There are 3.5 billion social media users. If you dream of fame and fortune, social media is the easiest place to expand your following and get your name out there.

But achieving social media influencer status requires hard work and patience.

If you want to know how to get famous on social media, follow these easy steps!

Utilize Your Strengths

Personalities get social media famous by utilizing their strengths and promoting their talent or whatever else it is that makes them unique. First, you have to discover what it is about you that will attract a following.

Do you have a talent or a passion? Social media is the best place to promote this. For example, if you love acting, create short videos that you can upload on social media.

How to Get Famous on Social Media - Famoid

How to Get Famous on Social Media – Famoid

Comedy is another great example; everyone loves watching a funny video and you can easily use your comedic talents to attract a following.

Host a stand-up video or create a funny scene. You can also tweet silly one-liners that will spawn retweets.

Your strengths aren’t limited to talent. Many social media users just love following those who live a glamorous life. Are you supermodel gorgeous? Are you rich? If so, flaunt your goods on social media!

Pick the Best Platform

When you find a unique feature or skill to promote, it’s time to go to social media and promote yourself. Ideally, you’ll utilize all platforms to attract a broad following. But you’ll likely gain success on one or two platforms over others.

Here’s a breakdown of each platform and the benefits they hone.


Every influencer should create a Facebook page, no matter what niche you’re in. It’s a broad social media platform that receives traffic from all demographics.

It’s also the head honcho of social media. 68% of Americans use Facebook. If you don’t create a Facebook page and if you don’t engage with other Facebook users on your personal page, you’re missing out on a big market.

Facebook is also great for promoting content on multiple platforms. For example, if you’re a YouTube personality, you can upload your videos to Facebook for an extended reach and even gain extra advertising revenue.


If you’re all about visuals, Instagram is your platform. From photography to highly engaging videos, Instagram focuses on what your audience wants to see.

This also makes Instagram diverse. From models to affiliate marketers to travel bloggers and photographers, a myriad of different influencers can effectively utilize the power of Instagram by buying followers.


Who knew a platform that requires 140 characters of text could leave such an impact on social media users. From snarky tweets to intense political discussions, Twitter offers the best platform for your message.

If you’re the type of influencer who has something to say, you’ll receive the most success on Twitter.


Like Facebook, SnapChat is a diverse social media platform and offers a great way to connect with your followers. Unlike Facebook, there’s a level of privacy with SnapChat.

You’re only subjected to sending images, video, and messages to followers, all of which get deleted after viewed.

SnapChat’s story feature also helps your audience tune into the content you post, enticing your crowd even further.


If you want to entice a following with videos and your unique personality, YouTube is the place to express yourself. YouTube has a billion users and it is the perfect place to generate a following.

YouTube also offers a versatile platform for any video maker or personality to upload their content. YouTube attracts all creators — from makeup artists who upload tutorials to filmmakers who share their short films with the world.

With advertising opportunities, YouTube is also a great way to make a living.

Create Your Branding

When you create your necessary social media channels, it’s time to focus on your branding. Branding is all elements that better identify your image or presence.

We mainly see branding in businesses; for example, Target’s bulls-eye symbol is synonymous with the major retailer. However, branding is an integral part of your influencer status.

Where do you start? First, create a logo. You can use your logo or watermark on all videos and images to ensure they’re unique to your image. Your logo can also be used as a profile picture or banner for your social media profiles.

In addition, all of your content should be branded so your audience can associate certain content aspects to your social media.

Some examples include writing in the same tone, similar imagery, using a specific color scheme, honing in on a unique aspect of your appearance, and using the same slogan for all content.

Post High-Quality Content

Here comes the fun part — posting the content! However, you shouldn’t settle for run-of-the-mill content to fill up your account. You should only settle for high-quality content.

Your audience wants to consume engaging and interesting content. If your content is boring and low-quality, you’re only wasting your time.

Take time and plan each post. If your content is visual, such as an image or video, edit the content so it looks refined and professional.

Even if your content is simple, such as a selfie or a post promoting an affiliate brand, you’ll want to plan every detail and the message you want to convey.

Create a Posting Schedule

Now that you identified all of the core areas that will make you succeed, here comes the hard part — posting constantly. In order to generate an impressive social media following, you need to be an everlasting social presence.

What does this mean? It’s different for each influencer. It’s recommended you post unique content at least once a day. But this varies between the type of content you create.

For example, taking a selfie and writing a compelling caption takes less time than filming and editing a YouTube video.

