If you want to build a strong presence on Instagram, don’t miss out on reels. Reels are the perfect opportunity to reach new people, drive engagement, and grow your followings on Instagram. 

However, creating a good Instagram Reel from scratch can be highly intimidating and overwhelming. 

But relax! We’re here to help you learn everything about creating Instagram Reels effortlessly.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make reels on Instagram and what are the steps you have to follow once you create your Instagram reels.

So, keep reading and learn to create Instagram Reels to kickstart your Instagram growth journey. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reels have been around for quite some time now. It was first introduced in 2020 for people to share short video clips.

Instagram Reels is a form of video content that allows you to create or upload pre-recorded short videos. Unlike Insta Stories, reels stay on the platform as long as you don’t delete them (Just like Instagram feed posts). 

Since the launch, reels have been the talk of the town! After all, the algorithm loves Insta accounts that publish reels and boosts their engagement and reach. 

Everyone from individuals to businesses, organizations to cultural institutions, influencers, celebrities, and musicians are doing reels and making a living from this social app. 

Instagram Reels were criticized immensely in the beginning as a “TikTok copycat.” However, eventually, it gained positive feedback from users, Instagram influencers, and brands. Creators focus on creating video content on TikTok as well as Instagram Reels. They seem to love both platforms equally. 

Instagram Reels are 60 seconds long short- video form content. Reels come with a set of editing tools that make your job of editing fun and easy. It includes filters, backgrounds, video clips, stickers, and many more editing options. 

You can easily access trending reels through the Reels icon at the bottom of the Instagram home page.

Instagram reels option

It doesn’t matter if you create Instagram Reels to get organic reach or do it to support your ad campaigns. Reels are a great addition if you want massive reach and engagement organically.

Instagram pushes your reels to reach people who don’t follow you yet. If your reels end up at the explore tab, you can reach millions of people or go viral with just a few seconds-long videos. 

Why Should You Double Down On Instagram Reels?

Reels can increase your virality and create a new fan base that enjoys and values your content and work. 

Not only that, Reels have showered numerous opportunities for growth for existing and new users, businesses, and interest groups.  

Here are four reasons why you must consider doubling down on Instagram Reels right now:

1. Increase Your Visibility

Reels are more than just adding pictures or stickers to your Instagram Stories. They have mind-blowing visibility, and virality added a factor to them. 

The explore section of Instagram is primarily dominated by Reels, followed by long video content and images. On top of that, Reels cover a much larger area of the Explore feed than another form of content. 

The explore feed of Instagram helps new brands, businesses, and content creators reach a whole new range of audiences. It helps them increase their reach, follower count, and profile visits on Instagram and other major digital platforms. 1 in 2 people has used Instagram to discover new brands every day. 

2. Reels Are Fun And Personalized. 

Instagram has become a fun platform, and the number of accounts being registered every day has insanely increased right after the introduction of Reels on the platform. 

Good news for businesses—the average Instagram business accounts follower count grows by 1.69% each month

Now, that’s a valid reason for bringing your business on Instagram. 

Plus, every Reel on Instagram is personalized. Every creator and business has its brand message to convey and put out. 

Jumping on the latest reel trends and music is something that people of every age group enjoy and have fun joining the bandwagon. 

It’s understandable if you struggle to create a musical reel or are shy to face the camera and record yourself. The good news is you can always make an Instagram reel without showing your face, and it will still perform well on Instagram. 

Another fun fact is, if you’re uncomfortable in creating a brand new Instagram reel from scratch, you can always upload your TikToks on Instagram reels and get crazy engagement on the same. 

So, if Reels scare you and make you anxious, take a deep breath and calm yourself down because we will make it super simple for you. 

3. Great Way to Make a Comeback on Instagram

Instagram Reels are a great way of making a comeback on the photo and video sharing platform. 

If your account growth is stagnant or in case you have been inactive on Instagram for the longest time, then Reels are the magic wand that can shoot up your Instagram reach. 

Instagram Experts say that Reels can instantly make your account go viral on Instagram, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have thousands of likes on your videos

So, if you were inactive and are planning to make your first comeback post on Instagram, Reels is the ultimate best option for you to re-introduce yourself. 

4. Instagram Reels Shopping 

You can now buy directly from Instagram Reels. All thanks to this new update done by Instagram. 

Now, Instagram creators and businesses can tag the promoted or displayed product on the reel video.

With this new feature, Instagram users can purchase products from anywhere on Instagram, including Instagram videos, Lives, Stories, feed posts, and Reels. Doesn’t that give you an adrenaline rush?

The few other upsides of tagging your product directly on Instagram reels are:

  • You have a new sales channel on Instagram, and more people can discover your product with ease
  • You have a new content format for your products
  • The purchase process becomes way easier and faster. 

How to Make Reels on Instagram (Step by Step Guide)

You can create a reel in two ways:

  1. Use the Instagram app to record a video of 60 seconds directly.
  2. Upload a pre-recorded and edited video from your Android or iPhone device.

You can add or create a series of short clips one after another or add one long video at a go. Be it any method; keep the following things in mind before starting the process:

  • Reels are in full portrait mode, i.e., in 9:16 ratio
  • You can create a reel anywhere between 3 and 30 seconds
  • You can upload reels from your mobile devices. 

And you can create an Instagram Reel right now in just 10 minutes.

Here we’ve shared a simple step-by-step guide on how to create amazing reels and grow your Instagram account.

Step 1: Access The Reels option 

Here are three ways to access the reels option in the Instagram app itself:

  1. You can swipe across from the left, and it’ll take you to the Instagram camera. 

Instagram reels option

In the bottom bar, you’ll see the option for Reels. Tap on it and start creating a reel. 

  1. The second way to get onto the reels option is by tapping on the little plus button on the top and then again from the bottom, select the “Reels” option. 

Instagram reels option

  1. The third way is by going to the Instagram homepage and selecting the reels button directly from the bottom bar. Then tap on the camera button in the top right corner of the screen, and there you are.


Step 2: Set The Video Length

In this step, you have to choose the video length of your preference.

It can be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds long. 

How to create reels on Instagram

Step 3: Select The Speed of Your Video    

Instagram gives you the option to select the speed of your Reel that you’re about to record. You can choose to slow down the video by 0.5 times its original rate by choosing the 1x button.

How to make reels on Instagram

Instagram also allows you to change the video layout and use a split-screen to record two videos alongside each other. You can also set a timer to start and stop the recording automatically. 

Step  4: Add Filters to Your Video

It is the favorite part for most of us. If you wish to add some fun filters to your video, you can do that by clicking on the “Filter” icon on the left side of the screen.