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14 Top Instagram Post Ideas To Boost Your Reach in 2024

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Are you running out of content ideas for Instagram? Perhaps you are lost in the ocean of similar content and Don’t know what to post. 

If you’re trying to stand out on Instagram, you’ve probably realized that it’s not easy! Millions of businesses are on Instagram daily sharing their stories and making a connection with their followers.

And finding the best-performing post ideas on Instagram every day is a daunting task. But don’t worry we’ve got your back!

We’ve compiled 14 awesome Instagram post ideas for you to take inspiration from. These will help you make your posts more engaging and interactive so that you can build a loyal following on Instagram.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in. 

14 Best Performing Instagram Post Ideas to Take Inspiration From

1. Share Memes Related to Your Niche

Gone are the days of posting aesthetic pictures of your food on Instagram. Nowadays, people want a full experience, and that includes images that make them laugh. 

After all, humor is a universal language, and memes are designed to start conversations among people.

Sharing memes related to your niche can help you build engagement, promote brand value, and add a little variety to your content.

The best part is, to create memes you don’t have to spend bucks on expensive photographers or fancy marketing campaigns. All you need to do is stay relevant and stir humor into your content. 

Here’s how you can add memes into your Instagram posts:

  • Create relevant, fun, relatable memes.
  • Get into the bandwagon of pop culture moments to create viral memes.
  • Take meme inspirations from sites like Giphy, Reddit, Imgflip, YouTube.

If you’re looking for some meme content ideas, you can follow Instagram accounts like 9gag, memezar, betches, memezar,, etc. 

2. Ask Questions

Use Instagram stories to ask your audience quirky and engaging questions. 

You can use the question sticker to encourage your followers to share their feedback or valuable opinion. You can also use the poll sticker to ask “yes” or “no” questions. 

Another fun way to start a conversation with your followers is AMA (Ask Me Anything). Ask them to share their interests. Get a little personal and ask how their life’s going? What shows are they currently binging? 

Sharing stories with question stickers are great for product research. If you want to understand what product your customers like the best, simply ask them. 

Offer your advice or expertise by asking questions relevant to your brand niche. For instance, if you’re a business coach, you might ask, “What’s the biggest struggle you’re facing while building a marketing strategy?”

You can take inspiration from Starbucks. Here’s an example of how they’re using Instagram stories to understand their customers’ preferences. 

Instagram post ideas - ask questions

3. Share Company Culture

The next Instagram post idea is sharing your company culture.

Positive work culture reflects your brand value. That’s why sharing your company culture on Instagram is the best way to let people see how your company functions. 

If you post content on your work culture, the audience will humanize your brand. People will connect with the real problem behind the brand. 

On Instagram, you can introduce your employees with their photos. Recognize their hard work by sharing videos or pictures of work anniversaries, performance appraisals, and industry events. 

Make sure to post candid pictures of teamwork, small moments in the cafeteria, fun lunch breaks to show the positive atmosphere in your company.

And if brands like Hootsuite, Google, Hubspot, can share stories and pictures of their workforce on Instagram, you can do it too! 

Here’s an example of how social media management company Hootsuite posts pictures of their team to showcase company culture. 

Share company culture

4. Giveaway & Contests

Whether you’re a brand or an individual, running a giveaway on Instagram can be one of the best ways to increase followers, likes, and engagement.

And if you’re trying to figure out how to run a successful Instagram contest, here are some tips and best practices to take inspiration from:

  • The first step to running a successful Instagram contest is to set a clear goal for the contest. For example, you might want to grow your audience or get more engagement on your posts.
  • Plan for a relevant giveaway or enticing prize for the contest. Make sure the giveaway prize is relevant to your business.
  • Decide how your audience will participate in the giveaway contest. Don’t forget to create transparent and fair rules and regulations.
  • Promote the contest using engaging content, appealing graphics, texts, and stories.

Here is an excellent example of a business doing giveaway contests right on Instagram. does a pretty good job by writing a winning contest description relevant to their target audience. 

Run giveaways and contests

5. How-to tutorials

Posting how-to tutorials on Instagram will help your brand become a thought leader in the market. 

With engaging how-to tutorials or tips, you can educate your target audience, provide valuable insights, and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. 

Once your audience recognizes your brand or you as an expert, you’ll get more engagement, leads, and credibility. 

And no matter what your niche, you can always teach something new to your loyal audience. For instance, if you’re a beauty influencer on Instagram, you can post how-to tutorials on makeup techniques. If you’re a digital marketer, you can share tutorials on marketing tips. 

In this example, Buzzfeedtasty teaches their follower how to make chicken alfredo soup:

Instagram post ideas - How-to posts

6. Behind The Scenes

Be it a famous celebrity or a brand, people on social media are always interested to know what goes behind the curtains. They want to know about the people behind a brand and the personal life of their favorite influencer. 

That’s why sharing behind-the-scenes content is a perfect idea to create meaningful connections with your followers. 

With behind the scene content, you can share a glimpse of your personal life, share a snippet of what your morning looks like, or give an update on your latest work. This will help you build the trust factor among your audience. They will get to know the real people behind the brand.

Instagram is the best place for posting photos of your team members. It will allow your audience to know your brand better.

You can take the pottery maker and co-founder of Tortus’s Instagram account as an example. The artist posts behind the scene posts of his work to drive audience attention.

