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How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

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We know, those tiny blue ticks next to a brand’s name look tempting! 

We all wanted to have that blue checkmark next to our name on Facebook at a certain point.  

Be it small or large, It’s crucial to have the Facebook verification badge for an established business. 

It proves credibility, as getting the blue mark isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, even with a decent following, most brands fail to secure a blue tick on their page. 

So, if you’re one of those brands that want a Facebook verified badge, this post is crafted only for you. 

In this post, we’re going to show you step by step how to verify a Facebook page easily without getting rejected.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Facebook Page Verification?

Open Facebook and search for a famous brand, for example, Nike. 

What did you see? 

We’re pretty sure you’ve found hundreds of pages named Nike. 

But, which one is their official page? Well, it’s the one with the blue checkmark!

A blue checkmark aka, the Facebook verification mark, represents a credible page or profile. It separates the original Facebook account from fake ones and increases audience trust. 

When Facebook gives the blue verification badge on your page, it confirms that your page is credible, authentic, and belongs to the original creator.

Here’s an example of how verified page looks like on Facebook:

Facebook blue verification badge

Why Is Facebook Page Verification Important?

We’ll share five reasons to convince you:

  1. A verification badge gives your brand recognition.
  2. A verified page makes you appear as an expert in your niche.
  3. The verified page acts as social proof.
  4. It enables the opportunity to collaborate with other influencers, brands, and thought leaders in your industry.
  5. You’ll get easy access to a lot of freebies and perks. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss it further in detail- 

Increase Brand Credibility

In today’s era, maintaining credibility is one of the most challenging tasks for brands. 

It’s not a secret that there are tons of duplicate brand pages floating around on Facebook. 

And if you don’t fall into the category of famous brands, large companies, or public figure, your audience might have a hard time finding your page. 

That’s why Facebook page verification is a must for brands. Having a verified Facebook page will make your brand appear credible. 

With the verified blue checkmark, your audience can easily separate you from scammers who might be using your brand name illegally. 

They’ll understand that your services are legitimate, and they can trust you. After all, every customer would want to connect with a brand that makes them feel secure. 

Improve Page Ranking

A verified page improves your ranking on Facebook’s local search. Once your page is verified, the Facebook algorithm will automatically push your page to rank at the top of the search results. 

That means if your audience searches for your company or a specific service you offer, your official page will show up at the top of the Facebook search results. 

Moreover, improved ranking means you’ll get more followers and a boost in engagement rate

Let us give you an example here. 

If you search Trello on Facebook, you’ll quickly see their official verified page at the top of the search result.  

Trello facebook page verification

Increase Authenticity

The blue checkmark indicates that your Facebook page is authentic. It helps your audience avoid duplicate and fake pages. If there are multiple entries for your brand, they can easily identify the imposter account. 

Also, having a verified page ensures that your audience is getting up-to-date, authentic information from your brand. 

For example, if you search HubSpot on Facebook, hundreds of similarly named pages will show up. But, with the help of the verification badge, you can spot their official page to get authentic updates. 

Hubspot facebook verified page

Not just credibility, by verifying your brand page, you’ll also get early access to new Facebook features or tools that are not available for other users. 

So, as you can see, getting your Facebook page verified isn’t something you’ll regret.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Facebook?

Let’s set the record straight for once and all! 

You don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift to get verified on Facebook! 

Yep, it doesn’t matter if you’re a megastar or a newbie influencer. Facebook doesn’t care whether you have billions or 1,000 followers. 

All you need is around 500 followers before requesting a verification badge. 

But the best ingredient to get verified is quality, not quantity. You have to prove your brand authority with quality content before applying for verification. 

Also, there are a few guidelines you have to meet to be eligible for the blue verification badge:

  • Your Facebook profile must have a complete presence. That means focus on completing your profile, photos, and about sections first. Provide a clear profile and cover photo, detailed about section, contact info, etc. 
  • Whether your Facebook page represents a person or a business, make sure it’s well-known. Do something unique or offer something valuable to be notable and get reasonable searches. 
  • Always post high-quality, engaging content that meets the public interests. Make sure to post consistently. If your page isn’t active or you post once in a blue moon, Facebook might reject your verification application.

So, if you’ve laid all the groundwork for Facebook verification, It’s time actually to see how you can verify your Facebook page.

