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Twitter Verification: How to Get Verified on Twitter (2024)

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You might have seen blue badges with various Twitter accounts while exploring Twitter. 

Are you craving to get the same blue badge next to your Twitter profile?

Sounds great! 

Everybody wants to grab the blue checkmark to feel like a celebrity. Only Twitter has the authority to give this badge to you and to get this you need to get verified on Twitter. 

And after successful verification, Twitter will automatically place a blue checkmark next to your Twitter profile name. 

But the question is: how to get verified on Twitter?

No need to worry! That’s what we’re going to discuss in this guide. 

Back in 2019, Twitter stopped accepting public applications for verification and in May 2021, Twitter has reopened a new verification program. 

Now, anyone can apply for Twitter verification, but to get verified, your profile must meet verification eligibility criteria. 

Don’t worry! We will also discuss what are these requirements to get verified on Twitter.

Twitter verification does not only gives you an overwhelming feeling but also helps you in many ways, such as

  • It builds credibility for your brand. Whenever someone sees a blue badge, they will automatically get to know that Twitter verified your profile, and it is not spam. 
  • It shows that the account is of public interest, which leads to an increase in followers.
  • Helps to build trust as it shows that the profile is authentic and does not mislead followers.

And many more benefits of getting verified on Twitter.

Want to know how you can maximize your chances of getting verified? 

Then continue exploring this guide till the end to know many more things about Twitter verification. 

What is Twitter Verification?

Twitter verification shows that the profile is authentic and of public interest. The profile with a blue badge symbol shows others that this account is verified by Twitter and not spamming and violating any copyright or trademark laws. 

Twitter verification only means that the profile is credible by Twitter and it does not show any endorsement. 

Let’s briefly discuss Twitter verification eligibility criteria!

To get verified, your profile must be authentic, notable, and active. As per the Twitter new verification program, the categories Government, Companies, brands and non-profit organizations, news organizations and journalists, Entertainment, Sports and Esports, Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals are authentic. So your profile must fall under these categories to earn a badge from Twitter.

Here are some points that you should know about Twitter verification:

  • Only twitter holds the authority to verify profiles, and third parties have no power to do this.
  • Verified accounts always have a blue badge next to their username and are of the same size, shape, and color. 
  • Anyone can apply for twitter verification, but only qualified profiles get verified and earn badges from Twitter. 
  • Twitter also holds the right to remove the blue badge from a verified account any time without giving notice. 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Twitter? 

There is no minimum number of followers is required to get verified on Twitter. Because having a large fan following on Twitter is not enough reason to get a blue checkmark. 

As long as your profile complies with Twitter verification criteria, you’re eligible to get verified on Twitter no matter how many followers you have.

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2 Easy Steps 

As we have mentioned earlier that anyone can apply for Twitter verification but you will not get verified until and unless your profile is in accordance with the Twitter verification criteria.

Once your account meets the verification requirements, you’re all set to start the verification process. 

To get started, you just need to follow the following simple steps. 

Step 1: Log in to Your Account & Head over to Account Information

Twitter verification is a self-serving process and from within your Twitter dashboard, you can apply for it. 

Simply log in to your Twitter account from your desktop or mobile application and go to settings, then access your account settings and head over to account information.

Twitter verification

Step 2: Click on Verification Request And Follow The Prompts

On the account verification page, scroll down and select the Twitter verification request option.

How to get verified on twitter

Now you just need to fill out a form to complete the verification process. 

Twitter verification request

First, Twitter will ask you to select your category from the six eligible categories that we discussed above. Select a category for your account and submit specific requirements for your selected category to ensure authenticity and notability. 

After selecting the category, you need to verify the activity for your category. This step depends on the category that you have just chosen from the previous step. For example, if you have selected the journalist’s category, then you may have to submit links to recent articles to verify your activity. 

Now Twitter will ask you to confirm your identity and you can use your photo id or official website’s reference to verify your identity. 

Once you submit all the above information, click the submit button. 

This is all that you need to do for the Twitter verification process. Now, your request goes in the queue for a review and the Twitter team will review the application. 

The review time may vary and take a few weeks, as it depends upon how many verification requests are already there. 

Twitter will automatically place a blue badge next to your username if they successfully approve your verification application. In case your application is rejected, then you have to review your profile to check what things are missing on your profile and after 30 days you can reapply for Twitter verification. 

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Verified on Twitter

Every Twitter user has access to apply for Twitter verification, but there is no guarantee that after applying you will get verified by Twitter. Only accounts that fit perfectly with verification criteria are eligible to get a blue badge. 

Are you struggling to get verified on Twitter or looking for ways to get approved in the first attempt?

