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Zappos: Brand Analysis in terms of Social Networking & Digital Marketing - Famoid

Zappos: Brand Analysis in terms of Social Networking & Digital Marketing – Famoid

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the use of electronic devices and the internet to promote products to potential customers. This means that most of the marketing is done on social media networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube among others.

What is the importance of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is preferred this is because it helps in expanding a company’s customer base and drive targeted traffic. Research shows that about 70 % of American adults are on Facebook, 45% and 76% on Instagram. Having access to such customers can be very helpful in driving traffic. Besides, it can boost your websites SEO, enable you to reach more customers via quoted experts, provide a platform for that can help build a good relationship with customers and understand your audience

Zappos [Case study] – Begins

Executive summary

Zappos is an online footwear and clothing firm with headquarters located at Las Vegas, Nevada. Just like any other firm, it faces stiff competition from other related companies in the shoe industry. However, the it has emerged as one of the coolest companies on the web, when it comes to the use of social media networking sites. It utilizes digital communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to improve customer services. It employs compelling and entertaining strategies in designing their posts so that they can draw many people towards their website.

Zappos Feedback-1

Zappos Feedback-1

Its ability to use social media sites to reach millions of customers is quite remarkable. Some people have confessed having to visit their site for more than five times a day due to its impressive presence in a variety of social media sites. Social media provides its main stakeholders including management team, customers and employees with a platform to interact and build a good relationship. Most of its customers are eager to show support which accounts for the whopping 75% sales from repeat business (City, 2010). Besides, it has helped to build a culture of engagement which accredits an annual sale of more than $ 1 billion through an expanded market. Looking at what Zappos does, it is clear that digital marketing is a valuable tool that should be embraced by companies.

How Zappos is very successfull on Social Media?

How Zappos is very successfull on Social Media?

Reasons that made Zappos adopt Digital marketing

After inception, Zappos realized that it needed to have a competitive edge over other firms in the footwear and clothing industry. It opted to develop a website that would facilitate the expansion of its market by helping it air its services across various parts of the world. Although it was of the first e-commerce businesses to be established, developing a website could not guarantee an easy access to target customers. The sales were low and the firm was thus tasked in designing a well-drafted e-commerce strategy that would allow it to reach its potential customers and convert them into buyers. It was faced with the challenge of transforming itself from having a non-responsive website into an active site that would not only allow it to connect to with its potential customers but also provide an environment that is scalable and flexible. Of importance was to develop a marketing strategy that would transition it into a global organization that would connect it with millions of users. Besides, the strategy would be required facilitate effective communication between stakeholders to ensure quality delivery of services. Furthermore, the strategy would be required to have global marketing and technology capabilities that could be easily managed by the end users in a manner that could not influence the existing business initiatives as well as internal resources.

Zappos Feedback -2

Zappos Feedback -2


Based on the nature of the business, nature of its products and its surrounding environment, it opted to rely on digital marketing in promoting its products to the outside world. The method was cheap and could be easily done through the use of its limited financial and human resources.It decided to invest in digital marketing by investing on social media networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and pin interest. Digital marketing continues to be one of the main methods of marketing up to date. Social media sites allow it to advertise its products and to gather comments from its employees and customers. Those services are then used in making purchase decisions and aid in the delivery of products that suit the market. This helps the company to remain agile and relevant in the shoe and clothing environment. In twitter, customers tweet on their delight at its products while employees explain their life at the Zappos.

Social Media Networking Matters!

Social Media Networking Matters!

Employees receive basic training on how to use social media and are also encouraged to share their workplaces experiences on social media. Besides, they share their goals and objectives as well as plans put in place to guarantee delivery of quality products. Customers also get a platform where they can post their concerns and suggest areas that Zappos ought to improve. The social media sites, therefore, ensures that all its stakeholders can interact and share information that is ensured in improving customer service.  The use of social media has consequently provided the company with a competitive edge over other firms in the industry.


Zappos has been successful in its use of social media marketing. It has well-established tactics around its website and the main networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter that help it achieve its goals and objectives. The company has gained many followers in Facebook and Twitter  being the leading networking sites as shown in the table below:

In Facebook, it segments consumers and targets those using custom audiences to reach the right people. Besides Facebook helps draw many customers to its website. It has also established a very active Twitter account with many followers. In most cases, many of its posts are for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, it still relies on other sites such as Instagram successfully.

Use of digital marketing has helped the company to survive in the footwear market and outperform most of its competitors. Currently, it is one of the leading shoes and clothing stores in the world, offering a variety of extensive range of styles and sizes. In 2009, it had ranked 23rd position on the list of companies with the best working environment. It also received the award for top 10 customers choice in 2010 due to its commitment in delivering quality products. In 2011, it worn Stevie award for sales and customer service (Solis, 2011).

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