Behind The Scenes

7. Run ask me anything sessions

Running ask me anything sessions on Instagram allows your audience to ask you about your content, product, or brand. 

Ask me anything sessions can help you learn your followers’ interests. This will help you create more engaging content in the future.

Also, answering your followers’ questions in IG Story can help you build loyal relationships with the target audience. 

If you’re running out of ideas, here are some Ask Me Anything questions you can post on your Instagram Stories to drive engagement:

  • Ask your audience about their favorite hobby or profession.
  • Ask your followers about their weekend plans.
  • Encourage your followers to ask you about your businesses.
  • Encourage your audience to ask you about your morning routine.
  • You can ask your audience to share their favorite moments.
  • Have fun with your followers by asking “This” or “That” questions. For instance, Tea or Coffee?

8. Showcase Your Product

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your product using photos and videos. When you consistently post about your products, your followers will build a habit of seeing your products regularly. 

Utilize Instagram Stories, IGTV, or Reels features to showcase your products’ different variations (size, shapes, materials, and colors). 

Not just the products with IG posts and stories take your customers on a journey to show the process behind building your product.  

Showcase your product by creating stories and video tutorials on how people can use your products. Also, make sure to use Instagram shopping to help people purchase your product with just a tap. 

9. Inspiring Quotes

Sharing inspiring quotes is one of the most effective and hottest Instagram post idea today.

Get philosophical with your posts by adding inspiring, feel-good, positive quotes. 

This post type has been proven to work time and time again across many different niches. After all, everyone needs their little dose of motivation on a lazy Monday morning or a tiring mid-week. 

Here’s an example of how a clothing and accessory brand, So Worth Loving, spreads positive thoughts and promotes self-love by posting motivational quotes on Instagram. 

Instagram post ideas - Inspiring Quotes

You can customize inspirational Instagram posts as a carousel or video. There are many amazing apps you can use to create these types of quotes. For instance, you can use Canva and look for Quote Poster to create inspiring posts.

10. Holiday/Event Related Posts

You don’t always have to post about your business, products, or customers on Instagram. Use the platform as an opportunity to spread the holiday spirit among your audience. 

Be it Christmas eve or Thanksgiving dinner, you can share some memorable and cozy moments of your celebration with your followers. And not just holiday posts; you can use Instagram to share stores, photos, and videos about a recent event in your company. 

You can get your followers in the holiday mood by showcasing holiday-themed products and offering them gifts or running holiday giveaways. 

If you’ve spent time decorating your organization or workspace at home, share the BTS pictures with your audience. When you go creative with your posts, people will love to connect with you. 

You can take copywriter Alex Cattoni’s Instagram posts as an example here. She shared her personal holiday memory to celebrate Christmas joy with her followers!

HolidayEvent Related Posts

11. Customer Testimonial

Whether you’re looking to grow your followers, likes, and engagement or trying to generate leads, there is one thing that is guaranteed to help you increase all three— and that’s the customer testimonial.

You already know that testimonials work as social proof for your brand. It showcases to your audience that thousands of customers trust your products or services.

That’s why posting customer testimonials on your Instagram feed is a great strategy to build brand authority. 

Also, you can turn testimonials into eye-catching Insta posts using tools like Canva.

Here is an example of how Slack showcase their customer testimonials using Instagram Stories:

Customer Testimonial

12. Encourage User-Generated Content

No matter what business you have, you can benefit from sharing user-generated content. 

Sharing user-generated content is a great way to get people talking about your brand on Instagram. By sharing user photos, you’re putting a spotlight on your target audience, who use your product or service, and making them feel like they’re part of your community.

You can curate User Generated Content by posting photos from followers on your own feed or in stories. You can also encourage them to share their creations with branded hashtags.

Ask customers to take a picture of your product while using it, and tag you in the photo. This will make customers feel acknowledged and help you get content that can be used to post on Instagram. A win-win situation for both! 

Here’s how Google encourage customers to share their clicked images using Google Pixel:

13. Interview Famous Influencers

The next Instagram post idea we have is interviewing famous influencers around your niche.

Conducting interviews with famous Instagram influencers on your niche will help you position yourself as a thought leader in the market. And if you interview a renowned influencer, undoubtedly, thousands of followers will draw in your feed. 

You can ask an influencer to share their story, expertise, or opinion with your audience. Then, take some key snippets from that interview and reshare them as content on your Instagram. 

You can take inspiration from GaryVee’s Instagram feed. He shared a snippet of a candid Interview with film director @Shaq to drive more fan following. 

14. Follow The Trend

Last but one of the easiest ways to drive engagement and build fan followings on Instagram is to jump on the trend wagon! 

If you want to find out what’s trending on Instagram, head to the Reels section. Influencers, celebrities, and even the common people on Instagram always try to post relatable and trendy content on reels. 

So, explore the reels feed, research a bit about what’s happening in the market, and create trending memes, challenges, and fun posts on the gram!

Wrapping Up

Every social media platform is different, and Instagram is no exception. If you want to stand out on this platform, you have to find out what posts perform the best. 

And one size doesn’t fit all. So, it’s best to experiment with different types of posts to see what’s working best for your brand. 

And while experimenting, if you need some inspiration, we hope our blog will come to your rescue. So, go ahead and try out these 14 post ideas and let us know what helped you gain more engagement. 


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