While creating social media accounts, the username plays an important role for branding purposes. 

You should wisely pick your username because some social media platforms only allow you to pick it once.

But luckily that is not the case with a twitch as it allows you to change your username more than once. Whether you’re using android, iPhone or laptop, you can quickly change your twitch name.

In this guide, we will show you a step-by-step how to change Twitch username in just a few clicks.

Twitch is the leading live stream platform for gamers and there can be many reasons for changing twitch username. 

Sometimes we’re in a hurry and end up choosing a random twitch username that might not be perfect for branding. 

Or you might have selected the perfect username while signing up with twitch, but now you’re feeling it is not a perfect fit anymore. 

Whatever the reason behind changing your twitch username, but one thing is clear that you don’t need to create a brand new twitch account for changing your username. 

Because twitch allows you to change the username of your existing account as well. 

But how?

Let’s find that out and see how to change twitch username within a few seconds.

Can I Change My Name on The Twitch App?

Yes! As we have discussed earlier, you can change your username using any device as twitch offers a tool for it. Once you change the twitch username, it will immediately update your username and there is no waiting time.   

Here are some scenarios when you cannot change your twitch username.

  • You cannot change your username during an active broadcast, and will not be processed if an active VOD is pending. 
  • Without a verified email, you cannot change your twitch username. 

You Should Know This Before Changing Your Twitch Username

Following are some important points that you should know before changing your twitch username. 

You won’t able to change it again for 60 days:

Twitch allows you to change your username once every 60 days. So once you have changed your twitch username, then for the next 2 months you cannot change it as per twitch rules. 

Your channel URL will get changed: 

Changing the twitch username will also change your channel’s URL and the old URL will not automatically redirect to the new one. So, your followers may face difficulties while finding your channel because the old URL will no longer redirect them to your channel.

So after changing the username, always update your twitch URL with a new one all across the web. Also, share the updated URL with your followers so that they can easily locate your channel. 

No impact on revenue:

If you’re a partner with a twitch, then keep in mind that changing twitch username will not affect your revenue. But it may delay the revenue for a day on which you changed your twitch username. 

Old URL will not be recycled: 

Twitch, hold your old username as an unused name for six months and no one can use it during this period except in special circumstances. After six months, Twitch will make this username available and anyone can use it. 

But keep in mind that banned usernames are permanently removed from the pool of available usernames and those will not be available in the future and no one can use them.

How to Change Twitch Username From Your Browser?

You can use any browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or any other for changing your twitch username. Only an internet connection is required to access the browser and no need to download any dedicated twitch app. 

Before moving ahead, make sure you must have your verified email in order to change your twitch username. 

If your email id is not verified yet, then firstly you will get a prompt to verify your email, and then you can follow the following steps for changing your twitch username.  

  • Navigate to the browser and open the twitch website. You can either enter https://www.twitch.tv/ in the address bar or simply click here to access the twitch website. 
  • Log in with your credentials and click on the profile icon from the upper right corner.

How to change Twitch username

  • From drop-down select settings and under settings go into the profile tab. 
  • Scroll down the page and look for profile settings. Now, click on the edit button that is located on the right-hand side of the username section. 

Easily change your twitch username from desktop

  • A window will ask you to enter the new username and choose it wisely.

Change your twitch name

  • Once you’re done with entering your username, click on the update button.
  • Twitch will ask you to enter your password once again, enter it and click on the “confirm button”. 

Now, Twitch will change your username immediately and also notify you via your registered email id. 

How to Change Twitch Username on Desktop App?

If you already have a dedicated twitch desktop app, then do the following steps for quickly changing your username. 

  • Open your twitch desktop app and log in to your account.
  • Click on the profile icon from the upper right corner and select settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Under settings dashboard, click on the profile tab and navigate to profile settings. 
  • And from here you can change the username by clicking on the edit button. 
  • The next steps are similar as we have discussed for changing twitch username via browser. Change the username, update it and confirm your password. 

How to Change Twitch Username on Mobile App?

Using the twitch mobile app you can edit many profile settings, but changing username is not possible through the Twitch mobile app. 

But you can access the twitch website via the browser on your mobile in order to change your twitch username. And here is how you can do it:

  • Open the browser on your mobile and type https://www.twitch.tv/ in the address bar.  
  • By default browser will show you the mobile version but you cannot change the username using the mobile browser version. So click on three dots from the top right corner of your mobile browser and click on the desktop site. 
  • Now you can follow the same steps that we have discussed for changing the twitch username via browser.

Why Can’t You Change Username on Twitch?

If you’re facing trouble while changing your username on twitch then here is why you can’t change it. 

You might have recently changed your username and, as per twitch rules, you can only change it once in 60 days. If this is your situation, then you can wait for 2 months and then you can try it again.

Another possible reason is that the username is already taken that you’re trying to set. Here, you can choose another username that is available. 


Whether you’re looking to change your twitch username for rebranding or you just want to get another one, the process only needs a few mouse clicks. 

Prepare your mind properly before selecting your twitch username because you can only change it once in 60 days.

After changing your twitch username, don’t forget to update your new URL all across the web and also share with your followers so that they can easily locate your channel. 

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to change twitch username properly.