Are you having a hard time writing content? Or, perhaps, you’re going through writer’s block and scratching your head to come up with new social media content ideas. 

Well, relax! You don’t have to be an author or excellent writer to create content for your business. Because crafting content on social media isn’t as difficult as you thought, all you need to do is understand your audience and create content around that. 

However, if you’re still struggling to post some good catchy content to stay ahead in the social media game, we’ve got your back. 

Here we’ve mentioned 15 social media content ideas you can try for your social media if you ever get stuck. So, without further ado, let’s dig in. 

15 Social Media Content Ideas That You Can Try to Boost Engagement 

1. Give Quick Tips About Any Specific Topic

Have you heard about the 80/20 rule? Basically, the 80/20 rule suggested that on social media, 80% of your content should be valuable to your audience, and only 20% of content should be promotional. 

That means if you want to boost your engagement or grow followers, post educational, informative, and useful content. A business that provides value to its audience is likely to build trust and long-term relationships with them.

So, go ahead and post valuable tips and hacks relevant to your business niche. For example, if you run a digital marketing agency, your audience would like to get digital marketing tips from your social media handles. Likewise, if you have a makeup brand, your audience expects you to post quick makeup hacks and how-to tutorials. 

In short, the secret sauce to being a big hit on social media is to project yourself as an expert in your niche. And, if your audience finds your tips and tricks really useful, they won’t waste much time to share, like, or retweet your content. 

Posting quality content, however, requires a lot of time and effort. After all, people are looking for quick and valuable tips that align with their expectations and needs. So, make sure to keep in mind these essential elements while sharing content:

  • The first step to share the right tips and hacks is having clarity on your target audience. What unique tips or information can your business share to solve their pain points? What social media platform is best to connect with them? Answering these questions can help you understand your target audience better.
  • For the sake of a few likes and follows, never share misleading information. If you want to build a loyal audience base, post authentic tips. Remember to stay true to your business goals and voice. Otherwise, you’ll lose your brand credibility in no time!
  • Stay consistent with your content strategy. Posting valuable tips will help your brand name stay top of mind. 

You can take HubSpot’s Instagram page as an example here. HubSpot has a dedicated Instagram page where they post carousels, reels, and stories with valuable marketing tips and hacks. Result? They have nearly 410k active and loyal followers. 

Quick tip social media

2. Ask questions

If you’re going through a creative block and have no idea what to post, simply ask questions. 

Asking questions directly to your audience on social media can help you engage with them. Even open-ended questions that can be answered with a yes or no has the power to increase engagement massively. 

Now, for asking interesting questions, you can play with different ideas, for instance-

Host an AMA Session

On Instagram or Facebook Stories, you can conduct an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with your followers. In AMAs, you can ask questions related to your business or products. Ask them what they’d like to know about your product? What’s on their mind? What problems are they facing? Once you’ve got all the responses, you can build content around that. 

Ask for Advice

People like to share advice, and you can use that to build content around that. You can ask your flowers to share feedback on your product. Also, you can simply ask them to share what types of content they’d like to see from you to get some idea for future posts. 

One of the best examples of how asking questions on social media can boost engagement is Garryvee’s Instagram account.

Ask questions on social media

He hosted an IG Story Q&A session to answer some interesting questions. Garyvee answered each question by recording a video, which is a unique and more appealing way to drive engagement. 

3. Host a giveaway or contest

Not sure what to post? Host a cool contest or organize a giveaway. Why? 

For starters, giveaways and fun contests are easy ways to replace your valuable social media content ideas. And no matter what niche you are in, people always love free things. 

Although there are a lot of rules and planning goes behind running a giveaway or contest, these are some basic elements you can follow to host a perfect contest-

  • When you’re hosting a contest or giveaway, make sure you’re creating some ground rules first. Mention the terms and conditions of the giveaway/contest to help your followers get a clear idea. 
  • Give away some awesome prizes to increase engagement. Ask yourself, what offer or prize will entice your audience? Can you give them industry insight? An ebook, perhaps? Or maybe a one-year free membership to your app? 

The point is, whatever you give, make sure it creates some value in your audiences’ lives. 

  • After running the contest/giveaway, analyze the end result. Measure the reach and engagement on the post to understand the result of your contest. 

Let’s talk about Dove’s “Real Beauty Should Be Shared” Facebook contests. In this contest, the brand asked their audience to fill a form with photos. They asked the audience to share why their friend represents real beauty and name two things that make them beautiful in the form. 

Can you guess what the prize was? And, no, it was not an iPhone or some cash money!

