The number one question every social media marketer, entrepreneur, and solopreneur asks themselves is:

“How do I get more likes?”

And when the social media platform is Facebook, they tend to ask this question quite often! 

Despite having 2.74 billion monthly active users and holding the title of the world’s “second most downloadable app,” Facebook’s organic reach is decreasing rapidly. 

According to the Digital 2020 report, the average engagement rate for Facebook posts is 0.18%. So, how to get more likes on the Facebook page is a big concern for all brands out there.

But thankfully, it’s possible to make friends with Facebook’s algorithm. It’s possible to boost your Facebook page’s engagement rates. There are some powerful tactics you can use to do that.  

And we’re about to break down those 11 powerful tactics to help you increase Facebook page likes. So, grab your popcorn and stick with us till the end. 

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page: 11 Powerful Tactics That Works

1. Optimize Your Facebook Page The Right Way

Optimizing your Facebook page sounds like familiar advice, but we tend to ignore the most obvious things in life. So, if you want your Facebook page to grow, start with crafting a great page. 

Pick a Name

First, choose the right name for your page. After all, this is the first thing your audience will notice. So don’t stuff keywords or write generic terms in your Facebook page title. Pick a name that represents your brand identity. Or better, use your brand or company page in your Facebook Page Title.

Pay Attention to the About Us Section

Your audience wants to know all the information related to your business.

From where your organization is located to what services you’re providing, make sure to fill out your Facebook page about us section attentively. 

Facebook page about us example

Choose Compelling Profile and Cover Photos

Now your business must have a face. This is why you must invest time in picking the perfect profile and cover photos for your Facebook page. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect Facebook cover photo, focus on simplicity. There’s no need to stuff texts or add playful CTA in the cover photo. Make sure to use a colorful, compelling image that draws the eyes of your audience. 

Let’s take Nike’s Facebook cover photo as an example. 

Nike facebook cover image

Nike’s cover image managed to get over 15m likes on their official Facebook page with just two colors and three words. 

Always Customize the URL

Which URL sounds better?

Or brand name) 

The second one, right? This is called a vanity URL. A vanity URL is a customized address for your Facebook page. 

On Facebook, you can customize the dynamic URL(Automatically generated URL) with your brand name to get more visibility. 

Vanity URL aka, Username will help you in search engine optimization. Also, it will make your brand memorable to the audience. 

2. Cross-Promote Your Facebook Page on Different Channels

Cross-promotion is a powerful tool to drive more likes on your Facebook page. If you have a good following on different social platforms, take advantage! It can help you boost organic reach and engagement pretty quickly.

Cross-Promote on Social Channels

Promote your page by sharing your Facebook posts and videos. Don’t just share your Facebook page link on Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin and ask everyone to follow you. 

Instead, show your audience what value your page can bring to their lives by cross-promoting valuable content. 

For example, you can use your Twitter account to cross-promote a Facebook post. You can use YouTube to cross-promote a Facebook live video. Also, Instagram, Pinterest are great channels for cross-promoting your Facebook photos. The main idea is to drive followers to your Facebook page through different social channels. 

Use Email Signature and Newsletters

If you send out emails quite often, add the link of your Facebook page to the email signature. Adding social media links to email signatures increases your page likes and creates a positive brand impression. 

Another great way to promote your Facebook page is a newsletter. Add your Facebook page’s icon at the bottom so that more people can find you online. 

For example, at the bottom of Shopify’s Newsletters, they add their Facebook page icon and other social icons to ask people to follow them. 

Shopify newsletter

Pro tip: Don’t limit your cross-promotion strategy only to the online world. Add your Facebook page address on your business cards too. So, it will be easy for your audience to find you online. 

3. Engage with your audience

The key to getting more likes on Facebook pages is engagement. Engaging with your audience on Facebook can work as a competitive advantage for your brand. 

Engaging with your Facebook followers can help build relationships and credibility. To increase engagement: 

  • Encourage your audience to ask questions.
  • Respond to your audience comments, messages.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Create polls, quizzes, giveaway contests.
  • Thank them for the positive feedback.
  • Acknowledge their criticism.

In short: never forget to engage with your Facebook community. 

This will make your brand appear human and more people will like your page in return. You can also engage with different Facebook groups that are relevant to your niche. 

Another great way to engage with your Facebook audience is Facebook Live. As of Facebook’s report, on average, people spend three times more watching a Facebook live than a regular video. Moreover, people comment 10x more times on live videos than regular videos. 

Let’s take Netflix’s example here. Netflix never fails to engage with their audience on Facebook. They’re known for initiating witty conversations with their audience, answering their questions, and reply to their comments. 

What’s the result? As of 2021, the brand has more than 76m likes on its official Facebook page!

That’s massive, isn’t it?

4. Create Outstanding Content

Nothing can beat the power of good content. If you’re wondering how to get more likes on your Facebook page, make sure to create attention-grabbing content. 

Create a crisp, simple copy and sprinkle some humor into it. Posts with photos perform better on Facebook. So, try to incorporate attractive visuals on everything. 

The best way to drive audience attention is a compelling headline. Instead of writing spammy clickbait, craft an informative headline. Be clear and concise. 

And, yes, we know that your ultimate goal is to promote your business on Facebook. But, your audience won’t care about your business. They want content that is valuable, fun-to-read, and not flooded with sales pitches. 

To create exceptional content every time, focus on what your audience wants. Try crafting content that acknowledges their pain points and solves problems. 

5. Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

If you want to grow your Facebook page, be consistent with your posting schedule. When you consistently post quality content on your page, people will remember you. They’ll get an idea about your brand’s voice, personality, and message. 

