There are times when a social media scrub is appropriate, particularly when changing the direction of your YouTube channel or when you have an updated image that older videos don’t line up with. You may find, as you move through changes, that there are videos on your YouTube channel that are no longer aligned with your brand or the image you wish to portray.

How to Delete a YouTube Video

If this is what you are currently facing, you have found just the right guide for deleting a YouTube video.

How to Delete a Youtube Video

How to Delete a Youtube Video

You can delete YouTube videos in two different ways – from your desktop computer or from your mobile device. We have included instructions below for how to delete a YouTube video, no matter your preferred device. Keep in mind that unlisting your YouTube video does not delete it and so you will have to take some extra steps to ensure your video is truly removed from your channel.

Deleting a YouTube video on your Desktop computer

Although it may be tempting, you cannot delete content that other YouTube users have posted. However, if you do come across a video that violates YouTube’s terms of service or copyright laws, you can always report the video so that it can be reviewed by YouTube’s internal team.

  • Now, first thing’s first: log in to your YouTube channel. Use your credentials to access your account if you are not already logged in. Next, open the navigation menu – this can be found by clicking on the photo associated with your account (check the top right corner!).
  • Once the dropdown menu appears, go ahead and click on “Your channel.” Once selected, you will be taken to your main profile page, where each of the videos you have ever uploaded will be displayed.
  • Once your channel is pulled up, you will come across two blue buttons: one says, “Customize Channel” and the other says “YouTube Studio.”
  • Go ahead and click on “YouTube Studio.” Once the new page opens, you will have a full view of your new updates, your channel’s analytics, including some of your top videos! On the left-hand side, find the link that says “Videos.”

How to Delete a Youtube Video on Desktop, Part: 2

  • Once you click on “Videos,” you will see all of your past uploads. From this point, you just need to hover your mouse over the video that you are interested in deleting. While hovering your mouse, you will notice that several different buttons appear – there will be a “Details” button, an “Analytics” button, and a “Comments” button. However, the button we are looking for is the “Options” button. It looks like three vertical dots. Click on this “Options” button for access to the menu options.
  • Once you click on “Options,” a new dropdown menu appears. From this view, you can now delete your chosen YouTube video. Select “Delete Forever” to remove the video from your YouTube channel. Once you have requested to “Delete Forever,” YouTube will prompt you to confirm this permanent decision. If you are absolutely sure, go ahead and confirm the deletion. Once this final step is completed, you are all done with the process!

*NOTE: If you would like to save the video for your records prior to the final deletion, you can first select “Download” and save the video on your desktop or on an external drive. Then, continue with the steps outlined above!

Deleting a YouTube video from your Mobile phone

Go ahead and get your mobile device and download the YouTube app if you do not already have it installed on your phone. Next, sign in using your credentials to access your YouTube account.

  • You will want to access your channel by clicking on the photo associated with your account (check the top right corner!). Once you have clicked on the photo, a dropdown menu appears. Select “Your Channel” to access your created playlists, uploads, liked videos, and subscriptions.
  • Ignore the other options for now and select the link that says, “View All” under “Uploads.” Here you will see all of your uploaded videos, how many views each video has had and how long ago it was posted. You won’t see a specific date here, but YouTube does list the total number of weeks, months, or years that have passed since the original upload.
  • If you don’t see your desired video, you may have to keep scrolling. This is especially true if you have been diligent with your uploads and have a full arsenal of content already uploaded.

How to Delete a Youtube Video on Mobile, Part: 2

  • Once you find the video you are looking to delete, find the three vertical dots next to it. When you click those three dots, you will have access to a menu of options.
  • Once the options menu is available, you will be able to select “Delete.” YouTube will automatically request confirmation of this action with a pop-up that asks, “Delete Upload?” So long as you click “OK,” you will be all set and that video will be gone!
  • Just like the option you have when working from your desktop computer, you can also choose to download the video to your phone and save it prior to deleting the video as it is displayed on your channel.
  • On the other hand, if you feel ready to let the content go and not look back, click the “Delete” button and be done with it once and for all! This is an action you can take with any YouTube upload – whether it is an old video that no longer connects with your current image or if you make a mistake and accidentally upload the wrong video or an unedited video.

With just a few patient clicks on your desktop computer or on your mobile phone, you have easy access to delete a YouTube video. Uploading new content onto YouTube is half the fun but sometimes, we can glean a lot of satisfaction from deleting content that no longer serves a meaningful purpose. Also, see some tips to generate revenue on Youtube.

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