Host a giveaway on social media

Dove offered the winners to be the next faces of their brand. With this contest, Dove associated with their customers and managed to connect with women audiences all over the world. 

4. Show Behind The Scenes 

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content allows you to show the real you behind your brand. 

With BTS content, you can tell people what goes behind your company’s curtains. As a consumer, your audiences deserve to know what’s your work process, your work culture, the employees, and other management. 

When you get real with your audiences, they start to feel included by your brand. This will help you build authenticity and a loyal customer base for life. 

If you aren’t sure what types of BTS content you can post for engagement, here are some ideas you can take from us:

  • Share a glimpse of your office.
  • Show your teammates. 
  • Share your work process 
  • If you share a milestone in your office, post that picture. 

Here’s a great example of a brand showing BTS content.

During covid, Microsoft arranged over 120,000 lunches for local families in need. 

Show behind the scenes

This shows the empathetic side of a giant company. With this gesture, more and more people will be able to relate to them.

5. Share Memes

How can you get out of ideas when there are memes!

Yes, memes are not just for trolling and sharing. It can be a powerful tool when it comes to social media marketing

No matter what social media platform you use, sharing funny, sarcastic memes can boost your followings. In fact, memes have become so popular in today’s era that several brands have dedicated accounts for only sharing memes.

Also, the best thing about memes is, they can easily go viral. They are also great for targeting millennials. 

Netflix is a great example of brands using memes to their full potential. Netflix often promotes its original movies and series using funny memes.

Here is an example of that:

Shares memes

6. Share Customer Testimonial

It’s not bad to brag about yourself a little! That’s why every time someone shares a positive review or testimonial, share it with the world by posting online.

Using customer testimonials as social media content can help you increase brand credibility. Positive reviews can turn potential leads into customers. According to a study, over 90% of customers will read online reviews before purchasing something. 

Sharing testimonials on social media can help you boost likes, conversion rates, and overall engagement. Also, it can build trust in your brand and products. So, make sure to use testimonials wisely. 

For using testimonials as content, you can share positive reviews on Instagram and Twitter.

Here is an example of Slack sharing positive reviews on Twitter to show how real people love their product. 

Brand customer testimonial

7. Create Informative “How-to” posts

Crafting how-to posts on social media can increase your brand visibility, authenticity, and trust. What’s the reason? 

Well, people love to see three types of content on social media: educational, entertaining, and engaging. And, the how-to content falls into the category of educational content. If you craft how-to content well, it can help you build interest and boost followers

Most people on the social network want to know about your product through tutorials and not promotional content. They want something instructional and knowledgeable. That’s why posting how-to content is a great idea to build authority and engagement. 

For creating some great how-to posts-

  • Focus on research. Before sharing how-to guides or videos, research the product or service you want to talk about. 
  • And, never forget to add some attractive visuals. You can use tools like Canva to create carousels, infographics on how-to content. 

8. Share Personal or Company Stories

No matter what age we live in, storytelling will always be relevant. People love stories, and brands have recognized this power of story. 

Sharing personal or brand stories on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter can build trust. After all, stories are known for making human connections. 

And most importantly, stories also help your audience to connect with your brand. If you can gain customer trust, they won’t shy away to give your business a try. 

One of the most famous brands, Nike, is known for leveraging the power of stories on every social media post. They use the storytelling approach to engage more followers on every social media advertisement, caption, or photo. 

If you’re out of social media content ideas, then sharing your company story or even customer stories can help get attention.

For example, Google shared an interesting customer story on Twitter. Marine biologist Johnny Gaskell and his research team used Google Maps to explore ocean life.

Share comapny story as your social media content

And Google shared this unique story to gain the attention of more consumers.  

9. Show Your Company Culture

Companies with strong cultures appeal to every consumer out there. After all, your company culture speaks for your brand values and identity; for example, if your company culture focuses on customer satisfaction, each of the employees will work to bring a smile to customers’ faces.

Also, if you have a positive, fun-loving, flexible work culture, your employees will be happy. And seeing your employees happy and dedicated, people will portray your brand as a great company. 

And this way, you can easily boost your engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. 

For posting content around company culture, you can use any social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or even Twitter. You can share photos of your employees and can post content around company values, share a glimpse of the office to let audiences understand your culture. 

You can take HubSpot’s example here. In 2018, HubSpot was awarded as Best Place to Work.

Show company culture

And they shared their celebratory post on Instagram to show their company’s culture. 

10. Post Motivational Quotes

Remember those Mondays, when we don’t feel like going to work? We need some coffee and a great motivational post to make those Monday blues disappear. 

