If you are a business owner, you know the importance of increasing your subscriber list and views on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular sites in existence today. It boasts over 1.8 billion loyal users and subscribers per month, in addition to the billions of searches per day for videos on specific topics, brands, and themes.

Can you really afford to miss out on this kind of quality traffic?

YouTube is a unique platform that allows viewers and creators to post content on their site and put keywords in the description to draw targeted traffic. To make the most of this opportunity, it is essential that you have a plan and a methodology to increase your views and targeted traffic.

Here are 17 proven methods to increase both your subscriber count and views on YouTube. Try these and see how they work. It may even help you think of your ideas, too.

17 Proven Methods for increasing Youtube views and subscribers! - Famoid Blog

17 Proven Methods for increasing Youtube views and subscribers! – Famoid Blog

Run Giveaways and Contests that Appeal to Your Audience

People love giveaways and contests. It’s exciting to win stuff without paying anything into it. If you offer a contest within your video content, people will want to come in and watch your content to see what they can win. The key to making this successful is to excite it up weeks or even months before the event so that more people will watch your content.

Turn your one-off video into a Series

It’s great to have a fantastic video that compels people to look into your brand or other content, but it’s better to have a series of videos. When you create multiple videos, your followers will have a reason to come back time and time again to see what you will do next. Always provide high-quality content that people can take with them to improve their lives in some way. Showing what your product or service can do for them is the key to winning loyal customers. So make it a regular thing, not a one-time video.

Do Cross Promotions to Other Platforms

Cross promotions are a necessary aspect of YouTube video promotions. Provide a link between your video content and your Facebook, as well as any other platforms you are on. Leave a link to your products page if you are selling products or services. Use cross-promotions to your main website and blog also to get the traffic moving in all directions. Just one extra step that you take to promote your other content on all of your platforms will help increase the impact your brand has on your target audience.

Add a branding watermark to your videos

Adding a branding watermark to your videos keeps your content from being easily duplicated, as well as serving as a way to motivate people to take action on your message. Remember that the key to increasing your subscribers and views on YouTube is to get their attention about your brand. Then they will want to follow you on YouTube as well as on other social media outlets to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer.

Create a “Power Playlist”

Creating a “Power Playlist” is another way to compel your viewers to connect more with your brand and content. Using compelling titles is very important here, so choose the titles and thumbnails wisely. Viewers and searchers choose which video to watch based on the image they see in the thumbnail and the title that resonates with them. So think about it before titling your videos and uploading your images. If your metrics are not showing enough engagement or subscribers, you may want to make some changes in this department.

Create a compelling “call to action”

Creating a call to action that turns heads and inspires people to act on it is what you need here. Do tell viewers exactly what you want them do such as “Click to subscribe,” “Like this video,” or “Click here to purchase.” Don’t ask them to do all three. Only ask them to do one thing at a time. If you want to promote the sales of a product, but you also want more subscribers to your channel, you could ask them to subscribe on a video where you are discussing the great things you are planning to do on your channel, while using a “Buy this product” call to action for a video where you show how to use a new product and how good it is.

Don’t confuse your viewers by asking them to do too much on one video or you may not get the highly targeted results you want.

Do “live” video feeds

“Live” video is a win-win these days. People love to see live video feeds. They also respond to live-action more frequently than recorded content. Use this directly on Youtube using the Youtube platform and a third party video broadcasting software such as XSplit that allows you to use Youtube as the platform while tapping into their live stream and recording capabilities. This allows you to add more information to your streaming events and better target your audience.

Do keyword research and put popular keywords in the description

Keywords sell. Whether you realize it or not, the number one reason you are making sales is that someone put some specific words in the search engine (either on YouTube or Google, Amazon, or another search platform), and they typed in what they wanted to purchase or find.

On YouTube, millions of users a day are on YouTube searching for content using keywords. If you want to win this game, you have to learn to think like the searcher and consider what type of phrase or keywords they might use. Test it out by searching on YouTube yourself using the keywords you want to promote, then see what results you get. This tells you who your competitors are, as well as showing you how you stack up in matching up with what your searchers are looking for.

Publish longer videos with some deeper content

There is a general rule online today that people will only pay attention for around 2 minutes. Some even say that a human has the average attention span of a goldfish. That’s only 8 seconds! While this may be true in general, it is not always true. If people have a specific interest in what you have to present, they will stay longer to view your longer video. Try creating a lot of shorter videos for the goldfish-ADD crowd, then create a few longer ones (around 10-25 minutes) for those who want to dive deeper into learning about your products or information you offer.

If it were not true that they won’t stay around long enough to see a 10-minute video, then the online education industry would not be doing so well, and it is. Just make the content compelling and deep in knowledge and tell them ahead of time that they can “Click here for a longer, more in-depth video.” That way, you are only getting the people who care the most about the topic to the more extended version.

Reply to more comments to increase engagement

Commenting in the comment section is another way to improve your numbers of subscribers and views. People like to know that they are being listened to and acknowledged. I have commented on several public pages and YouTube or Facebook channels where the person was quite famous but they acknowledged and “liked” my comment. This shows that they appreciated my comment enough to acknowledge it. Some of these people were world leaders!

If world leaders are taking the time to acknowledge what their fans are saying, you should too! Try to reply when you can or at least to the top few comments to show you are present and engaged in your channel.

Promote other videos in your end screen

Be sure to use this opportunity to promote your other content as well. Cross-link to other videos on your channel to keep people jumping to your other videos to increase the engagement and subscriber level.

Create valuable backlinks within video description.

Put backlinks in your video description that lead the visitors to the result that you desire. Lead them to your squeeze page to purchase your product if that is the goal, or ask them to subscribe on your main site. This kind of digital asset combining will lead to greater involvement with your brand.

Write a compelling channel description

If your channel description is not exciting and enticing, why even have a channel? If you are not excited about what you have to offer, how can you expect others to be? Stir up interest by sounding excited about what you are offering and introduce yourself like Steve Jobs introduced the iPod!

“This is not a device. It’s a thousand songs in your pocket.”

Focus on the outcome, not the process

Too many times business owners and Youtube creators get too overly involved in the process, and they forget about the results. Focus on the outcome. What do you want to achieve from this video or videos? Make everything you do about achieving that outcome. Make the process as professional and engaging as possible, but always keep on the goal.

Focus on quality

Quality, not quantity (or the number of videos you do) is what is paramount. I ran into a guy in a UPS Store one day who was bragging about writing 50 eBooks. It was supposedly an attempt to outdo me because I had just told him I had published 6. “But how many are selling well?” I asked. “Not many,” he replied. I said I receive royalties from all of mine each month and that’s when he wanted to follow me home to learn my secret. It doesn’t matter if you have published a thousand videos or books. A few is enough if they are all helping you reach your goals and grow your YouTube channel.

Reply to as many comments as possible

Reply to people who are commenting on your social media as well as YouTube. As mentioned before, people want to be recognized. Make them the star by showing them they are important to you.

Share your YouTube video content on social media

Make sure to embed and include links to your YouTube channel and videos within your other social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your blog platform are all relevant places to put your content.

Summary/Call to Action

As I’ve said in this post, your call to action is important. So my call to action to you is this: Just do it! I’m not trying to be Nike here. Just saying that taking action on 20% is better than having 80% sitting in the cue if you know what I mean.

So get out there and create, promote, and reel in the subscribers. They convert to cold hard cash if you are patient enough.

Call on us if we can help you reel them in!

Best Regards,

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