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7 Best Instagram Analytics Tools For 2024

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Instagram has turned into one of the most popular social media sites on the internet, with around 1 billion people using it today. 

People are on here to speak about their personal lives, publish their art, and so much more. And like anywhere there is a market for people, one of its most active avenues is business and marketing. 

There are approximately 200 million Instagram accounts that are catered directly for publicizing businesses.

Instagram is one of the best places to market your business, as it has a much larger engagement-based platform than other social networking sites. 

The site has grown to the extent that it is certainly no longer just for personal content. 

It is a great place for brands to recruit new people, publicize their content and products, and interact with their audience.

And to help your business grow even faster, in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the best Instagram analytics tools that will help you analyze your performance.

How to Make The Best Use of Instagram Analytics Tools

Analytic tools can make a world of difference from a simple Instagram account if you are aiming to reach a wider audience. 

They can help your account in a number of ways:

Understand who your audience is

With the help of analytic tools, you can get to know your customer base. By collecting information about what your customers are talking about and where they are talking about you, you can cater to their needs better. You can also find out what other content they interact with and customize your product or service accordingly.

Find out the best times to post

 Instagram is a site that is probably used 24/7. Even then, the exact audience that likes your product might flock to the platform at a certain time. For example, if you target students and working professionals, they will most probably engage with your posts at night and on the weekends. By knowing the times when your users are the most active, you can post accordingly. This can increase the interaction and views that you receive.

See where you get the most engagement

 Instagram allows you to post content as reels, stories, posts, and more. Sometimes your product videos might get a lot of traction, while at other times, it might be the pictures that get a lot of attention. You can use these tools differently to get the most optimal results according to trends and the content you want to put there. For example, if you want to quickly get the attention of your audience, reels might work. Or, if you want to tell them about a one-day deal, stories could be the best way to go.

Find out what content works best

There is a wide variety of content that you can put on Instagram. Depending on your product and service, you can customize this. With the help of analytics tools, you can understand what content works best for your audience and what is getting the most attention. Depending upon the customer base you are targeting, you can change the information you are putting out. 

Understand the demographic that likes you

One of the best things about analytics tools is that they give you a lot of information about your audience. You can easily identify the people who enjoy your content and the products you are selling are. You will find out where most of them are from, what gender they are, their age range, and more.

Get more information

As we have mentioned before, the best part of the analytics tools is that they provide you with enough data to completely break down your account. This can help you understand your audience and the kind of things that they are looking for and then you can craft your strategy accordingly.

The 7 Best Instagram Analytics Tools

Users who upgrade to a Business Account get restricted data like user engagement, clicks, outreach, and interaction. These may be accessed by selecting the see Insights from the drop-down menu underneath your posted photographs and videos. 

Users may also use Facebook’s Ad Manager to monitor Instagram views, costs, and interactions on advertising strategies. These stats are useful, but they are confined to specific posts and promotions. 

Third-party Instagram analytics tools can provide you with additional detailed Instagram stats. You can follow these fundamental data to ensure their profile is expanding and operating properly, whether or not you have the resources with more in-depth analytics tools.

1. IconoSquare

Iconosquare - Instagram analytics tools

Iconosquare allows users to monitor their user activities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and deal with their social interaction from a single platform, removing any need to jump from one network to the next to communicate with their following. 

It maintains a record of all your hashtags and discussions, provides insights into your influence, and shows market statistics so that you always understand where you stand in relation to your competition. 

It also allows you to manage your postings throughout different social media profiles from a single location. 

Iconosquare may not have all the features available, but it fulfills various functions and is among the most comprehensive Instagram analytics resources available. 

You may schedule your posts, tweak them for every network, and Iconosquare will take care of things. It’s a cost-effective choice for small firms that require help maintaining and evaluating their social networks.


  • Monitors Instagram data professionally
  • Compiles data into comprehensive reports
  • Works with both large and small businesses
  • Supports a different kinds of software
  • Follows current trends
  • Consistent
  • Provides ideas on content refinement


  • Confusing categorization
  • Issues with large files
  • Requires frequent email updates
  • Requires more investment for extra features
  • Paid and organic meters are not separated
  • Less user-friendly filtering options

2. Phlanx

Phlanx - best Instagram analytics tools

Phlanx is an basic and simple-to-use Instagram Instagram analytics tool. It’s useful since you may utilize it to verify your personal profile or another’s, such as a competing product. As a result, you may utilize it to pre-screen prospective endorsers and promoters. To check overall followers, engagement metrics, and typical comments and likes for each post, simply put any Instagram account. 

Phlanx is a plain Instagram analysis tool, unlike other tools that provides in-depth data. Even though the service is geared towards influencers, it may be used with any private or company profile. 

The interaction ratio is derived by dividing the number of likes and replies on a post by the number of followers a profile has. 

There is really no perfect number for an engagement rate for a business of influencers, but a range of 3% is regarded as acceptable to average. For recognizing profiles with false subscribers or verifying if an account’s posts are garnering authentic interaction, technologies like this on Phlanx are useful. In parallel to your profile page, Phlanx may be used to measure your rival’s activity.


  • Easy navigation
  • Provides several features
  • Fast and accessible 


  • Terrible consumer support
  • Overpriced
  • Multiple bugs

3. SproutSocial

Sprout social

What makes SproutSocial unique is that it lets you understand the analytics of your account in a way that can give you a very broad view. It uses the information collected from all the accounts that follow your account and lets you know the trends that they follow. 

