You have invested in making a YouTube channel about something you feel passionate about, so it stands to reason that you can’t stop there. 

This article looks at how to use your passion to take things to the next level through promoting your work online.  We recommend a good starting point is joining the conversation wherever and whenever it happens to be taking place.

We’re going to outline my top 5 tips for promoting your Youtube Channel in 2018.

How to promote your Youtube Channel?

How to promote your Youtube Channel?

How to promote your Youtube Channel?

Let’s see the ways step by step.

  • JOIN

Your most saleable asset is your authenticity.  This means contributing to the conversation to share, inform, learn, grow and be alongside your target audience. Through exchanging thoughts, feelings and information both ways you grow your interest, establish your wish to keep learning and discover you and your target audience can share the knowledge journey together.  You can also start some conversations of your own once you identify new threads.



Top places to join or start a conversation about your favourite subject still include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube itself, Reddit and not in any particular order.  As you continue to share, grow your knowledge and seek exchanges about your favourite topic you will continue to fertilise your information base.  More dialogue means more products, video content and more people to respond to as you connect with more followers and discover additional information about your niche audience.


As you listen to what people are sharing you are also hearing about the current trends, what is missing and where people’s interest lies.  All this is rich material to respond to. Keywords for this themescape can be found by just typing your subject heading into youtube and all connected search terms show up giving you more tags, themes, keywords and hashtags to use in your material.


Responding via conversation, videos, webinars, and cross referencing throughout your own material are all ways of enriching your channel and reaching more interested followers willing to listen because they are connected to you through the conversation and the content you are developing and sharing in response to what they are saying. 

As you produce material that connects into the conversations and interconnects with itself in a series of stepped, informative self referring knowledge loops the well of collective information gets deeper.  Plan in your calls to action to introduce the audience to other content that meets their needs.  This increases contact time with your material whilst also extending your playlists and extending everyone’s understanding.


with the movers and shakers in your subject area.  Joint working and promotion benefits everyone and instead of being promoted on just your channel you can have a presence on the channels of other culture formers in the same subject area.  This immediately boosts your exposure and drives traffic between channels, everyone wins.

5 ways to promote your Youtube channel this year that will also grow your audience, develop your business and increase your information empire.

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