A large number of users have transferred a huge number of photos to Instagram, making it the world’s most prevalent photo-sharing application. And keeping in mind that you can “like” or bookmark a photo so you can return to it later, there is no real way to download Instagram photos to the computer or gadget straightforwardly from the Instagram which implies in case you are asking how to save the photos from Instagram, then you are not the only one.

Maybe you took a photo with the Instagram in-application camera and didn’t save a copy to your telephone. Or on the other hand, perhaps you incidentally erased the original photo and the main copy you have left is the one you posted on the Instagram. Possibly somebody shared an image to their Instagram story that would influence an incredible backdrop to photo for your phone.

How to download Instagram user Photos / Pictures? - Famoid

How to download Instagram user Photos / Pictures? – Famoid

Whatever the reason, here are the most ideal approaches to save photos from Instagram. In any case, before you act, make sure to regard the other users’ picture; in light of the fact that you can download the picture doesn’t mean you have to. A few users may particularly share images intended to be saved as backdrop, yet in the event that it’s not clear, it’s a smart thought to ask before you download.

Best Option: Famoid Downloader

As Famoid Team, we’ve developed a 100% Free Tool that allows you to download instagram photos & videos easily with one click. All you need to do is click the link below and put related Instagram Post URL into our tool, then you’ll be able to download photo or video directly to your computer or mobile phone.

Using DownloadGram on Desktop

Here are steps by which you can download images on your desktop or Mac. Have a look at these steps.

Go to https://downloadgram.com/ in the browser. You are allowed to download the Instagram photos from this website.

Open New Tab:

Click on the New Tab icon to the right of DownloadGram tab and then go to the  https://www.instagram.com/ to view the feed if you are already logged in. In case that you are not logged into then you will need to enter the username and password to log in to your account before continuing.

Find the image you want to download

Scroll through the feed until you have the image that you like to download, or go to profile of the user who posted that image.


Click on this icon. It is located on the bottom-right corner of the image’s frame. After clicking the icon a menu will pop up on the screen.

Click on Go to post

By clicking it you will go to the picture’s post page.

Copy the URL of picture

Click on the address bar that is located at the top of the browser window and then copy the URL and then go back to the DownloadGram tab to open the page.

Paste in the URL

Now paste the URL on the search bar in the middle of the page and click on the download button. A green button will show up below the original Download button. By clicking it will prompt Instagram image to download onto the PC.

Using InstaGet on iPhone

  • Download InstaGet app on your iPhone from the app store. After the downloading process is completed open the app in your phone.
  • Enter the username and password and then tap on the Login button to do so.
  • Tap the icon that is located in the top-left corner of phone’s screen and a menu will pop up on your screen.
  • Tap the search icon and enter user name of the person or account from which you would like to download the image and then hit the search icon.
  • Tap on the user’s account and the user will open.
  • Then find the image that you like to download from the user account and tap on the download arrow. The download arrow is a downward facing arrow that is below the image. The download arrow will turn into blue shade, signifying that photo has been downloaded on the iPhone.

Using BatchSave on Android

  • Download BatchSave app on your phone from the play store.  After the downloading process is completed open the app in your phone.
  • You can skip the tutorial by tapping on skip option and then Sign in you’re your Instagram account by entering your username and password and then tap on the Login with Instagram option to do so.
  • Now tap on the search icon and then tap on Search for Users text box which is located at the top of the phone screen.
  • Now type in username of the user from which you like to download the image and after that tap on the search for user that is mentioned below the text box.
  • Tap the user’s profile and then choose an image that you want to download.
  • Open the image and then tap “Download” arrow and the picture will be downloaded in your Android device.


In case that you are not afraid of a little bit of code then you can download the Instagram user picture using the Instagram itself on the desktop computer. Here we have listed some of the steps that you need to follow to download the image.

  • Navigate to the Instagram’s site.
  • Now find the user account from which you want to download the image and click on the Instagram image that you like to save on your device and then click on it.
  • Right or control-click the image, and after that click on the View Page Source option.
  • Find the section that has a meta property info. You can also find it by hitting the command-f or control and typing the meta property into search bar. Here, you will see the line of the code that begins with <meta property=”og:image“.
  • Now you have to copy link that follows “content=” and after that meta property tag until you notice a common image extension, particularly PNG or JPG.
  • Now paste that link into the browser and after that press Enter button.
  • Now you’ll be taken to the page with the picture.
  • Now, Ctrl-click or right-click on the picture, and then select the option Save Image As to download or save the image.

These were some of the few ways you can download the user pictures. You can find other ways and apps as well to download the images you like on Instagram.

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