This can give you data on how well your marketing strategies are playing out, understand how much use your paid promotions have (especially against your ordinary posts) track how many times your links are being clicked and the conversations happening regarding your product.

Creation and posting can become easier with SproutSocial as well. It also has several general contents that you can use for your posts as well. The tool also gives you ideas on what kind of content you can upload, as well as places from which you can get inspiration. It also lets you know the optimal times for you to post.

You can personalize SproutSocial according to your business needs and use the vast data and reports that it provides to increase engagement. You can find out the different ways to make your customers happier and make your brand awareness better. It is a cool tool that can help you establish a good connection with your customer base.


  • Fast and easy scheduling 
  • Provides in-depth social analytics
  • Useful consumer options
  • Quick responsive consumer care
  • Real-time recording


  • Poor image editing
  • Needs more diversified search
  • Reconnection problem
  • Requires improvement in cross-platform combination

4. Instagram insights

Other than these Instagram analytics tools, Instagram’s original reporting can also provide a large amount of information that you can use. Views, interaction, distribution, and top posts are some of the data included in Instagram analytics reporting. This information may be split out over a few months or longer, which is useful for analyzing previous results. 

You’ll also get insight into subscriber statistics and statistics, allowing you to see the gender of the proportion of your following, their age groupings, and even where they’re located. Understanding who you’re interacting with on Instagram is unquestionably advantageous. 

You may have a certain target demographic insight; however, the only way to fully determine who is connecting with your postings is to examine your Instagram statistics. Also worth mentioning is Facebook’s ad manager, which is another native tool for analyzing compensated posts.

Facebook’s paid social statistics are among the most comprehensive and in-depth available. Briefly said, companies have huge amounts of data to assess the efficacy of their Instagram advertisements. With many more businesses participating in sponsored media, indicators like these might help you avoid wasting company ad budget.


  • Easy to access
  • Free
  • Hassle-free Scheduling 
  • Customizable ads


  • Reduced visibility
  • Requires regular updates
  • Multiple bugs issues

5. Keyhole


Keyhole offers real-time Instagram hashtag monitoring, which is ideal for social networking competitions, brand promotions, and other hashtag-related advertising strategies. It displays extra statistics related to the number of instances a hashtag is being used, like the key posts using your tag, the most interesting posts, and similar hashtags. 

Each function becomes less costly as you introduce additional and add an extensive support team. Plus, with a trial version that allows you to test out a restricted edition of the complete business package for seven days, you can see if Keyhole is right for you until committing. 

Keyhole is an easy-to-use tool that provides extensive analytics that can handle a wide range of tasks. It monitors your social media profiles and notifies you when your firm is referenced on numerous sites, news sources, and forums, for example. It also offers you unrestricted access to the information, which will enable you to create strong campaign after strong campaign, maintain track of your competition, and uncover individuals that will attract potential customers.


  • Helps find appropriate influencers
  • Ample management features
  • Good customer support
  • Timely alerts
  • Secure 


  • Provides slow updates
  • Tough to put trackers
  • Lacks key features


Minter - Best Instagram analytics tools provides analytics processes for an account at a time for numerous social media sites. There are monthly costs charged for each account. If you have more than 25 accounts registered, you can avail of discounts as well. 

There are different levels of analysis that you can get, from basic plans to comprehensive ones. The more complicated levels will have more customizable features that can help you learn more about your audience.

At the more complex packages, you can get information on a competitor that you choose. You can also get data on your clicks, ads, and hashtags. Also you can get to know about the industry and create personalized reports regarding your account.

You can understand the best time to post, ideas on what to post, audience information, and your stories’ analysis and performance. If your business uses only one account for Instagram, this is a good tool to use.


  • Detailed audience report
  • Useful hashtags
  • Quick and effective
  • Good customer support service
  • Well organized


  • Too many bugs
  • Too many advertisements

7. Union Metrics

Union metrics

Union Metrics was launched in 2010 as a social monitoring and profiling analytics software for Advertising and marketing practitioners. It enables marketers to better understand the material they create for businesses and have it completed and available whenever they need it. 

It’s an efficient advertising analytics tool that aids businesses in tracking their controlled media as well as industry developments. Apart from the entire suite of Union Metrics capabilities, companies may use the product’s complimentary Instagram Account Checkup service. The inspection generates a complete report that includes your most popular hashtag, a study of your most loyal followers, and a typical post engagement rate. 

Everything which makes it easy to conduct a free assessment of your presence on social media is a win. Union Metrics, like Iconosquare’s free Instagram analysis tool, allows marketers to get a quick overview of their profile statistics.


  • Concise reporting
  • Helps predict trends
  • Quick tracking
  • Affordable
  • Keyword listing


  • Long navigating menus
  • Lack of diverse social networks
  • Lacks good customer care support


Accessing and using these best Instagram analytics tools wisely is one of the finest ways to increase engagement and get to know your followers better. 

They can give you enough information to customize your services to the needs of the audience. To become a successful business account on Instagram, using at least one of these tools might be necessary. 

So, start with the free plans, understand exactly what you need from them, and start investing in them to increase your reach. 

You will certainly find that these are some of the best tools that you can find to revamp your Instagram account and that they are worth putting your money into.


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