And, as a brand, you can too help your audience on their boring Monday mornings by sharing some inspiring posts.

Your followers will feel connected to motivational content. This will help you showcase your brand personality in a positive light. Also, posting motivational content on any platform can help you gain massive engagement. 

And when it comes to motivational content, no one can do it better like Nike.

Here’s an example:

Motivational quote content idea

11. Answer Some Commonly Asked Questions About Your Product Or Company

Some commonly asked questions of FAQs are extremely crucial for businesses.

FAQs lets you answer specific queries that your users have about your brand, product, or services. That’s why you can build your content around FAQs to drive more engagement and brand loyalty. 

A great and informative FAQ content can improve user experience and increase conversion rate. Also, they can improve customer journeys by addressing their expectations. Also, posting high-quality FAQs can improve your brand image and credibility. 

However, while writing FAQs, make sure to keep them concise, simple, and informative. The more simple and easy your FAQ will be, the better it will be for users. 

12. Run interesting polls

Want to know what your audience is thinking?

Run a poll. 

Polls are for understanding your audience better. Using polls, you can ask them about their opinion, interest, preferences, and dislikes. Using this information, you can create an effective marketing strategy and more content ideas for social media. 

Let’s say you’re launching a new product on the market, and you want to hear what kind of features your audience is expecting from the product. So, run a poll and know what audiences think about the product. Maybe they want to add a new feature, or they want to remove an old feature. Taking their opinion into consideration, you can improve your product. 

However, while creating polls, remember to be casual. Don’t try to be formal with the questions. Just keep the questions concise and simple. Also, make sure to listen carefully and gain the right information from your polls. 

Here is an example of Slack running a poll on Twitter to understand what type of content their audience loves to see.

Run social media poll

13. Host Live Sessions

Let’s admit it; there’s always something special about catching a live performance. And, thanks to social media, now brands can even go live to engage more and more audiences.

The best part about social media lives is you need any special tool for live streaming. That means you can easily share sneak peeks of your company, work process, and much more without any hassle. 

When you go live on Facebook or Instagram, your audience can engage with you in real-time; they can provide instant feedback through comments and likes.

According to a study, 80% of audiences would watch a live stream instead of reading a blog post. 

Also, live broadcasting allows you to share content in real-time. And getting real helps to build intimate connections with people. 

So, if you want to go live on social media successfully, here are some tips you can follow:

  • You can promote an event or a milestone of your brand using live streaming. Create a post with a countdown to create some hype about Live and gain engagement.
  • Share your live streaming with another influencer on your niche to get more eyeballs into your page. For collaborating with influencers, you can take interviews or fun Q&A sessions effectively.  
  • The main goal of social media Live is to engage with followers in real-time. So, make sure to interact with them during the Live session by saying hello or answering their questions. 

Here is an example of Sephora conducting Instagram Live and interacting with its fans to drive more engagement. 

Host live sessions

 14. Highlight User Generated Contents

User-generated content is created by real people who are your customers. That’s why these kinds of content serve as great social proof. Seeing content from real customers, your audience can feel your brand is reliable and authentic. 

Besides making a deeper connection with the audience, posting user-generated content helps your brand stand out in the crowd. And not just businesses, user-generated content allows your audience to speak their mind and share their voice. their voice 

One of the best examples of user-generated content is the brand Monsoon. Fashion retailer brand Monsoon asked their customers to share photos wearing their products using the hashtag #MyMonsoon. 

These photos encouraged other shoppers to shop for the looks they like. This UGC campaign earned a hike in revenue (3%) and Click-through rate (14%).

Highlight user generated content

15. Share Latest Company News or Announcements

When you’re launching a new product, announcing a new campaign, or sharing news about an upcoming promotion, use social media to the fullest! 


Because announcing your company’s big events or milestones on social media can grab the attention of thousands of audiences. And also, sharing the latest news and updates about your company can make your audience feel included in your business decisions. 

For example, if you follow tech giant Apple’s content, you’ll notice they promote their product launches and events on every social media platform. 

Share latest company news

Wrapping Up

There you go!

Now If you ever get stuck while writing content for your business, take a look at this checklist. 

And these 15 social media content ideas are perfect for designing your content strategy, at least for a few months. 

However, don’t follow this list blindly. Make sure to A/B test or split test each method to identify which content idea works best for your business. 

Once you’ve strategized your content calendar, you can use a post scheduling tool to stay consistent and post when the audience is most active. 

What type of social media content ideas do you live the most? Let us know in the comments below.