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How to Upload YouTube Shorts From PC and Mobile (2024)

Do you want to upload YouTube shorts but don’t know how to do it?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

YouTube shorts are getting hugely popular these days. Almost every other YouTube creator is tapping on this opportunity to get in front of their targeted audience. 

These videos are typically shorter than one minute, and you would have to publish them in vertical format.

It’s almost the replica version of TikTok and Instagram reels.

If you want to get quick eyeballs on your YouTube videos and attract a huge audience base in a short span of time, you should start uploading YouTube shorts right away.

In this post, we’ll show you how to upload YouTube shorts from your PC or mobile device and some other queries related to YouTube shorts.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive in.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts on a Computer (PC & Laptop)

Uploading YouTube shorts on a computer device is super easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to quickly upload shorts on YouTube in no time:

Step 1. Sign in to your YouTube account on your device.

Step 2. Now, click on the “Create” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Create on YouTube

Step 3. Then, click on “Upload Video”.

Upload YouTube shorts on PC

Step 4. Now, drag and drop the video or upload the video from your computer.

Upload the video on computer

Step 5. On the next page, add a title, description, and tags that are relevant to your video.

Video details

Step 6. Upload a custom image or choose an image from the video itself for a thumbnail.

Step 7. Finally, click on the “Publish” button to upload your shorts on YouTube.

Post a YouTube short

So that’s how easily you can upload Youtube shorts from your computer device.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts on Mobile Devices (iPhone & Android)

Want to upload YouTube shorts from a mobile device?

That’s even easier.

Follow the instructions given below to upload YouTube shorts on a mobile device:

Step 1. Open the YouTube app on your device and sign in to your account.

Step 2. Tap on the plus (+) icon in the bottom center of the screen.

YouTube shorts

Step 3. Now, click on “Create a short.”

How to upload YouTube shorts

Step 4. You can record a brand new video from your mobile or upload an existing video from your gallery.

YouTube video

Step 5. Add a suitable title for the video and tap on “Upload Short.

Upload shorts on YouTube from mobile

See, that’s how easy it is.

Why Can’t I Upload Shorts on YouTube?

There could be multiple reasons why you’re unable to upload shorts on YouTube.

First of all, YouTube short is only available in certain countries. So if your country doesn’t support YouTube shorts, then you can’t upload or watch shorts on YouTube.

And to be honest with you, you can’t do much about it. It’s totally out of your control.

However, if that’s not the case, then another reason could be YouTube has some technical glitch.

Sometimes due to technical glitches within the platform, you might be unable to upload videos.

But this issue gets fixed quickly, and you should be able to upload shorts again within a few minutes.

Besides that, if you’re using an outdated version of the YouTube app on your mobile device, you’ll also face issues while uploading YouTube shorts.

So make sure your YouTube app is updated with the latest version.

Why Should You Upload Shorts on YouTube?

There are several reasons why you should consider uploading shorts on YouTube:

  • Increased visibility: YouTube shorts are a new addition to the platform, and to promote this feature, the algorithm is giving these types of content an extra boost over traditional videos. This will help you to get more eyeballs and attract a new audience base in a short span of time.
  • Easy to Create Content: It sometimes takes days to create a single long-form quality video for YouTube. But, thanks to YouTube shorts, now anyone can easily create 60-second long videos in no time. And it’s way easier than creating longer-form content.
  • Increased Engagement: YouTube shorts have a highly interactive format, which allows users to engage and interact with the content much more easily. This increased engagement will help you to grow your channel much faster and build trust among your audience.

Overall, short-form videos are getting massively popular among young and GenZ audiences.

In fact, according to a recent survey, short-form videos are more engaging, and 66% of consumers said they pay more attention to short-form YouTube videos than longer videos.

On top of that, short-form videos are projected to take the majority share of the video market in the next few years only.

If you’re still not uploading short-form videos on your YouTube channel or social media, you might miss a huge opportunity that will never come back again.

So go ahead and start uploading YouTube shorts on your channel right now.

Key Points to Remember Before You Upload Shorts on YouTube

Before you upload your first YouTube short, you have to remember a few key points in your mind:

  • YouTube shorts are vertical videos, and you can only upload videos up to 60 seconds long.
  • Make sure your videos follow the aspect ratio of 9:16 and a resolution of 1080 x 1920.
  • Always try to keep your videos short and engaging.
  • Grab the attention of your audience within the first few seconds by saying something bold or asking a relevant question.
  • Experiment with various types of content and see what works best for you and your audience.
  • Shorts are generally played on a loop, so you can think about how your content will look if it’s played on a loop and create a strategy that will make people engaged.
  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags in your title and description.

Best Time to Post a YouTube Short

The best time to upload YouTube shorts will vary depending on your audience type and audience demographic.

You have to analyze when your audience mostly stays active, and then you can start uploading on those time frames.

It might take some time, but you have to keep experimenting by uploading videos at different times.

Also, it’s generally recommended to upload your YouTube short videos during peak hours when you can get a lot of eyeballs right after posting your video.

How Often Should You Upload Shorts on YouTube?

It totally depends on your content type and audience preference. 

There isn’t any specific number available that will help you grow faster on the platform.

You have to decide the frequency of uploading YouTube shorts by looking at your calendar and asking your audience.

However, try to post at least 2-3 videos in a week when you’re just starting out.


We hope now you have a clear idea of how to upload YouTube shorts from a computer or mobile device.

YouTube shorts are a great way to quickly grow your channel and get a lot of attention in a very short span of time.

And as the popularity of shorter-form videos is growing rapidly, people are generally more interested in watching short videos than longer-form videos.

So if you want to grow your channel during this peak trend and build trust among your audience, you should start posting shorts on YouTube immediately.

Last Updated on February 6, 2024


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