No doubt social media is an amazing tool to get your products promoted. However, when social media platforms get older they become less powerful and customers are not attracted because they simply want something new. Pinterest is a platform that’s recently introduced or got fame among the users. According to social media marketing studies and Google ratings, there are 41,400,000 people searching or the same query like how to Gain Traffic from Pinterest: well, it simply means, the platform is huge and have potential to bring the biggest traffic to your website.

How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest easily? - Famoid

How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest easily? – Famoid

However, as the platform is just a few years old thus no guide was available to answer my query. There were many articles but almost all of them were discussing Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to gain traffic. Without losing heart, I decided to do some experimentation and homework by myself to gain traffic through Pinterest. Before moving towards creating my own techniques, I decided to check if my research has something fruitful for me, I found out that:

Creating a Business Account on Pinterest

People have already used Pinterest as their marketing partner but instead of writing guides, they simply kept their interest in mind. I wanted traffic for my site, I have already installed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on my website thus to gain more potential traffic I was interested in Pinterest. I started my work and within some days of my research, I was able to generate enough people on my website by simply using Pinterest. Unlike others, I decided to write the guide for How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest. So, here is the step by step procedure:

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Well, technology has become wiser than our thinking. If you are using a Pinterest personal account, it will no doubt bring you boards and pins suggestions according to your personal interest. However, it won’t have to do anything with professionalism. Thus, you have to tell the platform that you are here for business purpose. So, instead of creating a personal account you need to sign up for the business account on Pinterest. It’s not so difficult, all you have to follow the following points:

  • Go to
  • Click sign up
  • Add details
  • Click sign up

An option will appear naming CONVERT,

  • Write a business name
  • Add your website
  • Business type
  • Click Convert

Confirming Your Website


When you will click convert, you will be taken on the boards and options. Now you are all ready to use Pinterest. However, before moving forward, you will have to confirm your website. To confirm your website;

  • Click on the upper right corner of your account
  • Click on confirm website
  • Click save button

Setting up the Board

Now it is time that you add boards of your interest in your boards. Make sure to choose only those boards that portray the interest of your business. As you are using Pinterest for marketing purposes and your main motive is to drive traffic on your website hence while selecting the boards you need to do some keyword research according to your business idea.

You will totally have an idea that what a keyword is but if you are a novice to this field, then let me explain:

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The keyword is simply the phrase or words that people search on the internet regarding something. When millions of people search a phrase at one time using Google, it becomes a keyword. To search keywords, you can take help of the online SEO tools. You can search keyword queries online by using keyword finders or Google AdSense.  These two are the most appropriate platforms to search keyword. You will simply write a query such as if your business is related to technology then in Google AdSense simply write latest Technology trends or any phrase having word technology in it. In this way, you will get many suggestions of trending keywords. Use those keywords to select boards.

To select the boards;

  • Simply search for a technology-related keyword in the Pinterest search bar
  • Take cursor on the suggested pictures
  • Click the on any picture
  • On the upper right corner, there is save the query in red color.
  • Click the save button

Add boards by using same to same steps.

Create Boards

Now, instead of using automatic tools, you need to spend real time on Pinterest. You need to make your board eye-popping by adding colorful yet relevant images on the website. On the images you will use links, still, images are the thing that going to grab attention at first. Hence, make sure they are interactive. There is no harm in using free images downloaded from Google to use on your Pinterest boards.

How to manage boards

Now you need to manage the boards. To manage your boards’ first thing you need to do is finding the relevant and interactive images. Once it is done, you will simply upload those images on the Pinterest account. On the images, add relevant information and website links, where you want to drive traffic. When this all is done, don’t forget to make the newly added image on Pinterest to select a board. If you will not do so, the image will not be shown after many images and will not be able to grab enough attention and traffic.

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Spend Real Time on Pinterest

One hour spends daily on the Pinterest is enough. You don’t need to remain online all the time here.  You will have to keep your board updated and for that spending, an hour is enough.  You should also pin the relevant interests time to time. In this way, you will be able to grab attention from the people with the same interest.

These are some of my used and tested tips to generate traffic. You can use these tips to generate traffic on your website. I am always, there with my social media pages and instead of using software and tools, I try to work on my marketing methods by myself. In this way, I am able to generate only the real traffic rather than a fake one.

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