Why Use Instagram?

Instagram is up there as one of the most important and used social media apps there is, and it’s a great way for artists and creative people to show off their skills and get people to follow them. However, this makes it really frustrating when the app has glitches and bugs, leaving users unable to comment, upload pictures, or interact with others.

Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out


One of the most recent bugs seems to be with Instagram persistently logging users out. This isn’t just a case of it doing so when you close the app, which is annoying enough in itself. Some users are finding themselves logged out the moment they try and log in, making the app unusable and frustrating. For people who depend on regularly updating their Instagram to keep followers interested and showcase their art, not being able to access their account is beyond frustrating. It also is quite an alarming thing for users, who may think that their account has been compromised and the password changed by a hacker.

Most people who seem to experience this issue have multiple accounts, and find the problem occurs when they try to switch between them. However, it can happen to users of a single account, leaving some struggling to access their personal Instagram. Some people are also finding that the auto log-in has stopped working, and have to sign in every time they want to use Instagram.

Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out!

Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out!

What You Can Do To Fix It

There are a few things you can try out which might help you to fix the auto log-out issue.

  • For some people, this issue may be caused by accessing Instagram on a new device, or one it doesn’t recognise (possibly because you’ve cleared your cookies, etc.). You might find that by changing the password which goes with the account, you can get around this problem. If you have multiple accounts with the issue, change the password for each and then try logging in again. While frustrating, this may help.
  • Check you have any extra security verifications which Instagram offers enabled. While it can be annoying to have to do this, some users suggest it will help ensure the account is recognised and verified, and you won’t get logged out for security reasons.
  • Try logging in on other devices and see if the issue recurs. If it is a problem with a specific device, you might want to try deleting and reinstalling the app, or making sure you have the best update available for your device.
  • Contact Instagram and ask for help and support. They may have some suggestions as to why you are suffering from this problem, and users complaining about it will encourage them to work on a quicker fix.


Bugs in any social media apps are annoying, but if you depend on Instagram for your business presence and you’re constantly getting logged out, it takes up enormous amounts of time and is highly frustrating, particularly if you manage multiple accounts. Trying some of the above steps should help you resolve the issue and let Instagram know it needs to do some debugging.

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