Reddit is the largest social news aggregation site where you can explore content on almost any topic that is legal. This includes posts, images, and text on a variety of topics such as science, video games, movies, music, books, art, etc. What makes it popular is the fact that it allows users to create boards called ‘subreddits’ where they can create posts and discussions based on a specific topic or genre. Users can upvote or downvote posts and comments based on their value. The most popular posts have the honor of being featured on the front page of Reddit where millions of people who browse the site can view their posts. Indeed, it is a pretty useful, interesting, and fun site to browse.

However, Reddit is not perfect and can be intensely annoying at times. In fact, many users feel frustrated when they try to change their username. Let’s see why that is below.

How to Change Reddit Username

How to Change Reddit Username

Can you change your Reddit Username?

This is one of the most popular questions asked on Reddit. Unfortunately, there is no proper solution to this problem. Once you have selected your Reddit username during the account registration process, it is impossible to change it in the future as it is permanently associated with your verification details. This is a necessary process to reduce cyber-crimes such as fraud or account impersonation.

The only indirect solution is to deactivate your existing account and create a new account. By deactivating your account, you will lose access to your existing account and it would be deleted. However, the existing posts on Reddit posted using the current username wouldn’t get deleted. The username on those posts would get replaced with *deleted* tag.

If you choose to go forward with this process, you should note that all your karma points associated with your current account would get deleted and there is currently no way to transfer them over to your new account even if you contact customer support.

Does changing the Display name help?

Some people recommend that you change your display name since you cannot change the Reddit username. Unfortunately, this is a very poorly implemented solution and doesn’t help at all. The Reddit display name only appears on your profile over your username and you can change it as many times as you want. However, this feature is useless as it doesn’t hide or replace your Reddit username. People can still view your username on your profile and see it associated with your posts.

Nevertheless, you can follow the steps listed below to change your Reddit Display name:

  1. Log in to your Reddit account using your username and password.
  2. Next, click on your username and select the User Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Profile tab under User Settings
  4. Change your Display name under Profile Information and save the changes. That’s it, you have successfully changed your Display name.

How to create a good Reddit Username

There can be many reasons why a Reddit user might want to change their existing username. Some people are bored with it and want to create a new username just for the sake of it. Others may be embarrassed because they may have made a silly decision during their teenage years when creating their account. If you have to choose a new Reddit Username by creating a new account, you have to make sure not to make the same mistake and create a suitable username that you can be proud of for years.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions on creating multiple Reddit accounts even using the same email address. In fact, many people create throwaway Reddit accounts due to this fact. Here are a few tips you can use to come up with suitable Reddit usernames:

1. Think of your intention – If you represent a brand or company, it is better to create a username that matches the name, motto, or values of that brand or company. If you primarily want to use Reddit to explore certain topics or genres, you can use name generators to create random usernames using a few key pieces of information about yourself and those types of topics. Also see that blog post to learn how to get famous on social media.

2. Think of your hobbies or likes – You can create a username based on your hobbies or your likes. For eg. if you like gardening, your username could be ‘zenofgardening’ or if you like collecting stamps, your username could be ‘stampcollector’.


There is no way to change your Reddit username without losing some karma and creating a new account. However, if your account is relatively new or you are not that active, this process should not affect you greatly. In fact, it can be great fun to come up with new Reddit username ideas. Just make sure to consult a few close friends to get a second opinion so that you don’t feel the need to change it again in the future.

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