However, if you ever struggle to post consistently on your Facebook page, follow a content strategy and social media content calendar. 

With a content strategy and calendar, you can:

  • Efficiently post content regularly
  • Save time crafting posts every day
  • Increase your Facebook likes and overall engagement
  • Engage with more people
  • Create an organized posting schedule for a whole month or year
  • Align your brand image across all social media platforms.

There are two ways you can schedule your posts on Facebook to stay consistent:

  1. Using Facebook’s built-in post scheduling feature.
  2. Using a third-party tool like Hootsuite, Publer, and Post Planner

Here’s a heads up, to be consistent, you don’t have to follow a magic number. But, it’s better to post at least 4-5 times a week, so your audience always remembers you. 

6. Include Your Facebook Page Link on Your Website

Your website is the home of your business. If your audience searches for your company, the website is the first place they’ll look for. 

And most website themes let you add social media icons. So, make sure to add a Facebook address to your website to drive more likes. 

It’s best to place your Facebook icon in the footer of your website’s page.

Facebook link on website footer

You can also add them to your contact page. And, always make sure to add your Facebook page icon at the bottom of your each blog post. This will help your readers to share your content and drive engagement to the page.

Nowadays, website popups are one of the best ways to earn more followers. If you’re thinking about adding a nice popup, an exit-intent popup can help you boost your Facebook page likes. 

When your visitors decide to leave your site, this type of popup will appear. 

In this popup, you can include your Facebook page icon along with discount offers, CTA for email sign-ups, free trials to trigger your audiences’ interests. 

7. Run Paid Facebook Ads to Extend Your Reach

Now, ads are the most obvious way to get more likes on Facebook. Facebook ads will help you promote your page. Ads make it easier to find your right target audience based on demographics and interests. You can reach over 2.14 billion people through Facebook ads. 

You can experiment with different kinds of Facebook ads like engagement or conversion to test what works the best. Any ad you create on Facebook will likely increase visibility and bring likes. 

You can also run paid ads to boost a post on Facebook. Boosting posts that already performed well on your page can easily attract more audiences to your Facebook page.

Below is an example of a great Facebook ad. In this ad, Slack used creativity, relevant statistic, and attractive visuals to grab the attention of their audiences and get more likes on their Facebook page. 

Slake example


8. Let Your Email Subscribers Know About Your Facebook Page

Another tactic you can use to get more likes is to let your subscribers know about your Facebook page. If you already have an email list or building one, use it in the right way. 

When it comes to asking people to follow your page, be direct. Include your page link in your emails and invite your subscribers to like your page. 

If you don’t have an email list but have customers who’ve agreed to receive newsletters, you can email those customers to like your Facebook page as well.

9. Post Your Content at The Right time

When is the right time to post on Facebook? 

Hootsuite tried to answer this age-old question by conducting their own research. According to them. The best time to post on Facebook is 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, does it mean you can only post on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Are all the other days or times bad for your page engagement? 

Well, the answer is No! 

There isn’t a perfect time to post on Facebook. Every brand has its own unique followers, and it’s best to post when they’re online. 

That means, if you’re new to Facebook and don’t have followers, go ahead with the time Hootsuite mentioned. But, once you have a solid audience base, try to analyze when your audience is most active throughout the day and keep experimenting. 

Optimize your post scheduling tool to drive more likes on your Facebook page with the right audience data. 

10. Keep Up With The Trends to Make Your Post Go Viral

Social media is changing every day, so are the audiences using it. Even Facebook is not an exception. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, make your posts go viral and keep up with the changing trends. To stay up to date with the trends and make your posts viral:

  • Spend time on Facebook feed every day. Notice all the recent trends, topics, and events to understand what your audiences are talking about. 
  • Ask for customer feedback. You can conduct online surveys or Facebook polls to understand their expectations and recent trends.
  • Research your competitors. Take a good look at what they’re posting. But, make sure not to copy their content. Plagiarized content will create a negative brand image. However, you’re always allowed to drive inspiration from your competitors.
  • Stay active on other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram to see what is popular in the social world. 

If you’re a Football fan, Oreo’s Lights Out Super Bowl Moment is the perfect example of a viral post. 

In 2013, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, the power in the Superdome went out for 34 minutes, which inspired brands to go creative and post quirky content on Facebook and Twitter. 

Oreo example

The Oreo social media team posted a dimly lit photo of an Oreo with the message, “You can still dunk in the dark.” This clever post helped them gain more than 20,000 likes on Facebook

11. Don’t forget to Include CTA’s

Good things come to those who ask! And if you ask your audience to follow your Facebook page, they’ll definitely listen. 

But the question is: how to ask? 

Well, every Facebook page has a clear call to action button below the cover photo. The main goal of this button is to encourage your audience to act. This act can be email sign-ups, driving traffic to your website, direct message, etc. 

You can customize the CTA button as per your brand’s niche.

For example, if you’re an e-commerce brand, you can add a “shop now” button.

And if you’re a SaaS brand, add the “Get Quote” button to collect information from potential customers.  


There you go! Now you know all the tactics to increase likes on Facebook. 

We can’t deny that Facebook’s organic reach is decreasing. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use Facebook as a growth opportunity for your business. With over 2.74 billion active users, Facebook is still the most popular and influential social channel. 

And to use the Facebook page to its full potential, all you need to do is follow some strategies. Hopefully, these 11 powerful strategies will help you increase your Facebook page likes and accomplish your business goals.

Till then, keep posting!