Make a Payment with CashApp

You can easily make a payment by using CashApp on Famoid.

Total Payment : $

* Please follow the instructions below before making a payment.


  • In order to start payment process, please click the “Pay with CashApp” button above.
  • Pay the exact package amount to our business CashApp account.
  • After the completion of payment, please fill out the “CashApp Notification Form” below and send to us.
  • After 15-75 mins. later, you’ll receive notification E-mail and SMS from Famoid about your order.
  • Additionally, if you cannot pay through that button/link above, you can simply send amount directly to $Famoid (cashtag) through CashApp.

Notification Form


Need Support?

CashApp is a very simple payment solution to send and receive money. Mostly being used in United States and UK.

Please refer to article below to learn more what is CashApp;

Please refer to this official article to learn how to send money on CashApp.

Definitely, CashApp is very simple and you can sign up in 5 seconds.

For now, CashApp is accepting users from only United States and UK.

You can easily deposit money to your CashApp account by adding your credit or debit card.

It’s very simple and quick.

Well, when you’ve completed the payment process, you have to fill the notification form above.

After that, we’ll approve your payment in a very short time and you’ll receive confirmation e-mail.

If you still have questions, please let us know!