Are you planning to earn online? Then generating revenue from YouTube can be the best option. It is because YouTube is getting more than one billion users in a month and this is a really huge audience which you can target easily. A lot of people are already working to earn money from YouTube. YouTube has boosted approximately one million creators in the program of YouTube partner alone.

Tips to Generate Revenue using Youtube - Famoid

Tips to Generate Revenue using Youtube – Famoid

Why YouTube is better to generate revenue?

It is because it is totally free to make a YouTube channel through your Gmail account. Every day more than 5 billion videos are being watched by the audience all around the world. With every 1000 views, you can easily get $1 to $4. This may not be seeing a lot but making more videos can help you to earn more and by having views on each you can easily earn a decent amount.

YouTube is becoming much popular with the shifting of people more toward the concept of vlogging. A lot of vlogging channels are working successfully and earning huge from YouTube. So, if you want to earn money from YouTube you have to make a YouTube channel from where you can share content to get views, likes, and more subscribers. To create your channel log into YouTube with an email id and go to settings and create a channel. Just select a catchy name for your YouTube channel according to the type of the channel you want to work on. Once you have set up your YouTube channel now it’s time to upload the content which can grab the attention of the audience.

The best ways to earn from YouTube

In order to generate a healthy income from YouTube, you must think about different ways that you can use to earn money through your YouTube channel.

  1. Promote products to sell on YouTube
  2. Advertisements
  3. Affiliate Marketing can be a better option for you
  4. Create a Web series
  5. Join YouTube partner program
  6. Become a better YouTube personality
  7. Make some tutorials
  8. Get sponsorship

Promote products to sell on Youtube

YouTube is being considered a search engine by its users. So, if you look it in marketing sense you can’t ignore this platform. The best money-making opportunity that you can avail on YouTube is to sell your products.


Advertisements are the most common way being used by a lot of people to earn money.  You can use Google AdSense and can give space for promotion to earn money. You can simply put your videos to display ads to the audience to earn money.

Affiliate Marketing can be a better option for you

Affiliate marketing is the best option to use when you are not able to get your stock. This can be the better option to generate revenue by selling product and getting a commission in exchange. A lot of companies are providing attractive deals for their products, you can find these companies easily to get the benefit. The most well-known company which is being used by thousands of people is Amazon. Amazon is always welcoming the new people who want to avail the opportunity of Affiliate marketing to earn money.

Create a Web series

If you are a better storyteller then you can get benefit from the option of Web TV Shows which is available for every YouTube. For this, you are just limited by your budget and imagination. You can create any type of series, for example, comedy, thrill, romantic drama, talk show or any other which comes into your mind. But keep in mind the fact that if you want to upload longer videos on your channel you have to increase the time limit. By this, you can get more views and generate more revenue with ease and can develop your new career.

Join YouTube partner program

YouTube Partner Program has brought the best opportunities for the people who want to work on YouTube and trying to earn money from their YouTube videos. By being a part of this program, you can monetize the eligible content that you have on YouTube with ease. You just have to complete the following steps for being a part of YouTube Partner Program before you are going to generate your revenue.

  1. Read and agree on the terms of YouTube Partner Program
  2. Create an AdSense account
  3. Set your preferences for monetization of videos.
  4. Get reviewed for the Policies of YouTube Partner Program

Become a better YouTube personality

YouTube personalities can easily generate more revenue. If you have some better ideas to share with the world and are really passionate about the interests that you have then you must create your YouTube channel. Work consistently and try to get more exposure to your videos. It is because you never know, maybe you will be the next star of YouTube.

Make some tutorials

You can find a huge variety of tutorials on YouTube. If you have command on something and are able to teach that others then the best thing that you can do is make a tutorial. Sharing your skill with others through YouTube can be beneficial for you. After getting enough subscribers you can easily get sponsorship of any organization.

Get sponsorship

A lot of companies are providing sponsorships to different YouTube channels for the sake of direct advertisements. The most common source for this purpose is being considered Audible by Amazon which is giving sponsor knowledge show frequently. The best thing about this program is that you can get the sponsored amount directly rather than sharing it with YouTube. The only thing that you have to do for getting sponsorship is the preparation of a detailed proposal about the things that you can provide easily. While getting sponsorship of any organization to be sure that you know well your audience and the brand that you are going to approach. In another case, you may lose your popularity or trust level.

While working on YouTube it is necessary to check progress on regular basis. And if you want to get more exposure to your videos then try to be creative.

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Famoid’s Infographic That Can Help For Better Understanding

Tips to Generate Revenue from Youtube - Famoid's Infographic

Tips to Generate Revenue from Youtube – Famoid’s Infographic

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