When you are using Instagram, there are a lot of cool tools and features you can use to personalize your profile. Your photos and videos are supposed to portray your life in the moment, so why not add an extra layer of fun to keep your followers and attract more?

One of the most used features on the platform is the tagging tool. Some users are heavy handed when it comes to the tag, while some don’t even know how to use it or what it even means. It is a great way to have fun with your followers and gain the attention of brands or other people. A lot of users use this feature strategically when it comes to their posts. If you are an Instagram influencer or want to be one, take time to use the tool right. It can lead to a very lucrative business. Now, we are going to dive right in and find out exactly how to tag and what it can do for your content.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

What Is a Tag?

When someone asks you to tag them in your Instagram photo, what does that mean? It’s become a commonly used phrase since the world of social media opened up not too long ago. Tagging lets you recognize someone in your Instagram photo, video, or story via their username. The tag is clickable and takes you to the person’s own profile when you do.

If you decide to tag someone, the process is easy. You start with the @ symbol and follow it with the username you are wanting to include. Tagging a follower of yours causes the name to pop up in a small box next to the field you are in which makes the procedure even easier.

When you tag someone in a photo or video, they are immediately notified when you hit the enter key. That person can now see when a comment is made on the photo or a like is being doled out. Keep in mind that you can tag multiple people on one of your posts.

When to Tag

There are so many reasons why you want to tag someone in your photo. It is one of the main ways for another user to see that they have been included in a post of yours. A lot of times with Instagram, it is easy to miss a notification or alert from them. They only give a few per day anyway, so you are forced to check your notices as you remember to. So, if you decided to just mention someone in your post, there is a chance they may not even see it.

You can also tag businesses who have an Instagram page, too. This is a great way to get their attention in a casual manner. Take a picture of your new shoes and tag the company if you are trying to get them to notice. It is a unique way to engage with entities you otherwise couldn’t reach out to in a direct way. While it is not a guarantee that they respond back, your chances are greater when you decide to tag.

Another reason to tag can include when you respond back to someone asking you a question. For example, if a follower was asking you something under a post, you can respond with an image and tag them in it. A lot of times, it helps to have a picture or video to look at when you reply back to someone who was asking for something in detail.

Placement Is Key

For influencers and business owners, placement of the tag is key. If you want to tag multiple people at a time, make sure you are placing the correct names on the person or product. Followers pay attention to the details and depend on you to tell them what or who they are looking at.

So, if you are taking a picture of your spouse holding an ice cream cone from your favorite dessert spot, make sure to tag wisely. Tag his name somewhere on his body, and you an tag the ice cream cone with the name of the shop you bought it from. It’s also a benefit for you, as it helps you to remember certain locations you have visited from that you may have forgotten about.

Increases Activity

Tagging also increases engagement on Instagram. Not only is the tagged person or business going to see your post, but it also increases the chances of others commenting on your picture as well. When you use the tagging feature, that picture is now going to show up on the other person’s “Photos of You” section. So, when their followers click on that area, they can now see a photo you used on your profile. You may just get a new follower out of it.

People also just want to know the scoop! If you are wearing a nice outfit or eating at an extraordinary restaurant, your followers want the details. Let them know the eatery or brand name of your latest outfit of the day. This builds a sense of community and trust in things you post. You can be surprised at what one perfectly placed tag can do for your profile. Also you may want to check this post to increase your engagement on Instagram.

How Do You Tag?

  • Pick the photo or video that you want to tag someone in. Add filters and edit if necessary.
  • Click on “Tag People” which you can find on the Share screen
  • Tap the area you want to tag someone. Usually, this means clicking on the photo of the person or anywhere in the picture if you are tagging a business.
  • Start typing the username by using @. A drop down list of people is going to show that you can choose from so you don’t have to type the whole name.
  • Click on “Done” or the checkmark depending on what phone you have.

You can also tag a photo that you have already posted.

  • Find the photo or video you are wanting to tag.
  • Click on the three small circles that you can find above the photo or video. Depending on your phone, the circles can be in a horizontal or vertical line.
  • Click on “Edit.”
  • Click “Tag People,” and click anywhere in the photo or video.
  • Start typing the username by using @. Either choose the name from the drop down list appears, or complete the full name yourself.
  • Click on “Done” or the checkmark.

Tagging someone in an Instagram story is slightly different.

  • Take a video or photo to start your story. If you want to use a posted one, click on the thumbnail located on the bottom left corner and click on the “Aa” option.
  • Start typing in the username by beginning with @.
  • Choose the person you want to tag from the list in the drop down or complete the name on your own.
  • Click “Done” or the checkmark.

Whichever way you choose, tagging is straightforward. After just a few times of using it, you can get the hang of the Instagram option and never look back! Despite the recent changes Instagram implemented, it doesn’t look like tagging is going anywhere.

Tagging someone on Instagram is a fun way to add engagement to your profile. If you are trying to get the attention of a brand or start your own business, use this tool to create awareness to what you post. Tagging can help you increase followers and likes which is what most users of the social media platform is after. Try it on your next post!

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