454 million.

That’s the number of monthly active users on Pinterest. Whether you want to drive traffic, promote content, or increase engagement, Pinterest is a unique platform you can count on. 

But let’s face it, no matter how good a platform is, we can’t depend on it. Sometimes we don’t like to browse through countless pins. Sometimes we want to take a break from social media or no longer use it. 

So, if you’re one of those people who just can’t stand Pinterest anymore, we’ll help you get rid of it. In this article, we’ll guide you with a step-by-step process to delete your Pinterest account permanently. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Should You Deactivate or Delete Your Pinterest Account?

Maybe you’re tired of scrolling through Pinterest and don’t want to watch those curated images anymore. Perhaps you’re thinking about taking a digital detox or a short break from Pinterest. 

Whatever your reason is, you only have two options: A. Deactivate your account B. Delete your account permanently.  

Now deactivating your account will help you take a break from Pinterest. Also, it will hide your profile and boards. But remember, deactivating your Pinterest account won’t change your username or email address. In fact, you can log in or reactivate your Pinterest account anytime you wish. 

Here’s a Heads up: If you want to deactivate your Pinterest account, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Log in to your Pinterest account. 
  2. Open Menu; select settings. 
  3. Next, select Account settings.
  4. Under Account changes, tap on Deactivate account. 
  5. Select Next. 
  6. Tell Pinterest why you’re deactivating your account, then click Deactivate account. 

On the other hand, by deleting, you’ll permanently remove your account from Pinterest. That means you’ll no longer be able to activate your profile or pins in the future. 

So, the answer to this question is completely based on your choice. You have to decide whether you want to remove your account or take a break from Pinterest permanently. 

And, if you can’t make up your mind, here are a few reasons to consider deleting your Pinterest account: 

Why You Should Delete Your Pinterest Account?

We can’t deny that Pinterest is one of the best places to drive traffic to your website. But, just like any other digital platform, you have to be cautious about hackers and malicious links. 

Although Pinterest does a pretty good job with their privacy, it’s crucial to know that scam pins can always find their way onto the platform. These pins can take you to malicious websites that may try to collect personal data from you. 

Also, on Pinterest, you have to be careful about spammy content creators who steal from other users’ pins and upload them to drive traffic to their websites.

But the main issue with Pinterest is you can’t completely set your profile to private. That means other users can see your pins; search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can show your profile unless you’ve hidden all your pins using secret boards. 

So, these are a few reasons why deleting your Pinterest account isn’t a bad idea. And, if you’re concerned, here are the easy steps you can follow to delete it permanently:

How to Delete Pinterest Account From PC or Mac Device

If you like to manage your pins and boards from computers, follow these easy steps to delete your Pinterest account permanently. 

Step 1: Head to Pinterest and log in to your account. 

Step 2: Next, look for the arrow sign located at the top-right corner of your browser.

Step 3: Click on the arrow sign. This will open a drop-down menu. Select Settings from the menu.

How to delete pinterest account

Step 4: In the Settings page, select the Account settings option from the left side of your PC.

How to delete pinterest account 2

Step 5: now, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Delete account option. 

How to delete pinterest account from desktop 3

Step 6: A pop-up will appear on your PC screen asking you to tell Pinterees a reason for deleting your account. Select your preferred reason and hit the Send email button. 

Step 7: Next, Pinterest will send you an email asking you to confirm your decision to delete the account. Select the Yes, delete account button to confirm. 

Final step of deleting your pinterest account from pc

And, that’s it! Your Pinterest account will be permanently removed from your PC or MAC.  

How to Delete Pinterest Account From Mobile App

If you’re an Android or iPhone user, these are steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device and login into your account. 

Step 2: Now tap on your profile photo. You’ll find your profile photo right at the bottom of your device. 

delete pinterest from mobile 1

Step 3: Then select the three dots located at the top-right side of your mobile. This will open a menu. 

delete pinterest from mobile 2

Step 4: From the menu, select Settings, and under Personal information, choose Account settings.

Step 5: Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Delete account

delete pinterest from mobile 3

Step 6: Pinterest will send you a confirmation email. Open the email and click on the Yes, delete account button. 

delete pinterest from mobile 4

So, by following this simple process, you can delete your Pinterest account permanently from your mobile. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting Pinterest Account

Q. What Happens When You Delete Your Pinterest Account?

A: When you delete or close your Pinterest account, your profile will be removed permanently. All of your pins and boards will disappear from your account. 

However, if your pins were repinned by other users, deleting your account won’t affect them. Because according to the Pinterest privacy policy, once other Pinterest users share your pinned images, you are no longer an owner of those pins. Even after deleting your account, you can’t control your repinned content. 

Q. How Long Does it Take to Delete An Pinterest Account Completely?

A: When you close your public account, it gets deactivated within a minute. However, once you’ve closed your account, it takes 14 days to delete it permanently. 

If you decide to reactivate your account within these 14 days, simply log in with your credentials (emails and password) to your Pinterest account. But, if you’ve crossed the 14 days, you won’t be able to revive your Pinterest account or its boards or pins anymore. 

Q. Can You Revive Your Deleted Account?

A: Yes. You can reactivate a deleted account within 14 days of deleting it. After that time limit, you can’t access your account. 

Q. How Do You Delete a Pinterest Business Account?

A: If you want to delete your business account, contact customer support. And you must remember that before deleting the account, you have to pay all the bills to make sure you don’t have any ongoing spending.  

Wrapping Up

If you think that you’re wasting too much time on Pinterest and it’s time to get rid of your account, go ahead and follow the steps we’ve mentioned here for deleting your pinterest account

If you think you’ll miss browsing cute puppy pictures or office decoration ideas, then go for deactivating your account for a while. 

However, no matter what you choose, the steps are simple.

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to delete Pinterest account.

So, have you deleted your Pinterest account before? How did it go?  Let us know in the comments.