Perfect! Here are some tips that you can follow to increase your chances of becoming verified on Twitter:

1) Complete Your Profile And Fill Out All The Possible Information

To maximize your chances of getting verified on Twitter, complete your profile on a priority basis. To do this, simply login to your Twitter profile and click on the edit profile button. Here you can add all possible information for each section. 

Twitter profile

Add your Name: Add your real name or brand’s name in the name section and using your name, people can search for you on Twitter and Google search. Further, from a Twitter verification perspective, it is very important to add your real name or authentic brand name before applying for it. 

Add Bio: In this section, add crisp and clear information about who you are and what you or your company do.

For a personal account, you can include your job title with employer details, your area of expertise, and something unique and interesting things about you. If you’re owning a business account, mention your company’s mission, years of experience, what you’re offering, add numbers and your business specifications. 

Add Profile and Cover photo: Twitter recommends that your profile and cover photo should accurately represent you and your brand so if you don’t want to miss any chance of getting verified. Then consider publishing a perfect profile and cover photo that accurately represents who you are or what your organization is about. 

Add your website: Add the link to your website, blog, or any online portfolio to make verification easier. If you are a business or any organization, then most probably you have your website, then consider adding a link to your website. It will not only help you with verification, but it will also help you to gain more traffic. Because whenever someone clicks on your website link, they will redirect it to your official website.  

To complete your profile, consider verifying your mobile and email id and also make sure tweets are set to public. 

2) Be Active And Engage With Others

Being active and engaging with others on Twitter helps you to make your profile of public interest, which will lead to reaching more followers. Here is how you can be active and engage with others:

  • Write and share content regularly
  • Ask questions and create Twitter polls
  • Reply to comments, mentions, and direct messages
  • Follow other verified accounts as per your interest areas and also engage with their content.
  • Like, retweet, and comment on other user’s content to boost engagement. 
  • Use trending hashtags

Being active is not only means regularly writing, sharing, and engaging on Twitter but you also need to maintain your account as per Twitter rules. 

This means profile completeness, active use in the last 6 months, confirmed email id and phone number, and no Twitter rule violation in the past 6 months.

3) Be Authentic And Real

Authencity is required to build and maintain interest between users and for this, you need to confirm your identity with Twitter. There are several ways that you can follow to prove authentic like providing a link to your official website as a reference on your Twitter account, providing documents for ID verification such as a passport or driving license, and thirdly you can simply add your official email id with your domain. 

Along with being authentic, also focus on keeping your profile real. As there are no shortcuts, you would have to do lots of hard work to make your profile authentic.

And the only way to keep your profile authentic and real is through producing authentic and real content.  

4) Tweet Regularly

To get the most out of Twitter, start tweeting constantly and make a perfect strategy to smoothly post tweets. Here are a few tips to make a perfect strategy for Twitter:

  • Determine your goals
  • Analyze what your competitors are tweeting
  • Figure our topics to tweet 
  • Make a content calendar for posting tweets regularly
  • Start publishing tweets, and track the results

Along with text, also use visuals like photos and videos to tweet as it helps you to gain more engagement. Before posting a tweet, always double-check your tweet to avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes. 

All these tips will not only help you increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter but also help you increase the authority and fan-following of your Twitter profile. 

How Not to Lose Your Twitter Verification Badge

Twitter holds the authority to remove verification badges anytime without giving notice. To keep your Twitter verification badge safe, keep your profile under Twitter rules and conditions. 

Here are a few points you should keep in mind if you don’t want to lose your Twitter verification badge. 

Don’t Violate Twitter’s Policy

If you violate any of twitter’s policy then you can lose your blue badge. In case you’re not aware of twitter’s policies and rules, then read its policies page and make sure never go against with policies. 

Stay Active With Your Account

Make sure that you’re using your Twitter account actively. If you discontinued using Twitter for a long while, then probably twitter may remove your verification badge. Accounts that are not logged in the past 6 months are considered inactive, so to be an active user of Twitter, engage with others regularly to keep your badge. 

Don’t Mislead Your Audience

Misleading your audience by changing your user name may lead to the removal of the blue badge from your account. You got the verification because of your account information and details.  If you change the username, then it may also change the original purpose of your account. So twitter takes no risk and can remove your blue badge if you’re misleading your audience. 


Having a verified status helps you to get more followers, trust and respect from the Twitter community. 

I hope now you have a clear idea that how you can apply for twitter verification, what you should do to get verified on Twitter and what points you need to avoid to keep your verification badge. 

Start optimizing your profile to meet Twitter verification criteria. Once you think you’re ready, submit your verification application to earn a blue badge. 


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