Are Instagram hashtags not working in your account?

If yes, this post is for you.

Hashtags are crucial to increase your post reach and get more audience. When you use relevant hashtags, your Instagram photos and videos will end up on the hashtag page. 

Users who follow your hashtags could see each of your posts on their feed. Hashtags are great for building community as well. If you use appropriate hashtags, your followers will be motivated to engage with your posts

But sometimes, because of some issues, users experience problems while using hashtags on their posts.

In this post, we’ve listed some reasons why Instagram hashtags are not working for you. And we’ve also given some solutions to fix these issues.

5 Reasons Why Instagram Hashtags Not Working

1. You’re Using Banned Hashtags

One of the most common reasons why Instagram hashtags aren’t working is – you’re using banned hashtags. Many people don’t know this, but in early 2020, Instagram banned multiple hashtags, so users don’t misuse them. 

If you’ve been using hashtags on a post that doesn’t follow Instagram’s community guidelines, it will get banned. Adding hashtags on photos that include nudity, abuse, and graphic violence will ultimately result in banned hashtags. 

For example, #costumes is a banned hashtag on Instagram. So, if you search for it, Instagram will show you the below message.

Instagram hashtags not working

Using banned hashtags on Instagram can result in low reach on your post. Instagram may shadowban your posts and account. That means only your followers can see your posts, and your account won’t reach new audiences. 

2. You’re Using a Hashtag That Doesn’t Exist

If you randomly type a word and use it as a hashtag without realizing whether it exists or not, your post will lose visibility. 

This issue can occur if you don’t do enough research before using hashtags. On Instagram’s explore page, you should research every hashtag you’re going to add to your post. 

This will help you understand which hashtag has the most following and which one doesn’t exist. 

Also, make sure to check the spellings or formattings of your hashtags. If you use a misspelled hashtag, chances are it doesn’t even exist on Instagram. 

3. Instagram is Having Technical Issues

Maybe you should blame Instagram for your hashtags issues. Sometimes, because of a simple technical error on the platform, you may experience issues with hashtags. 

Instagram’s features and the algorithm constantly goes through updates and developments, which causes technical errors. As a result, Instagram hashtags might not work properly sometimes.

4. The Hashtags Don’t Match With The Content

Hashtags won’t work correctly if they don’t match the niche or content of your post. 

Most users add popular hashtags that are irrelevant to their posts, assuming that it will increase their posts’ reach. But in reality, it does exactly the opposite. When you use irrelevant hashtags, Instagram may flag your post.  

5. Your Hashtags Are Too Long

Instagram hashtags should be appropriate to your brand and post niche. That’s why it’s crucial to research well before adding any hashtags. 

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Many users assume that adding trending hashtags that are too long can boost engagement. But the fact is, it can harm the engagement of your posts. 

According to TrackMaven, a good strategy is using hashtags with 21 characters gives you the most engagement on Instagram, followed by hashtags with 22, 23, and 24 characters. So, anything longer than this is a strict no-no!

How to Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working Issue?

If you’re facing issues with your Instagram hashtags, the good news is we know the fixes! Apart from doing thorough research on the hashtags before adding them to your Instagram captions, here are a few more ways you can fix this issue: 

1. Wait (This Might Be Some Technical Error From Instagram’s End)

We understand waiting is boring! 

But, when the error is from Instagram’s side, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, wait for Instagram to address the hashtag issue and resolve it. 

As Instagram continuously updates the app, sometimes it will take only a few minutes to fix the problem. 

However, if you notice your Instagram hashtags aren’t working for a long time, you can contact the Instagram support team to see what the issue is, so they can help you fix it. 

2. Don’t Use Banned or Inappropriate Hashtags.

As we mentioned earlier, inappropriate hashtags that don’t follow the community guidelines can limit your post’s engagement. 

So, make sure to check before adding hashtags whether you’re using words or hashtags that are banned by Instagram.

3. Only Use Hashtags That Are Matching With Your Content.

To make sure your post gets high engagement, stop using irrelevant hashtags that don’t match your posts. 

For instance, many users use common and high following keywords like #you, #we, or #the, assuming it will increase their account’s reach. 

But if these hashtags don’t match the content you’re posting, there’s no point in using them. 

So, it’s best to use relevant and appropriate hashtags for your post niche. Even if the hashtag has less following, it will help you reach your target audience. This will boost your profile’s overall engagement rate and help you get more loyal followers. 

Wrapping Up

There you go! As you can see, we’ve shared all the possible reasons why your Instagram hashtags are not working properly for you. Also, all the common fixes you can try to resolve this problem. 

We hope you found this post useful.