How to Easily Verify a Facebook Page (6 simple steps)

Step 1: Go to Facebook’s verification request page

Head over to the “Verify your page or profile” page on Facebook’s help center. There you’ll need to fill out the verification request form. 

Facebook page verification form

Step 2: Fill out the basic information

Now, fill out the basic information like:

  • Verification type: If you’re requesting verification for your Facebook business page, then select Page, and If you want to verify your single account, select profile

Select facebook page or profile for verification

Note: The verification approval criteria for the profile option is a bit complex, as you’ll need a good amount of followers to prove that you’re fit for the blue badge.

  • Choose Which Page or Profile to Verify: You can choose which page or profile you want to get blue ticked on Facebook. If you’re verifying a page, select from the drop-down box. And, if you want to verify your profile, provide the profile URL. For example, we’ve chosen a page here, so we have to select the page that we want to verify. 

Select facebook page for verification

  • Choose a Category: For your personal Profile or Facebook page verification, you have to select a relevant category. From News/Media to Gamer, Facebook offers just a few options to choose from. So, if you can’t see a suitable category for your page, simply select Other. 

Choose page category

  • Add your country: Here, you have to select your country to show from where you or your organization belongs. 

Step 3: Attach Identity Document

Next, provide a document to confirm the authenticity of your Facebook page or profile. Facebook provides a few document options (driving license, passport, tax filing) to help you show that your page or profile is connected to the brand you represent. 

For example, if you’re submitting a verification request for your business page, you need to provide your organization’s utility or phone bill, certificate, Tax exemption documents, etc. 

Choose document type for facebook page verification

On the other hand, if you’re verifying your profile, you’ll need to provide a valid photo ID like a driving license, national identification card, or passport. 

Step 4: Explain why you want your Facebook page to be verified

After providing all the information, Facebook will ask you to explain why you want your page or profile to be verified. So, give a valid reason here to make your page or profile stand out.

For instance, you can share links of reputable mentions and features to prove your page’s notability. Or, you can share a few links to imposter pages or scam profiles to prove your authenticity. 

Step 5: List down your other social media accounts

In the verification request form, Facebook allows you to list down your other social media accounts. This way, you can show that other than Facebook, you have a large fan base on other social media platforms as well. 

Facebook allows you to provide up to five links to show your page’s credibility in this section. 

Add other social media links

Step 6: Send The Request And Relax

Now here comes the easiest part. Once you’ve filled the form accurately, hit the send button and relax. Facebook will review your form to provide approval. 

But, how long does it take to get Facebook’s approval? Let’s find out.

How Long Does it Take for Facebook to Process your verification request?

Facebook doesn’t provide an accurate time frame for verification requests. Sometimes you could get a response within 48 hours. Sometimes it may take more than 45 days to process your verification request. 

However, if you want to verify your Facebook business page, Facebook may take longer to respond as they have to manually review your documents to approve the authenticity of your page. 

Why Your Facebook Page is Not Getting Verified?

So, you followed all the steps mentioned earlier, but they rejected your application? 

Well, it’s absolutely normal.

Even if you meet all the criteria for verification, Facebook doesn’t guarantee a positive response. And they might not tell you the reason as well.

However, here are the possible reasons why Facebook isn’t verifying your page: 

You Might Have Submitted The Wrong Documents

Facebook provides a guide outlining the issues you might have with your submitted documents. If your provided information doesn’t align with Facebook’s requirements, your verification application will get rejected. 

For example, you might have submitted a document that is low quality or low resolution. Perhaps, it’s not the type of document Facebook accepts. Or, maybe your submitted document is expired. 

In such cases, try to re-upload all your documents and ensure that you’re uploading the documents at a high resolution.

Might Have Misleading Information About Your Business

In order to get your Facebook page or profile verified, you need to be accurate. 

Facebook won’t approve your submission request if you provide misleading information. 

Ensure your documents and other required information is up-to-date and accurate. Also, your brand’s website and email domain should match to get verified.

In such cases, you can update your business information or submit a new document that contains the correct information.

Final Words

And, that’s about it! Once you’ve created a name or credibility for your business, you’re all set to submit a page verification request on Facebook. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above accordingly. 

Getting your Facebook page verified will help you strengthen your brand presence online. 

It will make your brand credible and authentic. And your customers can easily spot fake and duplicate accounts. 

So, have you decided to verify your page? Let us know in the comments below. 


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