It’s a confusing time for social media users.  We love the accessibility we have to friends, family, news, research, live chat, photos, etc.  If you can think it, someone is doing it via the internet and social media.

It is time to require ID verification for social media users

Security and verification of identity are huge issues in our modern world and social media sites like Instagram are working hard to provide us with that stamp of approval we so desperately need.  This is especially important for businesses, celebrities and public figures.  Knowing who we are dealing with and that they are the authentic is a largely important aspect of the internet social media platforms.

Learn: New Instagram Security Measures - Famoid

Learn: New Instagram Security Measures – Famoid

What Is The Blue Checkmark


In fact, currently Instagram is testing a very important new update that will make it easier and safer for its users to verify the security and identity of other users.  The Blue Checkmark as it is called is already available to Facebook users.   It is a badge of sorts that appears on Instagram accounts of top public figures, celebrities and businesses showing proof that this person or business has been verified as an authentic person of business.

While this is in the works it is only accessible to iOS users, with Android accessibility through the app coming soon.

How is Blue Checkmark going to help?

This could have a large impact on whether users will shop instantly or check out your profile, and could have some really good perks for the smaller businesses looking to increase sales and marketability through this platform.

This offers not only credibility but will inevitably build trust which is of high importance to us all on the internet today.

Another Instagram testing ground is a business’s ability to remove followers from their public accounts.  Currently you can block them which isn’t always a wise choice for businesses, or just leave them as they are.  If everything works in the testing phase you will be able to remove a follower through manual means.

Some may be on the fence about this new modification because if you choose to remove them instead of blocking them a follower can still see content and become involved in it.  The best way might still be to block them.  We shall see what is to come of this one.

What would be the impact of these security measures?

While neither of these changes are large scale, their impact on the experience of the users of Instagram can be epic.  By being able to verify the identity of someone, be it celebrity, or business it allows us to trust whom we are dealing with creating better relationships, business and personal.

So when you are using social media, keep an eye out for the Blue Checkmark symbol, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cant trust whom you are dealing with, but it should most certainly make you take a moment to pause.  Impersonators of all sorts run wild in todays internet world, better to protect yourself and err on the side of caution.  Protecting yourself is of the upmost importance of all times, and thankfully social media is on the band wagon with this concept.

Hope this article is helpful for you.

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