Pinterest is a unique social media platform that has carved out its own space within the social landscape. The purpose of the site is for users to share images and other visual information that fit into a theme.

It is a great way for people to create a vision board, get design inspiration, or even just share their favorite motivational quotes. The visual nature of the website makes it an ideal place for people to market and show off their crafts and other goods for sale.

Your Ultimate Guide for Pinterest Marketing: Pinspiration

Your Ultimate Guide for Pinterest Marketing: Pinspiration

With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest is carving its own marketing niche to its dedicated visitors. In fact, it is the fourth most popular social media platform.

To be clear, you can add a buy button to your posts or you can simply link people to your own website. The point of marketing on Pinterest to convert followers into subscribers and purchasers.

Continue reading and we will you through the best creative ideas for Pinterest marketing that you need to know about.

Pinterest Basics

Before we jump into how to market on Pinterest, let’s first go over the basics. Like all social media sites, Pinterest has its own terms for different aspects of its platform.


A pin is the piece of visual information that a user posts. A pin can be something like a photo, video, or gif. When you click on a pin, it links back to its original source.

Businesses can benefit greatly from this feature. Every time a user clicks on your pin, they can be linked back to your marketplace.


Since there are literally billions of pins on Pinterest, it is important that everything is organized and easy to find. Boards are essentially themed pages where a collection of pins exists.

Users have the option to follow your entire account or they can follow just specific boards that you create. If they follow your board, whatever you post to that board will show up on the follower’s feed.


The feed on Pinterest is similar to that on most other social platforms. It is basically a user’s homepage and is a collection of boards and accounts they follow as well as ads and suggestions.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go over creative Pinterest marketing tips!

Pin Consistently

This is an important point no matter what social site you are on. It is absolutely necessary that you post consistently and often.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is an axiom that rings especially true on the internet.

Because of how easy Pinterest makes it for users to follow both accounts as well as boards, a user’s feed can quickly become clogged up with all sorts of material.

If you fail to pin consistently, you may soon be forgotten as the user moves onto something else.

You need to have a well-thought-out strategy for your posting schedule as well. Try to post at least once a day at peak times. A peak time is when your demographic is most likely about to visit the website.

The closer you get to the moment just before they open the Pinterest homepage, the more likely they are going to see your post.

The best times to make a pin are usually in the evenings on weekdays and early afternoons on the weekends. It’s best not to post in the middle of the day on a weekday because people are usually busy with work.

If you are planning a holiday-themed sale, try to start posting about it 45 days in advance of the holiday.

Post too early and your users may no longer be interested in what you’re selling. Post too late and your followers may be anticipating another sale already.

Finding the ideal time to post comes with practice. Pay attention to your followers’ activity and when they interact with your pins and boards.

This strategy will help you drive trafficto your website.

Add Save Buttons to Your Site

Your job as an online marketplace owner is to make it as easy as possible for users to respond to your actions.

Your website is where you sell your goods and services. It may not be the place where users go daily. This is where Pinterest comes into play.

You can add a Save button to your website, thus allowing people to simply click that button and then automatically follow you on Pinterest.

This is much easier and simpler than directing people to go to Pinterest and find your account. Plus, you never want to direct a visitor away from your site if you can help it.

You should have buttons for all of your social accounts linked to your website for this reason.

There are also a few button options that you can choose from. You can choose the Click and Save button. Here, a user just clicks on the button and then they automatically follow you.

There is also the hover button. This icon will only appear when a user’s mouse hovers over an image.

Put the Focus on Great Visuals

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a principally visual platform. The better your visuals are, the more likely you are to attract followers.

Some basic rules to having a good visual include making sure the subject is well-lit, properly composed, and in focus. If you don’t have the skills or resources to do this, there are many good stock images websites that can supply you with great photos.

Peruse Pinterest to get a sense of how boards are composed. Visit your competition’s pages and see what they are posting. What are their most popular pins and boards?

Generally, lifestyle images tend to outperform product images. So if you are selling a product, think about how you can incorporate it into a larger lifestyle photo.

