Instagram’s popularity is at an all-time high with over 71% of U.S. businesses regularly using Instagram. With 2 million advertisers on a monthly basis, 25 million business profiles, and a far-reaching and engaging customer base, Instagram marketing has become truly mainstream.

However, one of the true differentiator between Instagram and the other social media platforms is its true emphasis on high quality visual content. This makes a bespoke Instagram marketing strategy necessary for businesses. Through this article, we will look at various methods to help amplify your Instagram marketing ROI.

Amplify your Instagram Marketing ROI Easily - Famoid

Amplify your Instagram Marketing ROI Easily – Famoid

Understanding The Basics

Instagram is a visual medium and success here comes from producing high quality original content. With millions of users publishing content on the platform every single day, it is vital for businesses to identify the exact triggers that appeal to their target users on Instagram and invest in producing such content.

Having said that, great content is alone not enough to maximize your marketing ROI. The objective of any marketing campaign is to leverage your existing reach to be seen and liked by your target group who do not follow you yet. This is also true in the case of Instagram. Your strategy should focus on leveraging your likes and shares to reach users beyond those who follow you already.

The third fundamental aspect of Instagram marketing is the evolution in the platform itself, and also of the algorithm. For instance, Instagram has now been showing photos based on relevance rather than the time of posting. Similarly, a while back, the platform introduced the ability for users to follow posts based on hashtags. It is necessary for a marketer to follow these changes and tweak their marketing strategy accordingly.

Maximizing Hashtag ROI


Hashtags are often the most misunderstood aspects of Instagram marketing. Many marketing gurus advise against using a lot of hashtags. The common refrain here is that too many hashtags tend to clutter your captions and thus reduce engagement. While that is partly true, hashtags are also a fantastic opportunity for your posts to be discovered. Instagram allows users to not only search for hashtags but also follow them. This way you can be seen by individuals who are your target group but do not actively follow your profile as yet.

Understanding and using the right hashtags is however critical. In addition to using popular hashtags relevant to your business and industry, it is also important to identifying the other popular hashtags that can help you maximize reach. For instance, studies show that #instagood, #happy and #cute are universally popular hashtags and help you expand your reach regardless of industry. Using these hashtags in your posts can help you be seen by a huge audience and helps you maximize visibility of your campaigns.       

Maximizing Audience retention

Gaining followers is only the beginning of your marketing campaign. The end-objective is to translate these followers into loyal and paying customers for your business. That is only possible if you can continue to engage your audience and retain them.

  • To achieve this, one thing to avoid is including detailed product write-ups in your captions. Instagram, as a social media platform, is visited primarily for media consumption. Having short and to-the-point captions with a CTA is a much more engaging strategy than including detailed product descriptions.
  • Another feature of Instagram that is often used by business is Direct Messaging. Treated with care, DMs allow companies to converse with clients in a more private setting. This can be used to resolve an issue, away from the prying eyes of other users, or even offer a special discount to an enthusiastic follower without publicly upsetting others.

Similarly, “tagging” users who post pictures about your product or are supportive in the long run is a great way to retain followers. It makes the individual feel special and usually leads to automatic, free of cost, brand promotion by the said person.s

Maximizing Influencer marketing ROI

Investing time in finding the right influencer for your trade can help accelerate your reach. This does not necessarily mean that you should go for the most popular celebrities in your industry. Influencers with a significant following not only cost more, but may also have a follower profile that is generic and not highly targeted. An alternate strategy is to seek influencers that have a smaller, but a highly targeted following. This way, you can invest in several influencers for the same budget and maximize conversions.

Contests Marketing

One of the most effective strategies to increase follower count on Instagram is through contests. People love winning and contests provide an easy way for your followers (and also other users) to engage with your brand while potentially winning a reward. But having said that, the success of a contest depends on how well the campaign is promoted. Regardless of the winning prize, Instagram contests need to be promoted extensively through other channels, including influencer marketing and advertisements.

There are a couple of factors to account for. Firstly, make sure that you do not fall foul of Instagram’s own policies or the rules of the land while organizing a contest. Also, it is worth noting that you are likely to engage with a lot of users who are in the contest only for the prize. They may fail to continue engaging with your brand or become a customer.

It is a good idea to offer a prize that your target audience will be excited about. For instance, a group of fitness enthusiasts will be excited about a gym accessory as prize. Offering a cash reward or an iPhone for a prize invites a lot of non-targeted users who may not really who you are after.

A successful marketing campaign requires a constant appraisal of analytics to figure out how and which of the techniques are working favorably. To amplify your Instagram marketing ROI, be vigilant about the minor changes, bold enough to experiment with diverse approaches, and keep the points mentioned above in mind until you achieve the perfect pitch.

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