YouTube is one of the most widely used digital platforms today, and continues to be increasingly popular.   We have prepared a wide range of articles on how to increase your number of YouTube viewers, which is one of the most interesting topic for today. Here you can find information that will interest not only YouTube channel owners but also YouTube followers here!

Is there a trick to increasing your number of YouTube views?

According to 2017 numbers,  YouTube is a platform that has more than 1.5 billion active users. This number is just the number of users watching videos by logging into YouTube; there may be more users watching videos without logging into YouTube. So, as a result, we can say that one third of the world’s population regularly visits YouTube and watches videos. There are a variety of tricks to increase the number of views naturally on a platform that has so many viewers. These tricks can be done in many ways.  However, big platforms like Google and YouTube are now working with very intelligent artificial intelligence and algorithms, so if you attempt any YouTube tracking tricks, you will be caught quickly. If that happens, YouTube will reduce the number of views first and then block your channel. You must be honest to protect what you have in hand.

Ways to increase your number of YouTube views


Let’s talk about how the mechanism works before we discuss ways to increase the number of YouTube users watching. YouTube logs a view when a video is viewed for at least 30 seconds. YouTube does not count views under 30 seconds.

Any YouTube video is reviewed by YouTube after being viewed 300 times. This applies not only to you, but to everyone. Don’t worry if the video you’re uploading doesn’t seem to be getting views after it’s viewed 300 times; after reviewing, YouTube, will update your tracking numbers. You can think of this as similar to checking the number of clicks on AdSense ads at the end of the day. You should not use any program or code to avoid any errors in all these reviews, and you should find acceptable ways to get more views on your YouTube videos.

How to Increase your Youtube Views? - 2018

How to Increase your Youtube Views? – 2018

  • Each IP that accesses a video is considered to be only one view, so the fact that you’ve watched the same video 50 times doesn’t make the number of viewers fifty. This is not a trick to increase the number of YouTube views, so don’t waste time watching the same video all day long. YouTube tracking numbers are singular; each thread receives a single tracking number.
  • When it comes to increasing your number of YouTube views, quality content production comes first. Make your YouTube videos high quality and different from others. Intimate videos take more viewing time than any other videos.
  • YouTube gives us the opportunity to put a cover photo that represents the video. First, prepare the cover photo in a nice, interesting way. If you want, you can write a few words in this cover photo so that your video will get more attention. The most popular videos have the most interesting covers.
  • Title selection in YouTube videos is important. Short, interesting, eye catching video titles will highlight your video. The most-watched videos are intriguing, with interesting titles. After the title, attention should be paid to the description section. Type a summary description of what the video is about there. Videos without any commentary have a much lower number of viewers than others. Remember, the issue is not just the number of YouTube clicks. To increase the number of views, the video you upload needs to be watched more than 30 seconds.
  • Note that the number of YouTube video views is also very important when increasing the number of interactions. You can see the effect of the video you shared from the comments and the number of shares. So share your YouTube videos on all social media channels, and ask your friends to share them with anyone they know.

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