Show examples of how people might use your product or service instead of just showing the product by itself. This is a classic marketing lesson.

Optimize for Mobile

80% of Pinterest users also have a mobile app version. Because of this, you want to make sure that your Pinterest page is mobile optimized.

How do you do this? Posting more vertical images as opposed to landscape ones is a great way to cater to mobile users.

Because we naturally hold our smartphones in the vertical position, it will make it more convenient for visitors to view your pins when they are also vertical.

Vertical images also tend to give you more visual information to work with.

The ideal ratio for a Pinterest image is 2:3. This means that your pixel size should be 600 x 900. It is important to note that if your image is taller than 1560 pixels then the site will cut off part of it.

Adding a little bit of text to the image is a great way to fill some vertical space while also giving the user a quick understanding of the image. This image from Kraft Foods is a great example of how to combine text and image.

Use Words Well

Although Pinterest is mainly a visual medium, the words you choose matter. Take advantage of the Description part of the pin and give users something informative yet also engaging and short. You need to convince the reader to follow the link to your website.

Put your best keywords in the description too so that it will appear in more relevant searches. Still, don’t just stuff your keywords in there. Use them naturally as this is more likely to be better for your rate of conversion.

Also, aim to include your company’s name within the first line of the description. It is important that you give extra consideration to brand awareness, especially on social media.

Make sure that your links are all correct and up to date. Pinterest has been known to punish brands that include broken or false links.

Utilize Rich Pins

Rich pins are enhanced pins that add extra information to your post. They can be used for articles, recipes, products, and apps. Thus, they probably apply to your business.

A product pin includes information such as availability of the product, real-time pricing, and where a person can purchase it.

An article pin will show a user the article’s headline, a description of the story, and the name of the author.

A recipe pin will quickly show someone the listed ingredients, serving sizes, and cooking times.

An app pin allows someone to download your app with the tap of a button. This way, they don’t have to leave the Pinterest site. At the moment, this feature is only available for iOS.

Take Advantage of the Social Part

Believe it or not, Pinterest’s CEO has gone on record stating that his platform is not a social network. Many others would beg to differ.

Either way, engaging with users is a great way to increase your business’s conversion. Follow accounts and boards that are relevant to your product to show that there is actually a person behind your account.

It’s probably best to not follow your competitors though.

Make sure that you consistently and actively engage with pins that related to your product. You can also invite your employees and loyal fans to contribute to your boards.

This is an excellent way to make people feel included and as if they actually are a part of your brand.

Remember, you’re more than just a faceless company. You are a brand that people should care about.

Use Analytics

By having a business account, you can gain access to Pinterest Analytics.

Here, you can get a sense of your overall presence on the site. You can see the organic, paid and earned engagement for each of your posts.

You can also see which boards people are adding your pins too. This will help give you a better sense of how your images are connecting to people so that you can better hone your future posts.

One of the most useful parts of Pinterest Analytics is that you will be able to see important demographic information about the users who interact with your account.

For example, the clothing company Reiss was able to learn that their menswear posts were actually attracting more engagement than their womenswear posts. With this information, they were able to pivot their marketing strategy to be more focused on menswear.

Give Promoted Pins a Shot

Promoted pins are basically ads on Pinterest. They are a powerful way to get your brand in front of more people. Be aware that promoted pins state that they are “promoted” and they also display who paid for the ad.

When a user saves your promoted pin to a board, then it turns into just a regular pin.

More than half of the users on Pinterest have made a purchase after seeing content from a business on the social platform.

Understanding the Value of Pinterest Marketing

As we can see, there’s a lot involved when it comes to Pinterest marketing strategies. And that’s just one of the many social media platforms out there!

With some time, practice, and focus, you should be able to start and grow a compelling and engaging Pinterest business account all your own.

Just remember to post honestly and treat your followers well. If you do that, they’ll most likely return the favor.

Interested in learning more about how social media can benefit your business? Lucky for you, we’re experts at it!

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