A couple of years back, it used to be a simpler time for Redditors. Blocking subreddits and even users were a command away. However, since the redesign of the platform in 2018, everything has changed and Redditors have trouble accessing the essential feature.

Why and when should you block a subreddit?

If you have been on the platform for long enough, you know that Reddit has all kinds of users. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, it also allows more freedom and cultivates all kinds of communities. Some of them may be cringy and some may be too edgy for your taste.

How to Block a Subreddit

How to Block a Subreddit

You don’t want to come across a distasteful joke while expecting something from r/wholesome. Blocking subreddits allow you to block communities like r/politics that are a minefield of arguments and may ruin a perfectly fine day. That’s why you must block subreddits that you don’t want to see.

How to block a subreddit in the old Reddit

Previously if you wanted to block a subreddit from showing up in your feed, you had the easy option of using the search box. You had to go to the r/all page and remove an offensive or boring subreddit by entering your name in the Filter Subreddit and click on the plus icon.

However, that’s not possible since the complete redesign of Reddit in 2018. The redesign was welcomed by most users with its modern user interface and polished graphics and several other minor changes. However, the sub-filter search box was lost for good. If you are feeling nostalgic you can always revert to the old design by going to https://old.reddit.com/.

How to block a subreddit for your feed today

A regular user on the platform is left helpless without the subreddit filter and left to the mercy of the algorithm. This holds for all platforms, from desktop browsers to mobile app. Fortunately, you can subscribe to Reddit Premium and get help from third-party apps and extensions to solve your problem. The premium version allows you to block the subreddits that you don’t want.

The premium version of Reddit costs around $5.99 and gives you a certain sum of coins at the first purchase and on every month of subscription so that you can award your favorite comments and posts. You also get access to the premium Reddit community r/lounge.

Here’s how you can subscribe to Reddit Premium:

  • After logging in to your account, click on the downward arrow sitting next to your avatar
  • Go to the User Settings option and click on the Reddit Premium Tab
  • On the new page click on the Get Premium button and pay for the subscription with your preferred payment option

After you are done here, you can go to the r/all page and utilize your new power of blocking unwanted communities.

How to block subreddits using Kora or Leechblock

Previously, people used productivity tools like Kora and Leechblock to block unwanted communities from their feed. However, both of those tools have been out of commission for quite some time now. However, other more convenient options get the job done.

How to block a subreddit on Windows or Mac

Whether you are on a Windows PC or a Mac, you have the option to browse Reddit through numerous browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Thankfully, all those browsers support a lot of third-party extensions that make it easier for you to block subreddits and improve your browsing experience in general. One of the most popular extensions is the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

What is Reddit Enhancement Suite?

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a browser extension, a suite of modules that makes your browsing experience on Reddit a lot better. With over a million users on the Chrome browser alone, it is one of the best extensions for Redditors and is powered by the community. It also allows you to block subreddits and get around the monthly Reddit Premium subscription fees.

While it’s available on most popular browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, the installation method is similar to all of them. You need to visit the extension store of the browser, search and install it to use the powerful tool. Let’s look at how you can use it on Chrome.

Block Subreddit using Third-party apps

Here’s how you can use the Reddit Enhancement Suite on Google Chrome:

  • Install RES from the Chrome extension store and make sure it is pinned at the top
  • Go to reddit.com
  • Click on the big RES button to open the drop-down menu
  • The next step is to click on Options or the cog icon (depends on the version)
  • It opens the RES page and to block subreddits you need to click on the filter Reddit tab on the left
  • Switch on the option and scroll down the page for further customization
  • On the blocked subreddits settings click on the +add filter button at the lower-left corner
  • Enter the name of the subreddit you want to filter out and to add more to the list you need to click on the +add filter button and repeat till you are done
  • After you are done with the list, scroll up and click on the Save option button

How to block a subreddit on Android or iOS

Unfortunately, mobile users are out of luck since most popular mobile browsers don’t support extensions and there are no third-party apps to get your way around it. Both the Android and iOS apps for Reddit require you to pay for Reddit Premium to hammer out the unwanted subreddits.


It seems that with the redesign of Reddit, the developers and people behind the platform have figured out new ways to earn revenue and one of them is to claim r/all. However, Redditors have been resisting this move for quite some time. While some decide to pay the monthly premium subscription, others choose to stick to third party solutions until Reddit finds a way to prevent that.