how we can take your brand to the next level.

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