Want to know how to advertise on Instagram? There are actually a few different options, but this post will help to make sense of it all by showing you how to advertise on Instagram using each of them. PLUS how to make sure that your adverts are as impactful and successful as possible.

How to Advertise on Instagram? - Famoid Blog

How to Advertise on Instagram? – Famoid Blog

Types of Advertising on Instagram


The first option you have when it comes to how to advertise on Instagram, is to use promotions. Promotions are simply a tool that allows you to extend the reach of an already existing Instagram post to a much larger audience.

Promotions look very much like organic (regular) posts but have two important differences. First: they will include the word ‘sponsored’ underneath them. This communicates to the viewer that the post is different from others and that it paid to reach that position.

At the same time, promotions can include a call to action button that can link your viewers directly to a store listing, to a sales page, or to any other type of content/page. This is a HUGE benefit for brands because you aren’t normally able to add any kind of link in your image description.

And when you consider that this content will also be reaching a much larger audience, it makes a lot of sense to use promotions. It also couldn’t be easier to set up!

If you want to know how to advertise on Instagram using this method, then you will first need a business account. You’ll then be able to click ‘Create Promotion’, which will guide you to a page where you’ll be able to select one of your previous posts. A tip here is to choose one that was already doing well on its own, as clearly this type of content must resonate well with your audience. This will then become your promoted post.

Choose that post, click on the right arrow at the top of the screen, then select your target audience (target demographic) and pay for your ad to remain promoted for as long as you like.

Boom! You just reached a massive audience. That is how to advertise on Instagram the easy way!

Regular Ads

While promotions do work really well for a variety of business types, they are still limited by being just one type of advertisement.

Ads on the other hand will give you far greater power and flexibility over the way that your ads appear and what you do with them.

If you want to know how to advertise on Instagram, then it may help to be familiar with Facebook advertising. That’s because Facebook owns Instagram, and so of course the two platforms are able to share an advertising system. You’ll create an ad here then in precisely the same way that you would do when making an ad for Facebook, the only difference is that you will choose Instagram as the target location at the end.

This means that this is how to advertise on Instagram while gaining access to all the advanced features that normally come from Facebook ads. You’ll be able to target users based on their age, their location, their interests, their friends and much more.

And of course, the success of any online strategy is really based on how targeted it is. More on this in a moment.

As with many other types of marketing, Instagram ads work based on a CPC and CPM system. This means Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression. That in turn means that you aren’t going to pay a set amount for the ad to appear in a particular location. Rather, you will be paying only when someone actually clicks on one of your adverts.

That in turn means that your ads can actually appear entirely for free, and it’s only when someone actually interacts with one (i.e. only when it is successful), that you will be required to pay anything for it!

Setting this up takes a lot longer, but the potential benefits are huge, making it more than worth the time and effort for the majority of businesses.

Other Options

There are actually a couple of other options when it comes to how to advertise on Instagram that are less obvious. One is to go directly to an influencer and to pay them!

The idea here is to pay someone who already has a huge audience to talk about, show, or recommend your product to their audience. When you do this, you will be able to reach their huge audience with your product or service, as well as to benefit from their reputation and their clout!

  • The going rate for this type of marketing is $1,000 for every 100,000 subscribers. So it’s not cheap!
  • How to Advertise on Instagram Successfully
  • Knowing how to advertise on Instagram is one thing. Knowing how to do so successfully is another entirely!

If you really want to be successful in your marketing efforts, then the first thing you need to know is how to target audience. That means that you should be aiming to promote your content to the precise people that are likely to want to buy your products and services. It is far more valuable to have 100 followers who are engaged with your brand and interested in what you have to say, than it is to have a million followers that you paid for and that don’t have any interest in you.

That’s one of the most important benefits of using Instagram ads. When you advertise in this way – and only pay per click – you won’t pay for exposing your ads to people that aren’t interested. Make sure then, that the ads you share very quickly define who they are for and what they are about. Make sure that the image instantly speaks to a set number of people, and won’t have any interest to those that aren’t in your target demographic. This way you can avoid paying for clicks you don’t need.

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That is how to advertise on Instagram in a nutshell. Good luck!

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