While the Instagram influencer can easily post once a day, a YouTube personality may get away with posting a video once a week.

How do you organize the amount of time you post? Create a content calendar or a posting schedule. This schedule helps you plan what to post and emphasizes key details such as the caption and even expected engagement.

Collaborate With Other Influencers

At this point, you’re probably growing your audience. This is exciting! However, your hard work doesn’t end here. Even though you’re getting your name out there, there’s always another influencer who is more successful.

What do you do? Stare at their profile in envy? Use their success to your advantage! Collaborate with other influencers to tap into their following.

You can commonly this is occurring on YouTube. Many YouTube personalities connect and create videos together.

Those with a specific talent can team up with like-minded YouTubers and post special content. For example, if you’re a YouTube musician, write a song with another popular YouTube musician.

There are times when collaborating is out of the question. Maybe you’re too busy or live far away from other influencers. In this case, stay connected with them.

Reach out to other influencers in your niche and start a conversation. Attend industry events such as conventions and festivals. Do what you can to meet other successful influencers in your industry.

Keep Grinding — And Never Stop!

The influencer life doesn’t have a start, middle, and end. The grind should never stop. You should always work toward something better and improve yourself in every way that you can.

In addition, the influencer life isn’t an uphill climb. You’ll face challenges along the way.

Maybe you go through a dry season where your following isn’t growing or you can’t keep your followers engaged. Or maybe you experience writer’s or content creator’s block and can’t think of interesting posts.

Don’t let these issues set you back. Take the small achievements to heart and let those successes be what keeps you going.

What’s the best advice to ensure you keep grinding? Set small goals for yourself.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel, strive to reach 1,000 views once you get to 900 views. If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, strive to achieve more followers. Say you’re at 10,000 followers, push for 13,000 followers.

If most of your audience is on Facebook, pay attention to Facebook stats and push to keep all engagements on an uphill curve.

And don’t forget — becoming an influencer takes time. While there are overnight success stories, these influencers still worked persistently to get to where they are today. Don’t give up!

Additional Tips to Follow

Did you follow these steps and aren’t receiving the following you want? These additional tips can help improve your social presence!

Find New Ways to Be Entertaining

All influencers are taught the same advice, such as “be entertaining” and “have fun.” But this advice is very vague. How can you become the influencer people want to see? Find new ways to draw a crowd.

For example, if you’re a Twitter comedian, go outside of your comfort zone and tell different jokes. See how your audience reacts and if you gain some new followers.

Or if you’re a YouTube reviewer, spice up your commentary and talk about little-known facts and details about the content you’re reviewing.

Stand Out

The first step of our guide was to find the qualities that make you stand out. Standing out goes beyond your individualistic qualities. What makes you stand out from other influencers in your niche?

We can see this in niches such as fashion. Maybe you focus on a specific type of clothing or style, such as streetwear. Or maybe you focus on one accessory, such as shoes.

You can also use additional skills in your niche to entice your following even more.

Let’s say you love fashion but you’re also an exceptional writer and contribute to fashion publications. Write special reviews about different designers, create a personal fashion blog, or even use your social media to promote new designers.

This way, your social media is more diverse as opposed to images of you wearing different designers.

Connect With Your Followers

So now that you have a lot of followers, do you ignore their comments and messages? This is the worst mistake you can make. Instead, respond to your followers.

Your followers are the lifeblood of your social channels. Therefore, they deserve your utmost attention. In addition, your response will make them feel good. They will continue supporting and promoting you.

Learn Marketing Basics

Sure, you may not be running a traditional business. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore the marketing tools that small businesses use to grow their reach.

We discussed the branding strategy, which helps a business hone in on their unique personality. But there are other marketing tools that will help increase your following.

The easiest social media marketing tool to use is hashtags.

People search hashtags to find new content and posts in that category. Take a look at what hashtags others in your niche are using or search for popular hashtags that relate to your content.

If you have the revenue, invest in paid ads. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram optimize advertising. These ads appear on different social media channels, helping you increase your reach.

You can also utilize tools such as SEO to grow organic traffic. This is helpful if you’re a YouTube influencer because YouTube has a comprehensive search engine.

Using YouTube SEO strategies such as keywords can help widen your audience.

How to Get Famous on Social Media: We Make It Easier

Now you know how to get famous on social media. But are you still struggling to grow your following? We can help generate more traffic to your social channels, including your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

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